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Every woman wants to look beautiful. Lets here come to know some excellent beauty skin care tips including some latest make-up & hair care tips and style that enhance your beauty and make you attractive. So why are you waiting for, let’s find out the authentic latest beauty skin care tips & info to make you personality charismatic.

Almond Oil Benefits for Skin Beauty

Almond is good for beauty and so does its oil. It offers lots of beauty benefits with healthy effects. Using almond oil on skin helps achieve a shiny and smooth skin. It is also good for hair. It strengthens hair roots, makes them shinier and good looking. Similarly, it makes your skin delicate, shining and soft. Beauty experts worldwide suggest almond oil for beautiful skin and hair.

Who doesn't know about benefits of almonds? Everyone knows that almonds are good for memory, eye sight and it's oil is good for hair as well. But do you know that almonds oil is also beneficial to achieve a gorgeous and healthy skin. It nourishes the skin, makes it moist and beautiful. It also improves dryness of the lips. Moreover it is helpful to remove dark eye circles and wrinkles of the face.

If you are seriously looking to improve your beauty, read the tips given in this article and beautify yourself incredibly.

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Olive Oil Benefits

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5 Incredible Uses of Tea Bags for Beauty

Tea bags have made our lives very simple in terms of preparing a cup of tea. Other than making tea, there are many other uses for old tea bags. After having your tea enjoyed, it's bags have still a lot for you. Either it is a milk tea bag or green or herbal tea, the tricks we are going to tell you work with all. After reading all these benefits of old tea bags, you wouldn't throw them away!

Let's explore the top 5 usages of tea bags after drinking your tea.

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Khushk Uljhe Baalon Se Chutkara Paane Ke 8 Tarike

Are you undergoing dry damaged hair problem? You must be looking for dry hair tips that are effective, low cost and committing. offers 8 awesome tips for damaged hair in Urdu that would not only treat dry brittle hair problem but also help you achieve long beautiful and shiny black hair. Long and strong hair is the dream of every girl but most of the times they start using low quality tonics and cheap products for hairs which result in nothing but loss of money. Read the following tips and achieve what you have been dreaming for. Remember, determination and dedication is the key to effective results, so whichever method you pick, do it consistently if you want results.

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5 Potato Face Packs for Fairness & Beauty

After getting tired of this and that things for fairness, here are 5 easy face packs using potatoes by Potato is naturally enriched with healthy minerals and vitamins. Combining this vegetable with different things can bring the results you have been desiring for your skin. These face packs would help you remove spots, burns, sun tans, acnes & scars as well as to oiliness from the skin. Potato juice is great for removing dark circles around the eyes. It also helps you obtain a glowing and shimmery skin. The juice also removes sebum and various impurities from skin.

Get recipes for 5 homemade face packs with potato as follows:

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Taro Taza Aur Sehatmand Nazar Anay Ke Liye Chand Zarori Hidayat

Some Essential Advices to Look Fresh and Healthy | In this article, KFoods is providing you some of very quick and easy tips acting on which you would feel quite better and fresher. No matter how busy you are, you must try these tips and then feel the difference!

These healthy tips are not only good for your physical appearance but also useful for your whole life style.

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Stop These 5 Skin Moisturizing & Beauty Mistakes

While doing things for skin moisturizing, we are unknowingly committing lots of mistakes. Majority of the girls are making mistakes in skin moisturizing but they don't realize it. Today, we will discuss the top 5 beauty mistakes committed by women while apply creams, choosing products, doing massage and etc.

Everything has a proper way to perform it and so is with beautifying yourself. Doing things wrong may leave you with bad skin with no glory to show off. So here are the top 5 things you might be doing wrong; consider knowing them and start doing them correctly.

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Top 3 Winter Makeup Styles for 2016

Are you looking for makeup styles for winter? is providing you here with 3 unique and new makeup looks for winter 2016. All these makeup trends are stylish and perfect for the winter season. Explore the 3 latest styles given here in Urdu and choose the most suitable one for you for the upcoming occasion.

As winter starts, our daily routine is changed too. Warm clothes, shawls, sweaters and mufflers, all these are part of the winter life. Similarly, chaning your makeup routine is also necessary. After the hot scorching summer, welcoming winter is the most lovable thing. One of the beauty activities we need to maintain our personality is to choose makeup style accordingly, as per the weather's requirement. is offering 3 stylish winter makeup trends. See and style yourself!

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Herbal Facial Kerny Ka Asaan Gharelo Tareeka

Herbal Facial Kerny Ka Asaan Gharelo Tareeka-The skin consists of many layers and tissues, and each needs particular requirements according to age for example energy, vitamins, moisturizer etc. We all know that nutrition plays a very important role in beauty. Our skin loses its luster after being exposed to sunlight, pollution, stress and of course everyday wear and tear and aging. So why not try a simple homemade natural or herbal facial that is not only give you a good result but also a very low cost. Try this herbal homemade facial mask and give your views.

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Lemon - Khoon Saaf Chera Shadab

Lemon - Khoon Saaf Chera Shadab | Lemon is a very low cost common fruit and it is easily available in market. It is a fruit with many benefits; it is rich source of vitamin C that is essential to keep you immune from cough and cold. Lemons contain flavonoids which work against viruses and keep the body fit. Lets here come to know some more healthy benefits of lemon in urdu and share it with your friends.

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5 Home Remedies for Rough Dry Hands

Know 5 effective home remedies for dry hands in winters. Keeping your hands skin soft and smooth is a big deal. Changed climate, chilled weather and cold breezes, all are going to damage the skin including hands. It's up to you how timely you start caring about it. Here are 5 easy dry hand remedies for winter. See and act timely before your hands start getting rough.

Common factors that cause rough hands are chilled weather, frequent exposure to water or chemicals, use of unhygienic soaps and so on.

Here are the remedies:

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