5 Chicken Tikka from 5 Famous Chefs

5 Styles of Chicken Tikka

5 different chicken tikka recipes by 5 famous chefs. Yes, If you like eating tikkas, this post is exactly for you. KFoods.com has presented 5 styles of delicious chicken tikka from your favorite Pakistani chefs. Every chef has a different style of cooking with different set of spices. You can try all recipes at your convenience or try the one you liked the most.

Tikka is believed to be the most cooked food item using chicken. Famous restaurants at Burns Road Karachi, Food Street Lahore and Food Street at North Nazimabad do offer tikka as a primary item of their menu. This food is also the most eaten fast food in Pakistan. KFoods.com chicken tikka recipes in Pakistani style from Pakistani cooking experts.

Following are the 5 styles of chicken tikka by 5 famous chefs.

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1. Tandoori Tikka by Chef Fauzia

chicken malai tikka recipe

Chef Fauzia is expert in Pakistani traditional foods. Ask her for tikka, nargisi kofte and korma, she will do it the best way. Chef Fauzia is also expert in making barbecue and kebab dishes. Her tandoori chicken tikka is one of the best chicken tikka recipes. Look into the recipe here and try Chef Fauzia's tikka today. You would end it licking your fingers.

Get Tandoori Tikka by Chef Fauzia Here

2. Malai Chicken Tikka by Chef Shai

chicken malai tikka recipe

Chef Shai is an expert in French, Italian, American, Middle Eastern and Indian and Pakistani cooking. Now you can imagine how tasteful dishes, she can introduce. She is expert in making chicken dishes and we have especially selected the best from her collection Chicken Malai Tikka Recipe. Her simpler and easier way of making a tikka is awesome. The malai tikka you have been eating in restaurants at a high cost will now be available at home. Just follow the recipe!

Get Chicken Malai Tikka Recipe in Urdu Here by Chef Shai

3. Chicken Tikka Chunks by Chef Tahira Mateen

chicken tikka chunks recipe

How many times have you eaten chicken tikka in your life? I think not less than 10 times. Same way pulling the meat filaments from tikka with either fingers or with a chapati or paratha. Why not try chicken tikka chunks this time? Same taste, same masala but small in size. Use it in buns, sandwiches, or to make a burger. Tikka chunks recipe is introduced by Chef Tahira Mateen. Chunks can also be enjoyed with fork with ketchup.

Try this new one this time. Here is the recipe of chicken tikka chunks by Chef Tahira Mateen

4. Chicken Tikka by Zubaida Tariq

zubaida apa chicken tikka

Chef Zubaida Tariq or Zubaida Apa, her everything is best. She has introduced many recipes and this chicken tikka is one of them. We always certain about the taste of Chef Zubaida. You can try a chicken tikka, the Zubaida Apa's way and it will be perfect. Recipe is very delicious, uses some different spice mix which is going to make it an awesome piece of food.

View Chicken Tikka Recipe by Zubaida Tariq Here

5. Reshmi Chicken Tikka by Chef Shireen Anwar

chicken reshmi tikka

Chef Shireen Anwar has been appearing in television programmes for a long time and still she comes on television and tells amazing recipes to the audience. You might not have heard names of other chefs but Chef Shireen Anwar better known as Shireen Apa is known by everyone. She possesses the highest expertise in cooking different cuisines among all women chefs of Pakistan.

KFoods.com selected chicken reshmi tikka to feature here from the desk of Chef Shireen. Let's pick this one for today and be ready to enjoy the scrumptious reshmi tikka.

Chicken Reshmi Tikka Recipe by Chef Shireen Anwar

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