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Ramadan Deals & Offers 2014 View Ramadan Deals & Offers of 2013
KBC Restaurant
KBC is offering Iftar Buffet in just Rs. 999/head, Children under 5 to 10 eat for half price !
After Eight Restaurant
After Eight Restaurant offers Ramadan Iftar deal in just Rs. 688 + tax !
Daily Dubai Restaurant Karachi
Daily Dubai is offering Iftar + Dinner Buffet in just Rs. 850/- per head only !
United King
This Ramadan with our all you can eat offer from United King – The Food Kingdom for just Rs. 875/-
Café Aylanto promises an extraordinary experience of culinary sensation and offers Iftar Buffet 2014 for Rs. 1895 + Tax
Cafe Chatterbox
Cafe Chatterbox offers “Iftar Buffet Dinner 2014″ consist of Iftar on Buffer, Dinner Menu and Buffets for Rs. 995 + tax
The Deli Fresh Food
Celebrate a Healthy Iftar & Dinner at The Deli for Rs.1395 + GST
Sajjad Restaurant
Sajjad Restaurant is offering Iftar+Dinner deal in just Rs. 1295 (Adults) & Kids Rs. 777 only.
Mirage Buffet Restaurant Karachi
Mirage Restaurant Karachi is offering iftar+Dinner buffet in just Rs. 1200 (Adults) and Child Rs. 650/= Only !
Kolachi Restaurant Karachi
Kolachi Restaurant offers Iftar+buffet dinner in just PKR-1490 (Adults) and Childrens (4-8yrs) PKR-890/= Only !
Time out Cafe Karachi
Timeout Cafe is offering Iftar Buffet dinner Deal in just Rs. 1000/= Person !
Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts is offering Fast & Feast Deal in Just Rs. 450/= Only !
Subway is offering Ramadan Iftar deal Buy one sub & Get one Sub Free* (Offer Valid from 5pm till 9pm) !
Hardees Restaurant
Hardees Restaurant is offering Iftar deal in just Rs. 1299/= Only !
Burger King Karachi
Burger King is Offering Royal Ramadan Deal In Just Rs. 1,499/= Only !
KHIVA Restaurant Islamabad
KHIVA Restaurant Islamabad is offering Iftaar + Dinner Buffet in Just Rs. 999/ Only !
Yum Chinese Restaurant Lahore
Yum restaurant lahore is offering iftar buffet deal in just Rs 1695 + tax!
Cafe' Olive Grill Lahore
Olive Grill Restaurant Is Offering Iftar + Buffet in Just Rs 1149 + Tax
Chez Nur restaurant
Chez Nur Restaurant Lahore is Offering Ramadan Buffet Deal in just Rs. 1195* Per Person !
Al-Raaya Mughlai Restaurant Lahore
Al-Raaya Mughlai Restaurant Lahore is offering Iftar Cum Dinner Menu in just Rs. 1050++ Per Head !
Veranda Bistro Restaurant
Veranda Bistro is offering IFTAR + DINNER BUFFET in Just Rs.1850++ (Per Person Incl Kids) !
Bukhara Restaurant Lahore
Bukhara Restaurant Lahore is offering Iftar dinner buffet in just Rs. 1400 + tax
Bonfire Cafe Lahore
Bonfire Cafe Lahore is offering iftar + Dinner Deal in Just Rs. 545/- Only !
One Potato Two Potato Restaurant Karachi
OPTP is offering Family Ramadan Deal in Just Rs. 999/- (10 Drumsticks with 1.5 Ltr)
Pizza one Karachi
Pizza One is offering Iftari Deal in just Rs. 699* and for Kids under 8 yrs in just Rs. 399* only!
Tabaq Restaurant
Tabaq Restaurant Lahore is offering Iftar + Dinner Buffet in Just Rs. 950/- Per head* (incl. all)
Opium Thai Restaurant Lahore
Opium Thai is offering Iftar + Dinner Buffet in just Rs. 1,199/++ Only !
Noorani Grill Restaurant
Noorani Grill is offering Iftar buffet dinner deal in Just Rs.1099 & Kids 3 to 7 yrs 50% off.
Largess Restaurant
Largess Restaurant is offering Iftar + Dinner Buffet in Just Rs.799+Tax and Kids 3 to 7 Yrs in Just Rs.499/= Only
Salt' n Pepper Village Restaurant
Sat n Pepper Village Restaurant karachi Offers Iftar + Dinner Buffet in Just Rs. 1391/= Only
Cafe DownTown Karachi
Cafe Downtown is Offering Special Iftar deal in just Rs. 1799/- Only !
Pure Health Cafe
Pure Health Cafe is offering Iftar + Dinner Deal in just Rs. 495+Tax !
The Patio is offering Ramadan Deal Spinach & Paneer Cigar Rolls, Cocktail Cheese Corn Samosa, Cocktail Keema Samosa, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Halwa Rolls - (Quantity - 12 pieces each frozen)Rs.1490 /+tax
Pizzo Delivers Karachi
Pizzo Restaurant offers Ramadan Deal in just Rs. 999 (One 12" Pizza, One Appetizer, One Beverages 1.5)
Ginsoy Chinese Restaurant Karachi
Ginsoy Restaurant Karachi offers 50% Off from 11pm to 1am !
Bundu Khan Restaurant Lahore
Bundu Khan Restaurant Offers Ramadan Kareem Iftar+Dinner Buffet in just Rs. 999+Tax !
Barbeque Tonight
Barbeque tonight offers iftar dinner buffet in just Rs. 1250 incl tax!
Babujees Restaurant
Babujees Restaurant Karachi offers iftar dinner buffet in just Rs. 999+ tax !
Thyme Restaurant Karachi
THYME Restaurant Karachi Offers Iftar + Dinner Deal In just Rs. 695+tax
Rajdhani Delight Restaurant Karachi
Rajdhani Delights Karachi offer iftaar thaali in just Rs: 699 with all taxes !
Roasters Gourmet Coffee House
Roasters Gourmet Coffee House offers Iftar Buffet Dinner in Just Rs.1195 + tax !
Cafe Koel Karachi
KOEL CAFE Offers Iftar Platter in jnust Rs. 850+Tax only !
Hobnob Café Karachi
Hobnob Cafe Karachi offers iftar dinner buffet in just Rs. 999 + tax !
Cafe Bella Vita Karachi
Bella Vita Restaurant Offers Ramadan Iftar Deal. Enjoy Starter + Main Course & 1 Scoop Gelato in just Rs. 1,100/= Only !
The Noodles House Restaurant Karachi
The Noodle House offers Iftar Deal-2014 in just 799+ tax !
Z'APA Restaurant
Z'apa-Zubaida Apa's Kitcheneete offers delicious iftar & Dinner Buffet in just Rs. 799/= Only !
Cinnabon Restaurant Lahore
Cinnabon Restaurant offers Minibon with any Regular Chillatta in Just Rs. 475 during Ramadan!
Capsicum Restaurant Karachi
Capsicum Restaurant Offer Ramadan Iftar Buffet. Around 40 Chinese and Continental Dishes (incl Desserts) Rs 899/ + Tax !
KFC Ramadan Offer Enjoy 1 value Burger + 1 Regular Drink in just Rs. 225 from Iftar Till Sehri !
California Pizza offers Ramadan Iftar Deals-2014 start from Just Rs.899/= Only!
Usmania Restaurant
Usmania Restaurant Offers Iftar Dinner Buffet in Just Rs. 990/= Only !
Pizza Hut Karachi
Pizza hut offers iftar + Dinner Deal-2014 so All the pizza salad & Pepsi you can have in just Rs. 855/ only !
Nandos Restaurant
Nandos Offers Ramadan Iftar Deal-2014 in Just Rs. 650 per head !
Arizona Grill
Arizona Grill Offers Iftar + Dinner Deal in just Rs. 999+tax for Adults & Rs.699+tax for Kids !
Rangoli Restaurant
Rangoli Restaurant Offers Iftar + Dinner Buffet in just Rs. 1391 Incl tax and for Kids (3 to 7 years) Rs. 811 Incl tax with Drink & Free one game
Pavilion End Club is offering Iftar + Dinner Buffet in Just Rs. 999 !
Moosh Cafe & Grill
Moosh Cafe & Grill Offers Iftar Buffet in Just Rs. 1199* only!
S5 Cafe Siblings
S5 Cafe Siblings Karachi Offers Iftar + Dinner in Just Rs. 599 + Tax !
Koffie Chalet Cafe
Koffie Chalet Café Offers four different Special Ramadan Iftar Deal !
Regent Plaza Karachi Hotel
Regent Plaza offers Ramazan Fiesta Iftar + Buffet Dinner Deal in Just Rs. 1199+Tax !
La Atrium Restaurant Lahore
La Atrium Restaurant Lahore offers Iftar cum Dinner Buffet of Rs.1499 + Tax !
Del Frio Restaurant Karachi
Del Frio offers Ramadan Iftar Deal 2014 Enjoy Starter + Main Course & 1 Scoop Ice Cream in Just Rs. 950 !
Port Grand Food Street Karachi
Port Grand Offers Pre-Ramadan Treat with Up to 25% Off & Entry Rs. 100 (Per Person) !
La Montana Restaurant
La Montana Restaurant offers Ramadan Iftar Dinner Deals in Just Rs. 1149 + tax !
Asia Live at Avari Tower offer 20% discount on Rs.2500 (Adults) & Kids 4 to 8 yrs Rs. 1250 - incl Tax for iftar dinner from 1st Ramadan to 10th Ramadan !
Shan-e-Mughlia Restaurant
Shan-e-Mughlia offers Ramadan Iftar Buffet Deal with 8% discount on Rs. 1310 (Incl Tax)from 1st to 10th Ramadan!
Cafe Zouk
Cafe Zouk offers Iftar Dinner Buffet 2014 in Just Rs. 1299++ !
Monal Restaurants Islamabad
The Monal Restaurant Offers iftar Dinner Buffet in Just Rs. 1165 + Tax !
The Royal Rodale
Royal Rodale Restaurant Karachi Iftar Dinner Deal 2014 in Just Rs. 999/- inclu Of Tax
Lavish Dine Restaurant
Lavish Dine Restaurant Karachi Offers Iftar Dinner Deal 2014 in Just Rs. 750/= and Iftar Box in Just Rs. 225/= Only !
Lal Qila
Lal Qila BUffet Restaurant Ramadan Iftar Dinner deail 2014 in Just Rs. 1350 (incl Tax) and for Kids (3 Yrs to 8 Yrs) Rs. 690 (incl Tax) !
Mirage Buffet Restaurant Karachi
Mirage Restaurant Karachi offers Iftar Buffet Deals 2014 in Just Rs. 1200 (including Tax) and for Kids Rs. 650 (4 Yrs to 8 Yrs)!
Lasania Restaurant
Lasania Restaurant Iftar Buffet Deals 2014 in Just Rs. 850 (including Tax) and 50% Discount for Kids (4 Yrs to 8 Yrs)!
Mela Restaurant
Mela Restaurant Karachi Offers Ramadan Iftar + Dinner Deal 2014 in Just Rs. 799 (include All Taxes) for Adults and Rs. 449 (include All Taxes) for Children !
Chatkharay Restaurant
Chatkharay Restaurant Karachi Iftar Buffet Deals-2014 Adults Rs. 690/- & Children (4 Yrs to 10 Yrs) Rs. 490/- Only !
Forty4 Restaurant Karachi
Forty4 Restaurant Karachi is Offering Ramadan Platter in Just Rs. 744+Tax/= Only !
Gon Pacci Cafe Karachi
Gon Pacci Offers Ramadan Kareem Exclusive Iftar Buffet Deals 2014 in Just Rs 999* Only (For Adults) & Rs. 650* Only (For Kids) !

In this Ramadan KFoods brought to you some special Ramadan Iftar Buffet Offers 2014 & many more Ramadan Iftar Deals 2014 from all over the Pakistan’s best eating out restaurants. Ramazan is the holiest festival celebrated by Muslims in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast during daytime hours from dawn to sundown every day & due to their busy schedule they feel like to go eating out for iftar & dinner. So there are a number of best deals & offers 2014 that are specially design for Ramadan so that everyone could easily eat out with their friends & families. During Ramazan Many hotels & restaurants decided to offer various privileges to the customers. So be ready to avail some special Ramazan Restaurant deals.

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