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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Home and Kitchen

Wandering cockroaches is the problem of every home. Every other house woman is searching for ways to get rid of roaches in kitchen, in bathroom, in home, here and there. Many buy costly cockroach sprays and other products but they also seem not to work.


No Worries. At all!

Here I am telling you 5 easy ways to remove cockroaches off your home. Whether small or large, these killer recipes would help you repel them easily with simple known household items.

Let's explore how to get rid of big and small cockroaches in home.

By Farhan Javed In Tips and Totkay 0 Comments 19866 Views Wed 04 Jan, 2017

Sirke Ke Hairat Angaiz Kamalat

Vinegar has as many uses as one may think. People use vinegar just as a food condiment however let me tell you today that it can be used for hundreds of little chores. Major household uses of vinegar are cleaning microwave oven, sterilizing cutting board, cleaning dishes and trays, cleaning grease spots, remove sticker residue, refreshing flowers and removing paint spots. Girls can also use vinegar for hair growth and development. List is long, in fact if we start listing its tips, it can't be arranged in this single post.

We have put 16 major uses and tips for vinegar. Read and know what wonders you can do with some drops of household vinegar.

By Aqib Shehzad In Tips and Totkay 1 Comments 14702 Views Mon 05 Dec, 2016

10 Unique Tips of Vaseline (Vaseline Ke 10 Karishme)

Vaseline is good for lips. Right! You know there are many other ways to use vaseline which you never expected of it. Vaseline can perform many of your chores for which you seek various kinds of products that even sometimes you go out to buy. is telling here about top 10 vaseline tricks which will make your life very very easy. See how you can use vaseline for beauty, cleaning, and different kinds of basic household tasks. Know and also share it with others.

By Farhan Javed In Tips and Totkay 7 Comments 46304 Views Thu 01 Dec, 2016

How to Get Rid of Ants in House - 5 Home Remedies

Discover 5 simple ways to eliminate ants in your house with basic household items. Ants usually infiltrate houses in rainy season. Their presence in bedroom or kitchen is always annoying and agonizing. is telling here some 5 really effective home remedies for to get rid of ants naturally with products such as cucumber peel, cinnamon and peppermint. Whether the annoying ants are small, carpenter or pavement ants, these remedies would help you to wipe their presence out of your home.

Handling ants and insects problem becomes a frustrating chore. Most of the anti-ants products are made with chemicals that are also hazardous for humans and for the atmosphere. Kill ants with these simple tips given here and live happy life.

By Farhan Javed In Tips and Totkay 15 Comments 21153 Views Sun 27 Nov, 2016

How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites - 5 Simple Tips

How to treat bed bug bites? The story behind this question is painful. Bed bugs have spoilt sweet dreams of many. They live on your blood. Having bugs in the bed is not something just happened to you alone. It is a common worry of people everywhere in the world. Bed-bug bites are almost similar to bites of other insects. They leave 3 to 5 spots in a row, usually on face, hands and arms.

In this article, you will learn what to do if bitten by bed bugs; you can cure them yourself at home with 5 easy tips with simple household products.

Let's find what are those remedies.

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5 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Do you store every food item in refrigerator? You know there are foods not to refrigerate ever. Storing these foods in a fridge may spoil its nutrition and make them even worse in freshness. There are certain fruits and vegetables you should not refrigerate rather store them at room temperature in order to have best of them.

By Farhan Javed In Tips and Totkay 7 Comments 42250 Views Fri 18 Nov, 2016

9 Ways for Ringworm Home Treatment

9 tips for ringworm treatment in Urdu with household things.

Ringworm is a kind of infection which takes place on skin. It forms a red circle on some part of the skin. Ringworm is though not very dangerous but it is very itchy and makes the affected person very restless. It is an infectious disease and takes significant time to be treated completely. If ringworms spread, many small and large red circles appear on different parts of the skin.

Ringworms can be cured with various household things such as raw papaya, tea tree oil, apple vinegar, garlic and more. Find 9 ways for ringworm home treatment with different kitchen items as presented below.

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Household Cleaning Tips and Tricks in Urdu

It becomes very troublesome for women to wash clothes and dishes, clean toys, walls, kitchen and bathrooms. Though, there are various tools and products available for cleaning but still sometimes problem is bigger and can't be handled with ordinary products. Then we need some easy and effective tricks to perform household cleaning.

So here are the tips and tricks for cleaning household things in Urdu.

By Humayun In Tips and Totkay 1 Comments 4070 Views Thu 29 Sep, 2016

Uses of Eggs Other Than Cooking

Explore 9 wonderful uses of eggs other than cooking (ande ke fayde) that may be very useful for you in everyday life.

People eat eggs, fry, omelette or use them in cooking foods but no one knows that eggs are also usable for many other purposes. You can make candle with eggs, use them for beautifying your face, cleanse your face, use eggshell powder for lack of calcium in the body, use it as an alternative to glue and so on. has listed down 9 other uses of eggs in Urdu.

Let's explore and benefit with eggs.

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10 Eid ul Adha Tips to Make Your Life Easy

Find the top 10 Eid ul Adha tips for kitchen, qurbani meat, cooking, kaleji and paye. These tips are very useful for women and will make their lives easy.

There are tons of works to do after Bakra Eid especially women remain very busy in cleaning the meat, removing fats, making kababs and cooking dishes with qurbani meat. Most of the times, they meet problems in handling all this. For example many girls do not know how to clean trotters efficiently, how to remove smell from kaleji, how to soften kaleji while cooking or tenderize meat perfectly.

Isn't it! is sharing top 10 exclusive tips for Eid ul Adha with very useful solutions for household women including a special tip to remove kaleji smell by Chef Asad Latif.

Find the top 10 Eid ul Azha tips below.

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