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7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf brings 7 simple yet beautiful ways for wearing a scarf for Muslim women and girls. All these styles offer a perfect way to do hijab besides maintaing a graceful look. Taught with step by step tutorials, you can adopt any style you like very easily.

Wearing scarves is though a dressing habit of Muslim girls but these days, it is getting popular as a part of fashion as well. Muslim girls across the world like to wear hijab in a trendy style that not only fulfils the rituals of Islamic dressing but also reflects a graceful and impressive look of the personality. From Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, KSA, Turkey and Kuwait, doing hijab is an established practice and therefore we are presenting 7 different styles of scarves.

Here are the 7 trendy ways of wearing a hijab.

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Refrigerator Main Kharab Hone Wali Cheezain

Odor or smell problem in refrigerators and freezers are very common but don't worry about it here at KFoods, providing the best tips & totkas that helps you to get rid of bad smells in your fridge. There are too many food items that are not eligible to stay fresh for a long time such as meet products, ready to eat homemade dishes, eggs etc. Its very simple to keep your refrigerator odorless by just following the simple steps at KFoods.

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Ladko Ki Jild Ke liye khas Face Wash

Face Wash is basically a solution that gives your face a new look in front of others, In today's trend its not necessary that face wash is only for womens but mens are also use it. Here at KFoods, providing you an easy way that how to use facewash according to the mens' skin nature, these tips and recommendations are collecting from the books of well known experts, so follow these steps that increase you beauty

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Common Cooking Mistakes & Tips for Beginners

If you cook a dish perfectly, that doesn't mean that you are a perfect cook. We all make common mistakes while cooking, sometimes we realize and sometimes not. Often after preparing a food, it's taste immediately makes us realize the mistake but this is not the case always. Many times, even after eating the meal, we do not even know that we did something wrong with cooking.

Many people deem themselves as an expert cook and believe that they cannot make a cooking mistake. Cooking is a very important household activity. It directly relates to our health and it has some rules. We should know and follow them for better cooking and therefore better health.

Here are some very useful cooking tips for beginners and experts as well.

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5 Easy and Quick Hairstyles for Girls

Looking for some simple hairstyles? Here are 5 quick and yet easiest hairstyles for girls with long hair.

Often it is a problem for girls to choose a hairstyle which takes less time and must be suitable for them. came up with exact solution as offering 5 smart hair tutorials for girls. Now whether you are going to your college or getting prepared for a party, you not to worry at all.

Keep this article bookmarked and open when needed; either of the 5 styles are awesome and presented with step by step guide. Girls with medium hair can also adopt any of these styles.

Start skimming the styles and make selection for the very next time.

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How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

Getting rid of smelling feet is no more a problem. is going to explain you 5 easy tips which will completely finish the odor from the feet permanently. All these remedies use home and kitchen products like baking soda, baby powder or bleach; which are usually there in everyone's home.

Do your fellows chide you when you put your shoes off? Then penitence time is gone!
Try at least one of the remedies given here and get rid of stinky feet for long long time!

This post will describe the 5 household cures for stinking feet with easy-to-find household products and how to use each of them. Let's find them out below.

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Ankhon Ke Bemarion Ko Door Kerny Ke Chand Mufeed Totkay

KFoods is providing a best healthy tips and home remedies for protecting eyes from infections and other diseases, its very common today that every person has facing serious issues about eyes and taking medicines that are harmful for body. Here some of natural treatments are providing that are recommended from experts, try these at home and forward to your friends and family members as well.

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7 Uses of Banana Peel You Never Knew

Banana is a very healthy and sweet fruit. Yes. But today, we wouldn't discuss about it health benefits but about it's peel. I am telling you about 7 wondrous benefits and uses of banana peel that would assist you in your everyday home tasks. Banana is naturally enriched with many vitamins and potassium. These nutrients also exist in it's peel. As we can't eat the peel, we can use it for many different things.

I have explained where and how to use banana skin for your skin beauty, bruises, teeth shining, shoe polishing, mosquito bite relief and for diminishing wrinkles.

So one thing is sure here.

You wouldn't throw banana's peel after knowing all these tricks.

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Keeray Makoron Ke Katne Ka Gharelo Ilaj

Home Remedies for Insect Bites and Stings, there are so many dangerous insects that are very harmful for us, here at KFoods, there are some of useful home remedies that are beneficial for Insect Bites and Stings.

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Do Munhen Baloon ke Chand Gharelo Hifazati Tadabeer

Start treatment without delay just after knowing about the double mouthed hair. Negligence towards double mouthed hair can be harmful for hair. First of all, stop the use of hair dye and fast shampoo. Don't go beauty parlor for bleaching and terming hair. Massage your hair with tepid oil of coconut or olive twice a week after washing hair properly and there are some more care that you may need so read more in urdu and share it with your friends.

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