Shatar Murgh (Ostrich) Meat Benefits

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Amna Ismail Lawn - The Choice of 2016!

Amna Ismail lawns collection for 2016 is released! If you are looking for beautiful lawn for summer 2016 or to wear on the Eid day, is offering the top 6 designs for you.

Amna Ismail is a big name in women fabrics all over Pakistan. Every year, their summer collection comes with graceful suiting, beautiful mix of colors, quality fabric as well as stitched and semi-stitched lawns.

So explore the dresses here and grab yours before it's sold out!

See All Amna Ismail Designs Here.

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The Only Restaurant to Offer Free Food for Fat People

Everyone deems obesity as a menace but surprisingly a Chinese restaurant has announced a good news for fat people. According to Chinese News Agency, a newly opened restaurant in Tianjin city offers free food for fat people. Since the launch, restaurant is seen packed with crowd of people.

According to local media, large number of people is visiting the restaurant. Most of them check their weight on weight machine installed on the entry gate. People whose weight fulfils the free food criteria go inside happily and enjoy the free-of-cost food.

According to the restaurant, having 130 kg or more is the criteria for being fat and people fulfilling this criteria could enjoy the free food. Interestingly, despite the condition of 130 kg weight, all kinds of people seem checking their weight outside the restaurant.

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Meat One - Perfect Destination for Quality Meat

Purchasing meat was never so comfortable until Meat One makes it to the Pakistani market. Categorized as the pioneer of specialized chain of meat stores in Pakistan, Meat One is a subsidiary of Al Shaheer Corporation. Presently it operates with 18 outlets in Karachi, 4 in Lahore, 5 in Islamabad, 2 Rawalpindi, and 1 Hyderabad. Meat One is a unique concept that changed the meat purchasing methods of Pakistanis. It offers export quality beef, and mutton, with a state of the art infra-structure. Meat One get its meat from its parent company Al-Shaheer Ltd, which currently deals with the exports of mutton and beef to Middle East. Meat One is committed to deliver quality meat to its customers ensuring customer satisfaction.

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MTF Lawns 2016 - Grace at its Acme!

MTF Lawn's 2016 collection is now in! Get exclusive embroidered unstitched lawns introduced by MTF for summer 2016.

MTF is a highly praised textile brand in Pakistan. MTF lawns are demanded all over the country in spring and summer season. Beautiful MTF lawns are truly favorite of women of Pakistan. Filled with realistic colors, beautiful oriental embroidery, high quality fabric and chiffon dupatta, it becomes a sensible choice of every woman.

If you were looking for suiting for the upcoming Eid 2016, below are some selected designs to shortlist your quest.

View All Designs here.

View the top 6 designs below and click on image for enlarged view.

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5 Most Expensive Foods of the World

Do you know about the most expensive foods of the world? Yes they exist and in the price of gold. It is amazing to know that some foods in the world are so expensive that a common man can even not afford to eat those foods once in his life.

There are dozens of such foods exist but we will discuss about the top 5. They are:

  1. Beluga Caviar
  2. White Truffles
  3. Edible Gold - WoW!
  4. Saffront
  5. Matsutake Mushrooms

Read more about these gold-like foods in detail and know why they are this much costly.

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Star Lawn 2016 (Latest Collection with Prices)

Star Lawn is an emerging brand for quality lawns in Pakistan. Their 2016 collection is in the markets now. Beautiful colors, prints, designs impressed on high quality unstitched fabric; yes that is the STAR CLASSIC LAWN.

It's the mid of spring and summer is knocking at the door. So turn out yourself to shop for summer 2016 with the best in the markets. is offering latest collection of lawns of STAR. Leaf through the designs presented below or browse all designs available here.

Place your order and it will be delivered to your doorstep (ASAP).

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VS Lawn Collection 2016

VS lawns has released collection for summer 2016 which is available now at KFoods Store.

Prepare for the upcoming summer with extreme oriental touch with VS summer lawns. Every March, when spring knocks at the doors of our cities, major textile brands all over Pakistan launch special dresses for women for the coming spring and summer. This time, besides Sitara Sapna and Sifona, VS textiles has also introduced amazingly beautiful designs at very reasonable prices. is presenting some hand-picked designs from VS summer collection 2016. Explore the best picks of printed lawns here and place your order online.

It will be delivered to your doorstep!

Exotic designs, mix of beautiful colors, suitable fabric for the weather, all with a high quality becomes a perfect dress to shop. Each of the print reflect a unique look like a new invention.

Scroll down to view all designs and click image for detailed view.

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Duniya Ke Ajeeb Tareen Restaurants

Dining out is always a pleasure. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation trip, you have the opportunity to try different tastes of different places. The pleasure is doubled when you spot a weird restaurant to have a meal at. Imagine, you are having a chicken karahi while suddenly a fish swims over your head or how would you feel eating in the mid air?

Here are some of the weirdest restaurants of the world. Know about them and feel you right there.

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5 Million Hens to Be Killed Bird Flu in Iowa

In the wake of recent bird flu strike on Iowa state, it has been announced by Iowa Health Officials to cull 5.3 million hens. This act will trade off around 10% of the egg-laying poultry of the state but in order to save even larger population of the birds, this step becomes crucial. The recent infection has already stricken many US states.

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