Make Desi Ghee Recipe

Desi Ghee is the actual essence of our foods. People ache for cooking foods in desi ghee but due to it's high cost, they are left with ordinary, low quality oils to cook with. Here is how to make desi ghee recipe at home with step by step pictorial instructions by After learning this recipe, the option and choice is yours. Whether you make desi ghee yourself at home or buy the same low quality oil to cook food. Let's begin step by step.

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1. Store milk cream everyday in a cup.

2. Add one teaspoon yogurt into the cream for making the yogurt.

3. Add prepared yogurt and chilled water into the blender and make lassi.

4. Beside, keep adding ice cubes; this way butter will start floating over lassi.

5. Take out the butter in a bowl, butter is ready.

6. Put butter into a pan and place on stove for melting.

7. When all butter is melted, and its remaining particles gets browner, take it off the stove.

8. Sift the ghee into a pan or bottle.

9. Extracted from pure butter, Pure Desi Ghee is ready!

Making Desi Ghee at Home

Preparing Desi Ghee and Butter with Cream


  1. Milk Cream: 1 cup

  2. Yogurt: 1 tablespoon
  3. Ice Water: 2 glasses (chilled)
  4. Ice: 2 to 12 cubes

Method of Butter

  1. Keep storing cream of the normal milk you bring your home. Store cream in a cup or pan everyday. When one cup is full of cream, add one tablespoon yogurt in order to convert cream into yogurt. When yogurt is ready, add it into blender with chilled water and then make lassi. As lassi would be formed, butter would accumulate on the lassi surface.

  2. Additionally, keep adding ice cubes into the lassi because the colder the lassi the faster the butter preparation will be.

  3. When all the butter is gathered over the lassi surface, take it out in a pan. Now butter is completely ready.

Preparation of Pure Ghee


  1. Butter

Method of Pure Ghee

  1. Put butter into a pan and place on stove on light flame.

  2. As butter will be melting, ghee will start to form.

  3. When butter melts completely, solid particles would gather at the bottom of pan.

  4. When those particles get browner and water is dried out of the ghee, take the pan off the stove and sift ghee using a sieve into another pot.

  5. The residue in the sieve is edible. You can eat it whereas the ghee you sifted can be stored in a bottle.

  6. Tasty pure desi ghee is ready!

Note: You can add salt or sugar to the lassi you made earlier, and drink it. And the butter can be used with paratha or bread.
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