Walnut tart Recipe

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puff paste 250 g
Walnuts 400 g
Honey 1 cup
egg whites 3
Cinnamon powder 1 tsp
egg whipped 1

How to make Walnut tart


Break the walnuts and add mix with egg whites, cinnamon powder, and honey.
Now roll the puff paste and spread in a pie tin.
Spread the walnut mixture over the puff paste and egg wash on the edges.
Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 160 degrees.
Serve hot.

Chef Mehboob Posted By: Wajid Mehmood, Karachi

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Walnut tart is a new version of yummy traditional tarts. Tarts are super easy to make and Walnut tart takes this dessert to another level. You can add many other dry fruits in this amazing incredible recipe of Walnut tart. This dessert name Walnut tart can also be enjoyed hot but it will taste heaven if served hot.
As we all know that dry fruits are very healthy and beneficial for health. This recipe for Walnut tart gives you a chance to have so many beneficial dry fruits at a time. If your children do not like dry fruits, make the Walnut tart and serve it to them, they will surely give it a thumbs up. Walnut tart is famous among all the age groups whether it is children or elderly people. Walnut tart is a tasty dessert and you can serve it in many events. Enjoy the recipe for Walnut tart.


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