Top 5 Kitchen Cleaning Tips!

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Kitchen is the heart of home. So it is necessary to make it clean. Here are the top 5 tips for keeping your kitchen sparkling clean, which will hopefully make your cleaning life much easier!
• Add 1 cup of white vinegar to your empty dishwasher and start a ‘normal’ wash. This will eliminate smells and lime scales from the stainless steel interior.
• Boil rhubarb leaves in pans that have burnt during cooking for 3-5 minutes. Drain and wipe away any residue.
• To clean a kettle or jug, boil it with water and white vinegar. This will clean all the scale from inside.
• To make glass oven-doors shine like new, drench a VIVA Paper Towel with brown vinegar and leave on the glass for an hour, then wipe dry.
• To rid your cutting board of onion, fish or garlic smells, cut a lemon or lime in two and rub the surface with the fruit.

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Haniya Mustakeem Feb 12, 2016
Viniger wali tips he samajh me ati hein mujhe qk vinegar ka istamal bht si jagao par aksar kia jata hai, share more uses of vinegar, thanks
Shahida Oct 14, 2015
No 3 and 4 both are very interesting, i tried and get the positive result. thanks and will definitely try your other tips.
ibrahim Jan 04, 2015
Kitchan klin karne ka bets tarika


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