Tips to Reduce Dry Cough!

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During the winter season Dry Cough is a common problem so here we are with some tips that is good for reducing Dry Cough.
1) Mixture of almonds with honey is very beneficial for dry Cough.
2) A cup of Ginger Tea or Green Tea with Two Pinch of Cinnamon very much beneficial. You may drink these 3 to 4 times daily.

بادام کے مکسچر کو شہد کے ساتھ ملا کر استعما ل کرنے سے کھا نسی کئ کمی کے لیے کافی مفید ہے, ادرک کی چائے یا گرین چائے کے ساتھ دو چٹکی دار چینی کھا نسی کئ کمی کے لیے کافی مفید ہے

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Hoorain Apr 18, 2017
What is almond (badam) mixture? I was looking for this tip but I need to know guidance to make this anti-cough recipe. Winter is gone but still my little son is suffering with dry cough problem. I avoid going to doctor immediately that's why I am looking for tips here.
UmmeYousuf Apr 07, 2017
nice tips , thanks for sharing . I will implement this tip to try to reduce cough of my younger kid. He is suffering from dry cough , hope this will resolve the problem.
Farzana Mushtaq Jun 03, 2015
Great tips of reduce the old dry cough, i usually used ginger tablet but i also satisfied with the above tips that you providing.. Thanks KFoods and keep sharing of these type of health tips


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