Safaid Balo ko Kala Karne ka Tarika

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A Tip for white Hair Treatment

Everyone wants black healthy & shiny hair. In fact white hair is a cause of dandruff or any other hair problem and it is generally associated with old age so here is a simple tip from the desk of Dr Khurram for healthy and shiny black hair or safaid balo ko kala karne ka tarika.
1. 10gm kaala patthar (you can get it from any grocery store or parchoon ki shop) crushed, 1 jute piece ash, half kg coconut oil mix & massage at bedtime leaving it on overnight and wash it off in the morning with selenium 2.5% shampoo. Apply it on alternate days.
2. Eat roasted liver with ginger and lemon juice.
Include olive oil, egg, cottage cheese, milk, green leafy vegetables in your diet.

ہر کسی کی خواہش ہوتی ہے کہ ان کے بال گھنے اور کالے ہوں ، سفید بال سر میں خشکی بھی پیدا کرتے ہین لیکن اگر وقت سے پہلے بال سفید ہو جائیں تو یہ ایک اہم مسئلہ ہے ۔
سفید بالوں کو کالا کرنے کا طریقہ:
دس گرام کا پتھر ( جوآپ کو آسانی سے پنسار کی دکان سے مل جائے گا) کو پیس لیں ، اس میں آدھا کلو کھوپرے کا تیل شامل کریں اور اس مکسچر کو رات سونے سے پہلے سر میں لگا لیں اور صبح اُٹھ کر دھو لیں ۔

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Umme Naaz Apr 18, 2017
Thanks Dr. Khurram, which channel are you coming on television these days? I had watched you on Samaa or ARY but I forgot the program name . And can I talk to you on telephone to discuss my hair problems?
Samia Apr 10, 2017
Thanks but which kind of rock are you talking about? It is just written that buy a stone weighted 10 grams, please clarify it so we could implement this solution, I am looking it for my husband, he has got white hair all over his head.
Syed Shan Jan 06, 2017
kala patar is very dangerous chemical it falls your hairs. Ap is ko istemal karne se ganj pan ka shikar bi ho saktay hen so dont use it or first consult with any physican.


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