Shanghai Stir-Fry Recipe

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2 cup(s) bok choy
1 cup(s) peas, Sugar snap
2 cup(s) Broccoli slaw mix
1 cup(s) Mushrooms, shiitake
1 cup(s) Mushrooms, fresh small button
2 medium pepper(s), red, bell, dIced
1 can(s) Water chestnuts, canned, (small can), slIced
1 tablespoon Ginger root, minced
1 1/2 cup(s) broth, Chicken, fat-free, low-sodium
2 tablespoon scallion(s) (green Onions), chopped
1 tablespoon mustard, wasabi
2 tablespoon Soy sauce, less sodium

How to make Shanghai Stir-Fry


Coat a nonstick skillet with oil spray. Add the mushrooms, peppers, and bok choy.

Sauté for two minutes. Add the broccoli slaw.

Slowly, add as much chicken broth as needed to keep from burning. Then add the ginger, water chestnuts, and scallions, and continue to sauté until vegetables are soft, but still somewhat crunchy.

In a small bowl, mix the wasabi mustard, soy sauce, and chicken broth to form a sauce. Pour into a pan, and keep on low heat for about a minute.

Posted By: Haniya Tauseef, Karachi

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Shanghai Stir-Fry Recipe in English is an easy and traditional cooking recipe to prepare at home. It provides you an awesome taste of Bone Foods.


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