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Mutton Paya
Mutton Paya
Siri Paya
Siri Paya
Beef Nehari
Beef Nehari

Latest Reviews

Siri Paya
Rasheeda - Toronto Apr 10, 2017
I have made it just now and I will let you know about the remarks later as I am busy right now. I hope it would be even tastier than my expectations. Need your prayers and wishes.
Siri Paya
Yasmeen Shokat - Qatar Mar 21, 2017
I made it for my father and he was so happy to see that her daughter can make siri paye at home.it was really a myriad experience to make it at home. Thank you 
Siri Paya
palwasha - Isb Mar 17, 2017
I made these siri paye for my maternal uncle. He always likes to eat them. He was guest at my home for the last three days. So I cooked it and he liked it very much.


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