hyderabadi biryani

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                       NAWABI  BIRYANI       ( ROYAL BIRYANI)

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Hyderabadi kabuli biryani
Naeema Jaffery - Hyderabad Sep 27, 2017
This Muharram I have heard about qubooli biryani so I was curious to know about it. I am looking at its recipe so I will make it for our ladies majlis. Hope all sisters would like this qubooli. Does it use meat or only pulses?
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani
Shabnam Raheel - Sukkur Aug 25, 2017
It is a very nice biryani as I have made Hyderabadi biryani before, it was too tasteful and spicy. My family also asks me to make Hyderabadi biryani each time I make. I will use your recipe next time I make it.
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani
Sameena - Hyderabad Aug 19, 2017
Thanks for giving the recipe for hyderabadi chicken biryani. I have to make this biryani so I searched it and found about its recipe here. I am happy to see it is given in a very easy english and great method. I have to make it tonight.


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