simple sponge cake by chef zakir

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Easy Sponge Cake
Numaira - Thatta Oct 16, 2017
Yes, it is very delicious and easy sponge cake recipe and I will make it with the help of your kfoods recipe and it is very good for enjoying in breakfast. It is very good aromatic halwa and I would like to enjoy it with homemade recipe.
Easy Sponge Cake
Yusra - Gujranwala Oct 11, 2017
Sponge cakes are the best ones, no heavy cream, no cholesterol and nothing heavy on the stomach. It is nice and aromatic and a wonderful cake. Would love if I could make it myself. Sponge cakes are very tasty.
Easy Sponge Cake
Samia - Faisalabad Sep 27, 2017
beautiful cake, thanks for sharing its recipe. I used to make this sponge cake but I could never took it to the level of perfection. The level on which bakeries make these cakes. Now I read this recipe and I will try to cover up the things I was missing.


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