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Aalo Chana Chaat Recipe | Aloo Chole
Samina - KHI May 17, 2017
aloo chana chaat is the favourite snack of we all sisters. We try to make it ourselves but only one of us can make it perfectly. Otherwise we purchase it from the nearer snack shop. I am going through this recipe and willing to make it myself.
Crispy Aloo Samosa
Shabnam - New Delhi May 17, 2017
crispy samosa whether it is keema or beef or even potato , i love to eat it. I also like crsipy papdi chaat because I like to enjoy crispy snacks like these. I have made many things myself and now I would try your recipe.
Masala Aloo Stick
Aalia - Lahore May 03, 2017
Wonderful recipe, its very simple and easy recipe . i will share it with my mom to make it and server it with evening tea, i hope we will enjoy tea with homemade potato sticks.


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