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Kalakand Step by Step Recipe in Urdu & English

Do you like sweets?
Then find the homemade kalakand recipe in Urdu and English here with step by step formula.

Kalakand has various names such as milk cake, qalaqand and mishri-wama. It is made with condensed milk, cheese and milk powder. You can't find this ea ...
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Riwaiti Mithaiyan Reviews

Gajar ki kheer
Mahira Shah - lahore Jul 08, 2018
Everybody loves gajar ka halwa but gajar ki kheer is entirely something else and yesterday when I ate it, I found it. Its kheer mixed with the sweetness of gajar!
Fatima Khan - karachi Jul 01, 2018
Gajrela is my favorite sweet dish in the desi menu! My mother used to always make us gajrela but since I am now abroad, I tried this recipe and honestly it reminded me of mom.
Seviyan ka zarda
Mahum - karachi Jun 14, 2018
Sweet, flavorful seviyan ka zarda along with dry fruits like chachus, badam and other yummy treats like jelly you can also add. I love making seviyan ka zarda recipe and I recommend it to everyone.
Seviyan ka zarda
kiran farooqi - karachi Jun 12, 2018
Seviyan ka zarda recipe is a great option for people who are lactose intolerance and have to abstain from having any delicious treats during events like Eid. I’m lactose intolerant and I love having seviyan ka zarda.
shakarkand ki kheer
Kashmala - karachi Jun 08, 2018
Shakarkand ki kheer tastes a lot better than it looks! I first tried this shakarkand ki kheer recipe at home when I was looking for yummy recipes and decided to make this. It was delicious!
Badam ki kheer
kiran farooqi - hyderabad Jun 08, 2018
Tremendous flavors, incredible recipe! When I first made it, I was skeptical because none of my desserts turn out good. But the Badam ki kheer recipe in here is so easy that on the first try, badam ki kheer came out delicious!
Rasmalai Kheer
Wajiha - hyderabad Jun 08, 2018
Ever since I had rasmalai kheer at a friend’s house for iftar, I cannot stop obsessing over it. But eating out every day can cost a lot so I tried to make ramalai kheer recipe from Kfoods and it came out so good!
Gajar ki kheer
Pamila - karachi Jun 07, 2018
Gajar ki kheer is going to the top dessert recipes on my list for Eid, I can’t wait to try it. The only thing is that it takes long to shred all the carrots since the family members are a lot. Still, I will definitely try gajar ki kheer recipe.
Ando Ka Halwa
Aneela Qureshi - lahore Jun 07, 2018
Eid is no Eid without delicious ando ka halwa as during a whole month of fasting, sometimes it gets hard to get all the nutrition in a single meal. This is why I love making ando ka halwa recipe for Eid as it greatly helps in restoring health and nutrition!
sohan halwa
Ghuri Aftab Khan - Quetta Jun 07, 2018
For me, sohan halwa is not just a dessert but a treasure trove of packed with nutrition! I personally love making sohan halwa recipe for my kids because it is the ideal soft food that is beneficial for them and even they love it.


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