Ye Kaisa Dour Hai

By Taimoor, Lahore In Aqwal e Zareen 3 Comments 7094 Views

Ye Kaisa Dour Hai

Ye Kaisa Dour Hai

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Habeeba - Khanewal Jan 31, 2019
This aqwal e zareen really touched my heart. People these days are so jealous of each other that they don't want anyone to be happy. May Allah bless all the people.
Habeeba - Faisalabad Jan 24, 2019
It is a great Aqwaal e Zareen by Hazrat Ali that "Do good and forget". Our life will become so easier if we start to follow These golden quotes and read them daily. We should read one quote daily and try to follow it.
Fehmida - Lahore Jan 22, 2019
Just so good to read some very beneficial aqwaal e zareen on this page. our children just do not know about these golden quotes but, this page remind me of these quotes to make my children read them. I will save these for my young ones.

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