Mughlai Shahi Tukday Recipe

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10 Bread slIces
2 cups Milk
2 cups Water
1 1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 tsp Orange food colour
1 cup chopped Almonds, pista and ceshewnuts
4 tbsp condense Milk
4 tbsp Cream
Oil to toast Bread slIces

How to make Mughlai Shahi Tukday


First toast bread slices from both sides with oil or ghee.
To make sugar syrup, mix water and milk and cook low heat till milk reduces, add sugar and cook till sugar dissolves.
Add orange colour and mix well.
Now put bread slices in the flatten pyrex dish and pour all milk mixture.
Sprinkle nuts.
In another bowl, mix condense milk and cream well and spread over shahi tukras to give it rich aroma.
Just try, they will be very delicious.

Posted By: asma, karachi

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Zainab - Sialkot Mar 13, 2017
You have provided a very good mughlai shahi tukday and it is a nice thing to enjoy with your friends and family. I wish to eat vegetable recipes on every weekend.

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This dessert is topped with rich creamy mixture and tastes so good


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