Milky Bread Sweet Recipe

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1 large Bread
Butter:1 cube
Corn flour:2 tbsp
Sugar:2 cups
Semolina:2 tbsp
Cream:1/4 kg.

for Sugar syrup.
Sugar:2 cups
Water:1 cup.

How to make Milky Bread Sweet


1. cut the edges of bread, take aside.
2. boil milk, add sugar and cream mix it till the cream dissolve in milk, add butter and mix, add corn flour (mixed in cold milk), add samolina (tossed), mix this batter untill thickens, put off flame.
3. take a pan put waer in it and add sugar to make sugar syrup.
4. take a tray, put some milky batter in it, take a piece of bread, dip it in sugar syrup and press it to squeez extra syrup, put this piece of bread on milky batter in tray, make a layer of pieces, put batter on the pieces and then put another sugar dipped bread piece layer, repeat the process and garnish with nuts. referigrate it and serve chilled. :)

Posted By: Aryana Ammara, sialkot

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mobeen - sialkot Oct 26, 2013
zabardast aur buhat mazadar recepi ha sub na bohat pasadn ki

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this is an effort of mine, I made it for one dish party in our academy, I did not selected the name of the recipe at that time, when my friends asked the name I said I have not choosen yet and then we started joking by giving such and such name as we were selecting name of a person hmmmm sweet memories. :)


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