Mafruka Recipe

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Semolina 500 grams
Condense Milk 1 tin
Corn Flour 1 tbsp
Sugar 2 cup
Dry Fruit as required
Clarified Butter 1 cup
Jam-e-Shirin as required

How to make Mafruka


Take a cooking pot add as required water and 2 cups of sugar and make a sugar syrup and set a side.
Take another pan add 1 cup of clarified butter add 500 grams of semolina and roast the semolina
Then add sugar syrup and let it cool down
Take another sauce pan heat 1 tin of condense milk add as required dry fruits and 1 tbsp corn flour mix it well .
Then spread the semolina mixture in grease proof tray pour the condense milk mixture in it chilled in refrigerator and serve it.

Chef Gulzar Posted By: Saamiya, Multan

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Mafruka is a kind of pudding. Mafruka is a different kind of pudding in which you will find the dry fruits, fruits, and flavors of you own choice. The best way to serve Mafruka is to serve chilled. Mafruka is very famous all over Pakistan. Mafruka is served at the weddings also. Mafruka is best to have in the winters.
Mafruka contains semolina which makes it healthy for the children also. You can add color by adding fruits and jellies to mafruka. This recipe is very tasty and mouthwatering. The nourishing taste of cream in mafruka takes it to another level.
You can add asharfi and khoya to the Mafruka. They will taste better in this incredible dessert. You can serve Mafruka with other traditional recipes like biryani and qorma. Mafruka tastes heaven when served with these traditional recipes. Mafruka can also be served at so many events. You can also cut some mangoes with this Mafruka.


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