Imli Chatni Recipe

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Good hand full of Mint leaves (podinay k pattay muthi bhar k)
3-4 hot Green chilies (karvi hari mirchain)
½ tsp-Teaspoon-Whole Coriander (sabat dhania)
½ tsp Cumin seeds(sabat/safaid zeera)
½ tsp Crushed chilies(kuTi hui lal mirch)
½ tsp Salt
A little more than ½ cup Tamarind(imli)

How to make Imli Chatni


Break tamarind in a bowl,add water and put in microwave for 45 sec, this will make It soft and it will be easy to get all the pulp.

Let it cool and meanwhile prepare masala for chatni.

Coarsely grind whole coriander, crushed chilies and cumin seeds in a grinder and take out in a bowl.

Blend green chilies and mint with little water in same grinder/blender, and add to the bowl of masala ground earlier.

Remove pulp from tamarind seeds by squeezing it, if needed you can add more water in the seeds and squeeze again, repeat a few times to get all of the pulp..depends on the type of tamarind you are using.

Mix tamarind pulp with the rest of masala and taste it before adding salt because tamarind also has salt added to it.
If needed add more salt as per taste.

Serve with samosay, khichri, pakoray, seekh kabab, chapli kabab,shami kabab, aalo gosht shorba with boiled rice etc.

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Imli Chatni Recipe in English is an easy and traditional cooking recipe to prepare at home. It provides you an awesome taste of Chutney Recipes.


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