Kheer Recipe

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پستہ کھیر pista kheer

پستہ کھیر

رس کی کھیر rus ki kheer

رس کی کھیر

گاجر کی کھیر gajer ki kheer

گاجر کی کھیر

ڈبل روٹی کی کھیر double roti ki kheer

ڈبل روٹی کی کھیر

چاول کی کھیر Chawal ki Kheer

چاول کی کھیر

سویوں کی کھیر Seviyan ki kheer

سویوں کی کھیر

کیلے کی کھیر kele ki kheer

کیلے کی کھیر

بادام کی کھیر Badam ki kheer

بادام کی کھیر

Kheer Recipe Reviews

Gajar ki kheer
Urwa - LHR Oct 16, 2017
Kheer is my favorite sweet and I must say gajar kheer is the best one. Carrot kheer is very good. I always buy carrots in bulk and make carrot halwa and carrot kheer and enjoy it with my kids and family.
Kinza - Malakwal Oct 16, 2017
Thanks for rabri recipe. I was looking for a sweet recipe for guests for around 30 people. I have prepared kheer yesterday. Today I have chosen rabri to make. Guests have come to us to celebrate the wedding of my brother.
Loki Ki Kheer
Zari - Rahim Yar Khan Oct 16, 2017
lauki kheer is favorite of mine and my kids. I make it frequently to please my little children. Actually, this kheer is better than other kheer because it uses vegetables such as bottle gourd. I should recommend it to others as well.


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