14 Authentic Lose Weight Tips

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There are many tips for losing weight. Some says this and some says that and we get puzzled what to do and what to not. One must be worry about his excess weight as this is the root-cause to many severe diseases. If it is not controlled timely, it can lead to extreme health issues.

Every third or fourth of us is affected with obesity, increased fats and high cholesterol level. This leads to lots of health problems. People caught with diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and excessive weight are mostly affected with obesity and high cholesterol problems.

Here are more weight loss tips by Hakeem Shah Nazir.

And it's not that easy to get rid of your increased weight!

So what to do?

From hundreds of the advices and suggestions for reducing increased, KFoods.com is telling 14 selected tips that are authentic and reliable. Read these exclusive tips for losing your weight and being adopting them in your everyday life.

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Apr 06, 2017 neda daharki

Hi...mera w8 bhut zyada h 72kg or haid 5 ft h...or age 27 h... main bhut koshsh karti ho w8 kam karny ki mgr nhai hota lamn ka istmal zyada karti ho green tea b peti ho or lamn us main b use karti ho khana b itna nhai khati.... din main zaror salit khati ho mgr itna kuch karny k bawajod w8 km nhai ho rha pls muje koi hall btaye meri sister h shadi h or main smart hona chati ho apk jwab ka intzar rhay gaa Thanku.....

Feb 29, 2016 asma leeds

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