No Molood Bachon Ki Parwarish Ke Leye Khas Tips offers here very effective and useful newborn baby tips in Urdu for you and other readers in Pakistan. Parents nowadays are too much concerned about how to take care of baby as things are changing day by day; time, environment, culture, everything is getting changed very fast. Now there are lots of responsibilities on parents than before. Children are taking outer effects. His social, mental and physical health somehow gets effects of out-of-the-home world. These factors make parents worried about raising their newborn in a healthy and clean environment. They seek newborn baby advice from experts as every father and mother want to see their kid a noble man and a qualified professional in future.

Here are some newborn baby care tips in Urdu which would be quite helpful for you to bring your child up as a confident, genius and a wonderful youth of tomorrow.

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this is a unique and informative post for all women and pregnant women we must know about this information.

Mar 12, 2018 komal ghanchi hyderabad

nice tips

Nov 01, 2017 Umme Hani

very nice and useful tips for infants. Thanks

Oct 16, 2017 Ramsha

V nice but book pori nai hy

Oct 14, 2017 Umar Fsd

very nice tips. I like these all.

Sep 09, 2017 Umaima

Meri 3 months ki baiti hay uska sir sahi nahi bana q k wo right karwat pay soti rehti hay mai 2 mah se koshish kr rahi hb kuch behtari ai hay but i need good remedy for it plzz kindly suggest me

Sep 01, 2017 Khadija Lahore

Hello, thanks for sharing these tips. I would try to follow these.

Aug 29, 2016 Olivia

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