6 Powerful Winter Allergy Tips in Urdu

Other than flu, cough and runny nose, allergies are also very common in the winter seasons. Find here 6 amazing winter allergy tips which will keep you safe and sound from allergy symptoms in the winter season.

Whether it is summer or winter, autumn or spring, allergy can affect you in any season. Allergy is not merely a name of itching but a disease, a very common diseases which affects the whole body gradually. There is though, no any particular season of allergy however in winters, it is more likely to come.

Here are the 6 powerful allergy tips in Urdu.

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By Aqib Shehzad In Health and Fitness 1 Comments 22348 Views 27 Nov 2016

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  • Rahat - Khi Dec 01, 2015

    nice things to know here. these thips are really very powerful. my little kid often get allergy problem in winters every season. One thing I saw notable here is to clean our carpet which is not given proper attention. we will do it.