Sirke Ke Hairat Angaiz Kamalat

Vinegar has as many uses as one may think. People use vinegar just as a food condiment however let me tell you today that it can be used for hundreds of little chores. Major household uses of vinegar are cleaning microwave oven, sterilizing cutting board, cleaning dishes and trays, cleaning grease spots, remove sticker residue, refreshing flowers and removing paint spots. Girls can also use vinegar for hair growth and development. List is long, in fact if we start listing its tips, it can't be arranged in this single post.

We have put 16 major uses and tips for vinegar. Read and know what wonders you can do with some drops of household vinegar.

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  • Ammad - Jun 06, 2016

    waqai sirka to baray kaam ki cheez hai.

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