Right Time to Eat Fruits

Know the Best Time to Take Fruits in Urdu

right time to eat fruitsphale khane ka sahi waqteat fruits at right time

Wanna know the right time to eat fruits? After reading this article, you will. Like eating other foods properly, knowing how to eat fruit the right way is worthwhile. Often, you would have heard people complaining that I ate watermelon and my stomach went ill. I ate banana and this happened, I ate that fruit and that happened and so on. The reason behind it is that when you eat fruits after meal, they are mixed with food you took and produce gases which then cause different problems to health.

Hair whitening, dark eye circles, bad memory etc., all these things can be prevented if you eat fruit before the meal. Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach, mind it. Read more about it in Urdu in this article.

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By Aqib Shehzad In Health and Fitness 2 Comments 30967 Views 04 Sep 2015

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  • shamshaamiral - Pakistan Oct 06, 2015

    Hey nice to meet here.i want some weight losse tipes.i used green tea in morring but my weight was not lose.how i can lose my weight . Please replay me soon

  • Rafiq - Srinagar kashmir Sep 05, 2015

    yes it is right that eating fruits every time is not good. we should eat fruits at proper time before the meal.

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