How to Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair Naturally at Home (5 Tips)

Having hairs over the lips is natural for men but for women it is like a nightmare. Upper lip hair or female moustache grows due to change in hormones; women use laser treatment, bleach, wax, creams or epilator to get rid of this issue. These treatments are very costly and in fact provide the temporary solution. Female moustaches would entirely collapse the grace of their personality and that is why women do not bear to see it at all.

So if you were undergoing with similar problem, first mind it that spending money on the unreliable solutions is not wiser. With the help of 11 simple tips you can easily remove upper lip hair naturally without it growing back.

how to remove upper lip hair naturally at home

  1. Turmeric with Milk

    Mix 1 tbsp turmeric and milk each together in a bowl to make a paste. Then apply this paste on the hair over your lip. Let it dry and then wash with fresh water.
    honton se baal khatam karna

  2. Turmeric with Water

    If you can't find the milk instantly, replace it with water and repeat the same steps as told above.
    larkiyon me munch ke baal khatam karna

  3. Egg White

    Mix appropriate amount of corn flour and sugar with one egg white. Beat this mixture to form a paste. Apply the paste for 30 minutes and then remove it with water. Repeat this two or three times weekly.
    girls upper lip hair tips

  4. Plain Flour

    Mix flour with milk and turmeric forming a dense paste. Rub it on the hair, wait until it dries and then wash.
    tip for removing upper lip hair

  5. Lemon & Water

    Take juice of two lemons, add some water and sugar and mix thoroughly; it will become a thin liquid paste. Smear it on the desired place and wash after 15 minutes.
    ladkiyon ki munchen khatam karne ka tarika

  6. Sugar Waxing

    Beauty parlor offer waxing services to remove unwanted hair and possibly you might have been availing it. Idea here is that why not you do it yourself? at home. No extra money spending!
    Moreover, sugar waxing is quite better than normal waxing in terms of pain.

    larkiyon ke ghair zarori baal khatam karna

    Recipe of Sugar Wax

  7. Threading

    Twist a thread loop below the hair you want to remove and pull them out.
    It may be remembered that threading lasts for maximum 2 weeks.
    ghair zaroori baal khatam karna

  8. Yogurt, Turmeric and Gram Flour

    Amalgamate equal amount of yogrut, gram flour and turmeric and make a paste. Rub the hair with this paste gently, let it sit for 15 minutes and wash with clean water.
    ghair zaruri baalon ka totka

  9. Sugar

    Sugar is deemed quite better solution for removal of unwanter upper lip hairs. Heat sugar in a pan for one minute. Then add some fresh lemon juice and stir to form a thick paste. Let it cool and apply on the lip-hair and rub with a cloth in circular motions. Pull the hair in opposite direction of their growth. This will remove majority of the hair.
    chehre se izafi baalon ka khatma

  10. Using Scissors

    If hairs are grown big, you can also use scissors to cut them off.
    chehre ke baal khatam karna

  11. Chana Dal Flour

    Mix some chana dal flour with turmeric and little amount of water. Mix thoroughly; then add some fresh cream and apply the mixture above your upper lip. Wait until it dries and then scour the hair against their growth direction.
    chehre ke baalon ka totka

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