7 Special Homemade Face Mask Recipes

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Today, we would learn about 7 special recipes of face masks that you can make at home with common fruits and vegetables. Due to weather, dust and sun rays, our face gets different kinds of problems. Sometimes it gets acne and pimples, sometimes blackheads, oily skin and in winter particularly, it suffers dry skin problem. Purchasing face masks from market costs very high and still results are not assured. So girls, why not to make low cost household masks for your face yourself and invent the means of a healthy glowing skin.

Can't you get dark chocolate, papaya, carrots, strawberry and lemon, honey and milk etc. at your home?

Definitely, you can!

And then making these winter face masks is not difficult any more. Let's explore the 7 different recipes for home-made face masks presented in Urdu by KFoods.com.

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By Aqib Shehzad In Beauty and Skin Care 3 Comments 17956 Views 06 Jan 2016

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Comments on 7 Special Homemade Face Mask Recipes
  • Arisha - Islamabad Nov 22, 2018

    7 Special Homemade Face Mask Recipes that you can make at home with common fruits and vegetables Due to weather,dust and sun rays,our face gets different kinds of problems.Sometimes it gets acne and pimples,sometimes blackheads,oily skin and in winter particularly,it suffers dry skin problem of a healthy glowing skin I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit to make it easy then I try this recipe its good thanks to kfoods.com

  • tazeen - Lahore Sep 23, 2018

    People always go for home remedies other than going to expensive dermatologists and these face masks are a gift for them. Really very nice recipes and very much available ingredients. Awesome face masks. I tried banana and papaya mask and they gave very nice results.

  • MahJabeen - Karachi Jan 07, 2016

    very good kfoods. very nice face masks and all totally natural with fruits. i like such natural things very very much. carrot mask is awesome. these days carrots are available easily . the first one i will try is carrot mask.

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