Stop These 5 Skin Moisturizing & Beauty Mistakes

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Mistake 1 | Using the Wrong Moisturizer

using the wrong moisturizer

This is a problem many of us know but do not consider while making our purchase. Instead of running after a product which was recommended by your favorite celebrity, choose what is right for your skin. It is good to consult a dermatologist prior using a product. Always choose right moisturizer according to your skin type.

Mistake 2 | Not Exfoliating Skin

do not skip exfoliation

One of the most committed beauty mistakes is ignoring exfoliation for your skin. Exfoliation removes the upper layer of skin which gets you rid of dry and dead cells and as result, confers you with a very improved and beautiful skin. This little activity is the key to skin care, so never skip exfoliating.

Mistake 3 | Not Waiting for Absorption

absorb moisturizer

Sometimes, but even most often, girls are in hurry while doing a make-up. They do apply the moisturizer and immediately put foundation without waiting for moisturizer to absorb. Let it do its work. On a dry skin, applying foundation very next to the moisturizer would leave the skin as dry as before.

Mistake 4 | Using Same Moisturizer for Years

update your moisturizer

Skin is changed with time but our moisturizers don't! They must be as well. We stick to using same moisturizer that we bought years ago. Did you think if it was suitable for you 3 or 4 years ago, would it must suit you now?

Think about it.

Weather, pollution, dirt and dust, aging and sunshine, all these factors are affecting skin continuously. Keep your moisturizers up to date.

Mistake 5 | Rough Massage

massage gently

Skin care requires proper care and attention however this is not seen while applying a moisturizer. Women do a rough massage mostly thinking that it will improve the blood circulation. This is incorrect. To achieve proper blood circulation, you must do gentle massage in circular motions.


Use ring and little fingers for massaging your skin as both these fingers are weaker, they can handle the skin more gently.

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