Kharboozay Ke Sehat Baksh Karishme

Cold sweet melon slices are favorite of everyone. You have surely eaten melon but you may not know about it's healthy wonders. is telling about health benefits of melon fruit. You would be astonished to know how healthy benefits it comes with.

From kids to adults and everyone in between, all enjoy this tasty fruit. Usually, it is round in shape but look flat like ball. A ripe melon is full of juicy sweetness. It consists of 95% water whereas it also contains lot of vitamins and minerals. Here are the health benefits of melon fruit in Urdu.

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By Farhan Javed In Health and Fitness 1 Comments 40533 Views 17 Apr 2017

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  • Mukul - Pune Dec 17, 2016

    Can we have the article in English? Thanks.

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