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Health and Fitness - Now a day’s fitness is one of the common issues where many people want to lose their weight or need some diet plan because according to the research we know that extra body fat and unusual eating habit is the major cause of disease. Here we are offering the best health and fitness researched base authentic info that will really help you for getting a happy healthy life.

Kis Marz Main Kon Sa Juice Piyen

Explore juices for different disease, a list of juices to drink in different diseases.

Drinking fruit juices to counter a disease is known as "Juice Therapy". Drinking juices enhances the strength of body parts especially the organs which expel toxic materials out of the body. These parts include lungs, liver, kidneys and skin etc.

Find following a description of juices for different diseases.

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Taqatwar Tareen Mashroob

Homemade Natural Energy Drink Recipe is very helpful for patients who are feeling weakness due to cancer. It will be strong your immune system and also boost your energy So we are sharing this nutrional drink recipe.

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Aik Chamch Khane Se Charbi Ghaib

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Pait Ki Charbi Fori Pighlane Ke Liye Asan Tip

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Ye Kahwa Peene Wala Kabhi Boorha Nahi Hota

Let's figure the health benefits of famous herb tongkat ali. In this article, we are discussing what is tongkat ali herb, what are benefits of drinking it's tea.

Tongka Ali kahwa or herbal tea is now available in all countries. This herbal tea is used to cure different kinds of diseases. It also helps in balancing the body shape.

Malaysia and Indonesia are known as rich countries for these kinds of herbs. Let's explore tongkat ali benefits and health advantages of its tea.

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Bacho Main Darne Ki Adat Kese Khatam Krain

Find out useful tips on how to remove fear from child mind in Urdu. Get rid of your child's fear problems with the tips we are going to discuss in this article.

Mostly, little children get afraid of something such as rain, fast breeze, thundering of clouds and with different animals. Even if they see such a dream during sleep, they got frightened. This fear takes place due to the objects around in our environment. In order to remove this fear, we are discussing some useful tips in Urdu.

Bacho Ke Darne Ka Ilaj.

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Ankhain Masalna Sehat Kay Liye Nuqsan Da

Rubbing eyes is not a habit that we can ignore. We must know the impacts of rubbing eyes and stop this habit if it exists. Usually, people rub their eyes when they are feeling tired or due to itching or swelling in the eyes. However what this results in, is very important to know.

Following are the impacts of rubbing eyes in Urdu (Aankhen malne ke nuqsanat).

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Ab Galy Huye Kaily Na Phainkay

Find out some amazing health benefits of ripe banana (Galay Huwe Kele Ke Faide in Urdu). After reading these banana benefits, you would never discard ripe bananas anymore.

Banana is a fruit available for all 365 days. It is the only fruit that not only children but elders also eat very happily. Besides being delicious in taste, bananas are also full of nutrition.

Following are some health benefits of ripe banana (kele ke fayde in Urdu).

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5 Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Let's explore incredible health benefits of bitter gourd vegetable. Bitter gourd also known as bitter melon is an easily available vegetable. It has a bitter taste but it has amazing benefits for various health aspects.

Bitter gourd helps significantly in diabetes. Diabetics are suggested to drink its juice. Bitter gourd reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) from the body as well as helps in weight loss. is sharing the top 5 advantages of karela (health benefits of bitter melon) in English and Urdu. Get to know its benefits and consume it accordingly.

Karelay Ki Karwahat Door Karne Ka Tarika by Chef Asad

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Top 5 Healthy Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Explore top 5 healthy benefits of peppermint oil in Urdu and English and how to use it in different remedies.

Peppermint is more than just a herb. It is very effective for many kinds of health conditions, hair, skin and improvement of different body parts. You can use it in different forms such as peppermint oil or peppermint tea in certain remedies. Peppermint oil is the most used form which is often mixed with different oils to cure a problem such as lavender oil, rosemary oil, olive oil and various other essential oils.

Find extra-ordinary health benefits of peppermint oil, peppermint remedies for health and beauty and how to use it for different problems.

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