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Health and Fitness - Now a day’s fitness is one of the common issues where many people want to lose their weight or need some diet plan because according to the research we know that extra body fat and unusual eating habit is the major cause of disease. Here we are offering the best health and fitness researched base authentic info that will really help you for getting a happy healthy life.

Amazing health benefits of Pine Nuts | Chilgoza

Chilgoza Khane Ke Fayda

Pine nuts (chalghoza) are a kind of dry fruit which is getting very expensive and out of the reach of common people day by day. However this hardly available dry fruit have some very amazing health benefits which you are going to know in this article.
Pine nuts increases appetite (bhook) and so are good for those who want to gain some weight.
Pine nuts also prove to be very effective in cough when taken with honey. One who has joints problem should take pine nuts with water or black tea twice a day.
Eating pine nuts is also good for mental growth and effective for heart health. Pine nuts are good for kidney, liver and intestines as well as urinary bladder.
People who are too lean and want go increase weight should take pine nuts with milk to gain healthy weight and many more benefits lies in this small nut.

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Top 12 Alum (Phitkari) Health Benefits

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10 Great Benefits of Eating Raisins (Kishmish)

Raisins are dried grapes which are found in almost every household.
In this article you are going to be amazed to know that these commonly available dried grapes have amazing health benefits.
Raisins are very effective for blood deficiency because raisins have huge amount of iron.
Raisins can also be used to cure constipation because they are full of fiber and tartaric acid. It is suggested to take half an ounce of raisins daily for better metabolism.
Raisins also have anti oxidants which make them an effective medicine to cure bacterial fever.
Raisins also have magnesium and potassium that helps to cure acidity.
Due to the presence of carbohydrates and natural sugar, raisins are also good for better physical and mental growth.
Start using raisins in your daily diet and also share the precious information with others.

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10 Habits That Can Damage Your Kidneys

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Natural Remedy For Dry Cough | Khansi Ka ilaj

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Foot Symptoms and Their Meaning

Most people think that feet other than make you walk can do nothing. But your feet can tell a lot about your overall body health. Different signs on your feet can indicate the presence of many severe diseases such as heart problems and diabetes. All you need is to understand these signs. If you could understand what these signs mean, you can take steps in order to prevent them or to consult your doctor for proper treatment.

Following are the 8 different symptoms on the feet and what they mean.

  1. Dry and Cracked Heels Feet
  2. Absence of Hair on Toenails
  3. Wound That is Not Healing
  4. Swollen Foot Thumb
  5. Tiny Red Lines on Toes
  6. Swelling on Toe Tips
  7. Changing Structure of Toenails
  8. Line Below Toenails

All these symptoms are described in Urdu. Read and increase your knowledge about different signs on the feet.

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Kharab Sehat Ki 5 Alamat

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Black Pepper Incredible Benefits for Stomach

Black pepper is a widely used and easily available sort of pepper. Today we will discuss some of black pepper benefits particularly for stomach. It has incredible effects for stomach pain, stomach irritation, ulcer and various more problems. We have presented its major benefits in Urdu below which will guide you when and how to use black peppercorns to deal with several stomach issues.

Read all about black pepper for stomach below.

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5 Incredible Benefits of Eating Walnuts Daily

In general, there are lots of health benefits of eating dry fruits however walnuts have some special ones.

Eating walnuts everyday can help you with many aspects of your overall health. From weight loss to improving brain power, there are many that would bring amazing changes to your life.

Following are the top 5 health benefits of eating walnuts daily - in Urdu and English.

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5 Foods You Should Never Eat

Do not eat every food. Yes, there are many foods you must avoid eating, and which are those, would be described in this article. Generally, there are lots of things that are harmful to health. These foods make the way for different kinds of diseases. Some of them increase cholesterol, increase fats in body, increase the risk of heart disease and so on. And people unknowingly, eat these foods, not just once but regularly.

Here are the 5 worst foods to eat described with details how they make harms to your health.

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