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Health and Fitness - Now a day’s fitness is one of the common issues where many people want to lose their weight or need some diet plan because according to the research we know that extra body fat and unusual eating habit is the major cause of disease. Here we are offering the best health and fitness researched base authentic info that will really help you for getting a happy healthy life.

Sleeping Disorder Signs and Their Meaning in Urdu

Sleeping disorders are common among people of every age. From babies to youth and seniors, big number of people suffer with sleeping problems. Some fall from bed, some wake up suddenly, some people watch same dream again and again and so on.

Know here about the common sleep symptoms and what they mean according to the experts.

Following are some sleeping disorders explained with their implications.

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Health Benefits Of Maringa - Sohanjna Ke fayde

Moringa oleifera is a plant that has been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years. It is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. So far, scientists have only investigated a fraction of the many reputed health benefits. Here are health benefits of Maringa- sohanjna ke fayde that are supported by scientific research. Moringa leaves are rich in many important nutrients, including protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin and iron. Moringa leaves may lead to reduced blood sugar levels, but more research is needed before any solid recommendations can be made. Moringa oleifera can lower your cholesterol levels, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.

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Himalayan Salt Benefits

Himalayan salt benefits

Himalayan salt benefits – Apart from the usual table salt, centuries old Himalayan salt is often said to be more beneficial than the common salt, as well as the cleanest salt available on Earth today. Not only that, but Himalayan salt has all kinds of therapeutic and nutritional. This is due to it being naturally processed from the deepest of sea beds, away from all toxicities such as chemicals. If you are not iodine-deficient, you can use it as a healthier option to the usual processed salt. You can also use it to create homemade bath scrubs and soaks because it can deeply help rejuvenate the muscles and your skin. Moreover, salt lamps can be made from pink Himalayan salt as it holds therapeutic effect for stress relief.

Himalayan salt benefits also include improving respiratory problems, balancing pH levels, purifying the air, aiding in digestion, and inducing better sleep.

About Himalayan salt:

Although researchers have just started to prove the benefits of using Himalayan salt, it has already been used for centuries. There is no doubt that Himalayan salt is healthy as naturally processed salt is better a salt that has been industrially processed and has lost its minerals. Himalayan salt can be your first choice for a beneficial and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of the Himalayan salt:

- Clears the lungs, nose canals, and fights against pollutants and reducing the symptoms of allergies.

- Protects the body by keeping the PH levels in balance.

- Improves the balance of hydration and electrolyte in the body.

- Aids in digestion and helps reduce weight.

- Increases absorption of calcium in the bones, improves dental and muscle health.

- Works effectively as an anti-aging mineral, and helps reduces muscle pain.

- Keeps blood sugar levels balanced.

- Contains and balances hormone levels in the body.

- Himalayan salt helps improve the kidney glands and prevents kidney diseases.

- It also helps prevent asthma and other diseases.

- It enhances the ability to absorb food ingredients within the intestines.

- If used in moderate quantity, there are no side effects of the Himalayan salt and it does not harm the stomach, kidney and other internal organs like how processed salt can.

How to use the Himalayan salt:

Himalayan salt mixtures can solve day-to-day skin problems, prevent various diseases of the skin which includes bug bites, wounds, skin irritation, and other health problems such as epilepsy (especially after birth), and joint pain. It also provides the body with extra nutrients.

For best results, you can try to bath in a bath of water mixed with Himalayan salt for 30 minutes. This salt scrub will not only clean your body like soap, but will also clean unnecessary oils from your skin. Use cup of Himalayan salt, half cup of coconut oil, and a few drops of any of your favorite essential/fragrant oils. Put all the ingredients in a glass bottle, wet the skin, and scrub the mixture in a circular motion on your skin. This will promote the blood flow in your body.

Make a skin toner from Himalayan salt to get rid of acne. Take a glass of clean water, two teaspoons of Himalayan salt, and two teaspoons of vinegar. Apply on your skin with cotton ball in the morning and late at night to get excellent results.

Resolve your skin problems by adding a teaspoon of Himalayan salt in a glass of clean water and clean your nose. This will open your nose canals and prevent any pressure naturally.

The Himalayan salt lamps are now available in the luxury market. These lamps have the ability to clear out toxins from the air in your home and improve the quality of sleep. Not only that, but it also helps keep the mind clean and even reduce stress or tension in the mind.

Additionally, Himalayan salt can be used to treat ear infection, prevent nausea and can act as a cleanser for fungus of fingers and toes. It can be used to treat sore throat, kidney stones, and can be used as an anti-bacterial soap.

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5 Things Not To Do After Eating

5 things not to do after eating

5 things not to do after eating – This is very important for people who directly drink water after eating and the effects of this habits can be very dangerous. As important as it is to maintain a good lifestyle, in order to keep your body healthy, you need to adopt some healthy lifestyle practices. Just as breakfast is an important meal of the day, dinner is a key factor as well. In fact, all three-time meals should be eaten and not left out. While dinner provides the body with the essential nutrients needed for the body to function while you’re asleep, a protein-packed breakfast helps your body to function throughout the day.

People often ignore healthy habits during dinner or after. Health experts advise to have dinner at least two hours before bed. Eating in moderation quantity and avoiding coffee or alcoholic drinks before bed can greatly improve your health.

Avoid these 5 dangerous habits after eating:

After eating a few bites, we do such acts that are extremely harmful to our health, and we should not do so, but unfortunately, this dangerous process has become a part of our daily life as a habit. Today, people are suffering from many diseases, but we do not even consider it. Below are some harmful habits that we should refrain from doing, especially after eating.

Do Not Smoke:
Experts say that many cases have proven that smoking a cigarette immediately after eating is equal to 10 cigarettes, thus the danger of being exposed to dangerous diseases like cancer increases.

Do not Eat Fruits Immediately:
When you eat fruits immediately after meals, it fits in the stomach together with the food and it does not reach the intestines. Because of this, both foods get stuck in the stomach and worsen, which can cause health problems. According to health experts, one should eat fruits at least one hour after or before eating food. It is better to eat fruits when your stomach is empty.

Do Not Drink Tea:
Tea leaves are very high in concentration of many substances, due to this reason, experts advise to stop drinking tea immediately after eating food. It makes it difficult for the intestine to digest food. It is better to drink tea at least one hour before or after eating a meal.

Drinking Alcohol is Harmful:
After eating, blood flow increases in the hands, feet, and rest of the body. While the blood is flowing around, the blood in stomach decreases. Therefore, if you consume alcohol, the digestive system gets frustrated.

Do Not Sleep Immediately:
Foods are not easily digested. It takes some time for the food to get digested, which is why if you sleep directly after eating then it becomes easier for infections to reach your body.

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Amazing Tricks For Healthcare

Find some amazing health care tips and tricks and solve many of your health problems quickly.

As we know, human body is like a marvel of ALLAH SWT. It's functions work mysteriously and no doubt amazingly. Studying about human body parts and functions opens new doors of wonders and knowledge.

Here are some amazing health tricks in Urdu. These tips and tricks would greatly help you in fixing many of your health problems.

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How to Feed Sabudana to Infants

Sabudana is known for its health benefits especially for infants. But how to feed sabudana (sago) to babies?

They are not going to make it easy for you. It's natural that infants are tended toward the foods that are wrapped in attractive packages even they are unhygienic. Question remains the same here how to make infants eat sabudana happily.

So here are some recipes for sabudana for babies in Urdu. These tips would help you feed your little angels with this naturally powerful food.

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Dahi Ke 4 Hairat Angez Faide In Urdu

Explore amazing benefits of eating yogurt in Urdu (dahi khane ke faide).

Yogurt (Dahi) is another form of milk but with additional nutrients and healthy elements. People eat yogurt but for taste. Usually yogurt is used with rice or other foods to adjust the taste and to make the food moistened and easy to eat.

You will be amazed to know that yogurt has some astonishing benefits for the human health. It keeps the stomach cool, helps maintain hydration in body, helps digestion system and there is a lot more. If you get to know what miracles yogurt can do to your health, you would definitely make it a must food in your meals. tells you 4 wonderful health benefits of yogurt which help in maintaining and improving overall health from different aspects. Let's read about them.

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Lemon Cucumber Weight Loss Smoothie

The drink we are going to read about not only fulfils the thirst but also helps remove fats from the body. After knowing how easy it is to make, you are surely going to prepare this juice.

Drink it before going to bed and your body parts would be likely to become free of additional and unnecessary fats. When we go to sleep at night, our metabolism starts its work and if you drink this weight loss juice, your metabolism would start working in an improved way and hence help you lose excessive weight.

Here is how to make this weight loss smoothie with lemon and cucumber in Urdu.

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Top 12 Alum (Phitkari) Health Benefits

Top 12 Alum (Phitkari) health benefits

Top 12 Alum (Phitkari) health benefits – Alum is a crystalline salt of aluminum sulfate or white powder that is soluble in water and has benefits including health, beauty, etc. Firstly, when you hear the word alum, your mind may picture shaving or just crystalized salt. However, there is more to alum than just shaving. In fact, it has been used in ancient times as medicine and other healthy hacks.

Alum has various health benefits and can be used in many ways. But when taking as medicine, you need to make sure to only consume a pinch. Alum is known to be useful in treating cracked heels, painful soles of your feet, used as a water purifier, tighten skin, cure wounds, useful in treating muscle cramps, urinary problem and much more.

Easy home remedies for 12 diseases with just Alum

Well, it is a common thing that is easily available at a very low price, but its utility is very high. The factories do not make it specially but include it sparing health treasures due to its medicinal characteristics. It is used as treatment of various diseases; its useful to clean and remove skin wounds, for face beauty, etc.

1. Ringworm / Psoriasis
Grind the alum in a bowl and mix water with the grinded powder. Gargle the solution in the morning and evening. If you do it twice a day, you will get more effectiveness.

2. Itching
There are two types of itches and skin irritation, both are painful cases. By making a mixture of alum powder and one egg white, and massaging it on your itchy area, you will find relief. The irritation can go away by massaging it.

3. Bedsore
Due to illness, many patients have to lie on bed to get treated faster. However, too much bed rest can cause permanent bedsore. This problem can make your muscles weak and make movement after rest more difficult. To cure this, grind alum into a powder and add albumen (egg white) to make a paste and apply on sore places.

4. Stomach Pain
When your stomach is in pain or whenever there is a problem, grind alum into powder and mix a pinch in yogurt. Eat this yogurt and surely you’ll find relief.

5. Toothache
Alum is very useful for many reasons when it comes to teeth. Burn the alum until it swells up, now mix it by hand and use the same hand to apply on the tooth that pains. You will surely find relief. Wash it after a few minutes.

6. Dental Diseases
Take alum and acacia branch. Grind the alum powder and use the branch like a tooth brush and brush the powder in your teeth. Leave for a few minutes and wash it. You should feel relieved.

7. Cough and Asthma
Mixture a pinch of alum powder with a glass of water and drink it in early morning. This will save you from cough and asthma attacks.

8. Nose Smell
If your nose smells, you can solve this by mixing a pinch of alum powder with water and clean the nose with this solution. This process will clean the smell away.

9. Pimples
Make a paste of alum powder and water. Apply the paste on your face or the pimple area and leave it for a few minutes. Wash it and see the result yourself.

10. Dryness in Hair
Simply mix one pinch of alum powder in your shampoo, wash your hair with it and see the result yourself.

11. Rescue from Hair Lice
Lice in the hair can be problematic and irritating. Simply take a pinch of alum powder and mix with warm water. Mix it well and wash your hair with it. Leave the solution in your hair for a few minutes and rinse with water.

12. Cracked Heels
Mix a pinch of the powder with coconut oil and apply on your cracked heels. See the result yourself.

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How to Relieve Leg Pain - 11 Useful Tips is sharing 11 ways to relieve pain in leg. If you often face it, these tips are actually for you!

Sometimes pain in left leg, sometimes right, sometimes upper and sometimes in the bottom legs. This pain is sudden and random. Veins turn blue and tight appearing on the skin surface. Whereas when legs are fit and fine, the natural valve inside them lets blood from one side but not lets it return. However when veins are tightened or valve becomes weaker, blood starts returning and therefore they are swollen and appear on the skin.

Doing exercise, walking, running and keep moving are though the best workouts to prevent legs pain but here is more for you.

Know 11 useful tips on how to relieve legs pain with foods, exercises and precautions.

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