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Health and Fitness - Now a day’s fitness is one of the common issues where many people want to lose their weight or need some diet plan because according to the research we know that extra body fat and unusual eating habit is the major cause of disease. Here we are offering the best health and fitness researched base authentic info that will really help you for getting a happy healthy life.

Health Benefits Of Having A Beard

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Aloo Bukhara Benefits (Plum Benefits in Urdu)

Find Aloo bukhara benefits in Urdu presented by Dr. Ch. Tanveer Sarwar.

Aloo bukhara is a sweet sour fruit with a very delicious taste. It comes in two colors: black and red. It is widely grown in Pakistan and available in plenty in season.

In this article Dr. Tanveer Ch. Sarwar is highlighting the hidden health benefits of plum fruit. He has pinpointed some exact benefits of eating plum in certain situations.

Let's explore the advantages of aloo bukhara; eat it and avail its benefits.

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Ankh k dany yah Gohanji ka ilaj

Useful anti aging tips in Urdu for those who want to prevent early aging.

Due to blockade of eye oil gland, a lump grows inside or outside eyelid which is called eye stye.

Some bacteria can also cause pimples on eyes.

Usually these pimples do not put any negative impact on overall health however it makes the face look awkward and painful.

Following are the tips for eye stye treatment and eye pimple remedies in Urdu.

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Wonders of Mango Peel - Do Not Throw It Away!

Everyone of us is aware of nutritional benefits of mangoes but may not know about the benefits of mango peel. Researchers have made several researches to figure out the effectiveness of mango peel. According to those researches, one benefit of mango skin is that it protects us from various types of cancer and diabetes.

Explore more benefits of mango peels in Urdu as presented by

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Ramadan Main Indigestion Se Bachne Ki Tips

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Tarbooz (Watermelon) Ke Beej ke fayde

Tarbooz (watermelon) ke beej ke fayde recipe consists of using watermelon seeds for health benefits. As you may know, watermelon is the most popular fruit during the summer season due to its massive water content and cooling effect. However, perhaps the most important part of the fruit itself are its seeds that contains countless health benefits. So, remember not to waste these seeds as the seeds hold more benefits than watermelon juice. To achieve these benefits, it is important to know how you can use or consume these seeds. The method is very easy and all you need to do is boil them. You will definitely thank us for this natural remedy.

A recent report on the website, ‘Just Natural Health’ described watermelon seeds to be highly beneficial for health, according to health experts. Benefits of Watermelon Seedscan help in many health problems and can also help prevent them. To prepare this miraculous recipe, take 20 to 30 watermelon seeds, grind them and pour in a utensil with 8 cups of water and boil for 15 minutes. Take the ready solution and use it for two days.

Tarbooz (watermelon) ke beej ke fayde are countless, let’s review them. Watermelon seeds contain Vitamin C, potato synthetic acid, copper, potassium, biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamins B-1, Vitamins B-6, and magnesium.

Watermelon seeds are very beneficial for bladder and kidney patients. Not only that but it promotes heart function and reduces blood pressure disorders. The anti-oxidants found in the seeds are also good for making skin fresh, slows down aging process, reduces wrinkles, and is a great skin cleanser.The seeds also protect you from heart attack and increases immunity in the body. This recipe is also a gift for men as the components found in watermelon seeds which strengthens a male’s fertility.

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Brain Tumor Ki Pehchan In Urdu

A brain tumor is a serious neurological condition where a collection or mass of abnormal cells form due to some reason and may cause some neurological or life-threatening problems. Brain tumor is present in the brain due to an injuryor bacterial cells. Any cell can form into a tumor and these tumors can come in all shapes and sizes as there are many brain tumortypes. Moreover, as time passes these tumors can also growand suppress the brain and cause many neurological problems.However, it is also very easy to identify early symptoms or brain tumor causes to treat it before it creates problems for the body.
If the tumor is in such a part of the brain that controls the human eyes or near the eyes region, it can cause possible blindness or if it’s in the memory region then it causes memory loss.
Similarly, there are many problems it can cause in any part of the brain, however, there are still some symptoms of brain tumorthat you should be careful about.
If you are careful by learning brain tumor ki Pehchan in Urdu then you may be successful in preventing them:

Getting Tremor (Shocking feeling in any body part):

The first sign may be small tremors (jhatkay) in any part of the body. The reason is because the tumors cause inflammation in the brain which causes it to lose neurons and the lose causes disturbance throughout the body in the sign of tremors.There are also several types of tremors caused by the tumor that can either affect the whole body or shock in some parts.
However, there can also be other causes to tremors and if you are facing such shocks, remember to visit the doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Permanent Pain in the Head:

Headache is not a sign of brain tumor; however, if the pain is constant and unbearable then it can be identified asbrain tumor headaches. Additionally, the severity of diarrhea can also increase over time. Always keep in mind that normal headache is not considered a tumor, however if the pain is persistent and constant then the cause is likely to be a tumor.

Blindness or Weakness:

A brain tumor can also cause weakness of eyesight or swelling around or above the eyes. The swelling can also cause pain which can increase due time along with the size of the swelling. Similarly, if you suddenly fall asleep without any reason or hearing less, these symptoms can also be a sign of brain tumor.

Memory Loss or Behavior Changes:

Brain tumor may cause pressure on the frontal lobe (which is responsible for creating and maintaining a person’s personality) because of stress or inflammation. This can lead to changes in behavior such as depression, anger, stress, and sudden happiness. The patient may also not remember doing or saying something just a few moments or days go.


Brain tumor can often attack the Motor Cortex of the brain which is known for enabling movement and controlling nerve senses. It is responsible for controlling the movement for any part of the body. Once a tumor grows around or in the Motor Cortex, the patient may start to feel weakness or unable to move a part of their body and that can also cause the body to be unable to complete their routine.

Cannot Keep Balance:

The cerebellum, which is the second largest area of the brain, is responsible for maintaining balance of the body and coordination. So, if a tumor grows or attacks this region, the cerebellum does not work properly and the body often loses balance.
Keep thesebrain tumors warning signs so that you can take care of your body and prevent any early signs or brain tumor surgery by contacting the doctor to receive early brain tumor treatment.

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Dahi (yogurt) Khane ke Fayde

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Jism Main Pani Ki Kami Poori Karne Ka Tarika

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