5 Different Ways to Cook Eggs for Breakfast

1. Soft Boiled Eggs:

how to make soft boiled egg

Soft boiled eggs taste better. You would like it. Trick is almost same as for hard boiled eggs:

Put eggs in a large pan and fill it with normal tap water. Keep the water till half of the egg(s). Now boil the eggs at near-to-high heat. Turn stove off once boiled, cover pan and let it cool aside for around 2 minutes. Now take the eggs and start peeling them off. Serve either in the shell itself or in egg cup.

2. Tea Eggs:

how to make tea eggs

Tea-Egg is an interesting Chinese snack. To prepare eggs this way, first hard boil the eggs, crack the shells and then soak them in a tea mix. Chinese soak it in spiced tea whereas in Pakistan, we can do it with ordinary tea mix. Egg-yolks would turn a bit green so don't consider it awkward, it is fine.

3. Eggs Eggnog

how to make eggnogs

Eggnog is a refreshing easy-to-make egg drink. Here is the eggnog recipe:
Combine egg yolks, sugar, milk, nutmeg and cream or vanilla and blend in a food blender. Eggnog is ready. Serve cold for better taste.

4. Special Omelette

how to make special vegetable omelet

Add salt and pepper to eggs and beat them well. Saute fry the filling of your choice. This may include pepper, spinach and chopped onion). Now place vegetables in frying pan and pour the beaten egg throughout the pan. It will take around 4 minutes to cook. Add cheese or hints of different seasonings. Serve with toasted bread and enjoy this special omelette.

5. How to Prepare Poached Eggs

how to make poached eggs

Pour some water in a pot and place it on stove for simmer. As it simmers, break 4 eggs into the pot and cook for one minute. Don't let eggs stick to the bottom; if sticks, detach with a food turner. Poach the eggs for around 5 minutes or as you like. Now remove the eggs and use your way.

Looking to know different ways to cook egg for my breakfast. Here is it! I am telling 5 unique and new methods to prepare egg which I believe you didn't know before reading this post.

From children to seniors, for most, the day starts with egg. It is true that in most parts of the world, breakfast consists of either fried, half fry, boiled, sweet egg, or a cooked spicy omelette. Other than these fried or boiled eggs, do you really know how many ways are there to cook an egg?

There are more than many!

If we start describing the ways to cook eggs, if would form a huge list.

KFoods.com is describing 5 interesting ways to have eggs at breakfast. So if you are tired of eating egg the same way in the morning, it's time to expand. Find 5 unique egg recipes and diversify the ways to get protein in your breakfast.

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