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Chef Interviews - Far from leading glamorous lives, most chefs work long, hard hours but have a love and passion for what they do. Here we decide to explorer our best Pakistani Chefs Celebrities to all Kfoods lovers so that they could know about their favorite Chef’s life routines, their hobbies, their passions, their best recipes and the secrete story of their success full life and much more only on So keep in touch with Pakistan’s leading foods web portal “KFoods” and come to know some best and interesting info about your favorite Chefs.

Gupshup With Cooking Expert Aneela Rizwan

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Interview with Cooking Expert Chef Noshaba Ahmed

Guru of Gurus! Chef Naushaba Ahmed!

Chef Naushaba is one of the most senior cooking experts of Pakistan. Her name is counted in highly experienced chefs. She has also trained many famous Pakistani chefs. Chef Naushaba has great expertise in Pakistani and Chinese cooking. Moreover, she is also wonderful at various kinds of baking recipes. has conducted an interview with Naushaba. Thanks to her for giving her precious time. Interview is being reproduced here for KFoods readers.

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Chef Naushaba Profile

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Chef Raja Abdullah Interview

Chef Raja Abdullah is an experienced cooking expert of Pakistani Culinary Industry. He started cooking in 1982 with an internship at Hamilton International Hotel Lahore. He kept working in different hotels and then he went to East Asia where he spent 10 years of his life in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. He then returned to Pakistan, worked in a hotel for 6 years and then went to China where he worked for 3 years. Currently Chef Raja is engaged with Ramada Hotel Karachi.

With over 30 years experience in cooking, he is a magnificent Pakistani face. Team KFoods conducted an interview with the chef which is presented for your perusal.

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Sab Kuch Khain Lekin Routine Bana Kar Khain - Cooking Expert Maira

Cooking expert Maira loves food, baking and everything which relates to food. three things she live for "FOOD,TRAVEL and EATING". She is also a well known food blogger by the name of "Maiys Kitchen", expertise in unique flavors of traditional & Chinese dishes and her favourite dishes are pizza & cakeTeam KFoods has conducted an interview with Cooking expert "Maira". Let's have a glance at her life style and how she became a famous food blogger & expert of Pakistan.

By Maira In Chef Interviews 0 Comments 3440 Views Sat 21 Mar, 2015

Acha Pakao Acha Khao Aur Acha Socho ! Chef Iqbal

"Eat Well & Think Better!" A quote by Chef Iqbal, one of the favorite and top listed cooking experts of Pakistan. He is known as a recipe developer; currently associated with LAL-QILA restaurant in Karachi. He has conducted many successful cooking shows on top TV channels of Pakistan including Geo, Aaj, PTV, TV One and Waqt News. His remarkable success is the fruit of his dedicated and hard work throughout his life.

Team KFoods has conducted an interview with Chef Iqbal. Let's have a glance at his personal life and how he became a famous chef of Pakistan..

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Cooking Expert Ainy Interview

Cooking Expert "Ainy Wajahat" ( Qurat-ul-Ain ) | The girl who loves to cook & talk about it. She also possesses a good expertise in pot painting, dry flower arrangements, aluminum foil work, jute work and a lot of similar activities.

KFoods team conducted an interview with the star Ainy Wajahat which is being presented here for KFoods fans. Know more about her lifestyle, her plans in life and more interesting words of her.

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Duniya Main Koi Beh Cheez Mushkil Nahe - Chef Sumiya Noman

Chef Sumiya Noman is one the best fondant Cake expert. She is not only expert in cake but also good in Arabian, Italian & Turkish Cuisines. She is running also running a cooking institute with the name of Heaven Cup Cake. She has also invited several time in famous cooking expert shireen anwar show at masala tv as a guest. Lets here come to know about her personal life and her views about KFoods.

By KFoods In Chef Interviews 1 Comments 5286 Views Sat 27 Dec, 2014

JO Beh Khain Apni Sehat Ka Zaror Khayal Rakhen - Chef Laman

Chef Lamaan Malik is an expert chef in Pakistani and fusion traditional cuisines. He is always ready to fun with cooking and makes some new traditional & continental dishes. Currently he teaches his recipes in a cooking show on health tv and also working as a GM in Nawab darbar restaurant Do Darya Karachi. Lets here come to know about hir personnel life and much more.

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Ek Gharelo Khatoon Beh Chef Hosakti Hen - Chef Samia Jamil

Chef Samia is one the famous chef of Zaiqa tv. She is not only expert in culinary art, fondant cake and others. she is running there bakery as a Hazel’s Food and Bakerz, furthermore, she is running the institute as a H.O.D of The Professional’s Institute this institute is all about culinary. Her recipes also appear every month on renowned magazines of Pakistan and now she has already made a name for herself not in Karachi all over the Pakistan. Lets here come to know about her personnel life and much more.

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Chef Faizan Rehmat - Sehat Mand Khanay He Sehad Mand Zindagi ke Zamanat Hen

Chef Faizan Rehmat is new Star in the in the sky of chef. He lives in Karachi. He helps people for making delicious taste of continental dishes. He has also worked with different organization such as Oishi Sushi as a Chef & Recipe Expert, Dow International Medical University as a Executive Chef and others, currently he is working as a Consultant Chef at Nabsons and as a Consultant Chef at The Royal Rodale Sports & Recreational Complex Club karachi. Last week Kfoods team met with Chef Faizan to explore more about his life style.

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