12 Badam Benefits You Never Knew Before

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Benefits of Badam (almonds) are not hidden. Our parents have been telling us to eat almonds soaked in water on empty stomach. We have been being told that eating almonds is good for eye sight and memory but let us describe the more inside it such as it promotes hair growth, helps in weight loss, contains calcium and magnesium and beneficial for the skin as well. That's not the limit! As consuming almonds also reduces cholesterol, strengthens bones and teeth, works as antioxidant, protects from cancer and maintains the sugar level in blood.

Almond and it's subtle peel both are fully enriched with nutrition. Old hakeem and physicians consider it as one of the best foods for mental robustness as well as improvement of vision.

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  • neeha shamsi - karachi Mar 12, 2018

    bht khob apny bht achy fawaid badam ky btay bht achi post bht kch sekhny ko mela shukria nawazish kfoods.

  • arham - Dubai Mar 14, 2016

    Wah boht acha ha badam k fayede

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