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How to Feed Sabudana to Infants

Sabudana is known for its health benefits especially for infants. But how to feed sabudana (sago) to babies?

They are not going to make it easy for you. It's natural that infants are tended toward the foods that are wrapped in attractive packages even they are unhygienic. Question remains the same here how to make infants eat sabudana happily.

So here are some recipes for sabudana for babies in Urdu. These tips would help you feed your little angels with this naturally powerful food.

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Dahi Ke 4 Hairat Angez Faide In Urdu

Explore amazing benefits of eating yogurt in Urdu (dahi khane ke faide).

Yogurt (Dahi) is another form of milk but with additional nutrients and healthy elements. People eat yogurt but for taste. Usually yogurt is used with rice or other foods to adjust the taste and to make the food moistened and easy to eat.

You will be amazed to know that yogurt has some astonishing benefits for the human health. It keeps the stomach cool, helps maintain hydration in body, helps digestion system and there is a lot more. If you get to know what miracles yogurt can do to your health, you would definitely make it a must food in your meals. tells you 4 wonderful health benefits of yogurt which help in maintaining and improving overall health from different aspects. Let's read about them.

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Grandmas Home Remedies For Health and Household

Grandma’s home remedies for health and household

Grandma’s home remedies for health and household – Back in her younger days, your grandmother probably didn’t have Internet to search for cures whenever she or her family got sick. Back then it was quite common to whip up the usual homemade remedies for certain cures. Sadly, somehow these cures got swept under the rug and now the first response of a person when he or his family gets sick is to go to the physician and consume pills. Mind you, these pills may come with relief at first but also come with harmful side effects.

When we were young, our grandmother used to treat our sunburn or flu with items she found from the kitchen shelf. While most of them were delicious like candy, others were just yucky to taste! However, they did cure us most of the time from problems like stomach upset, burning urination, bee stings, cough and fever. So, let’s walk down these incredible remedies and try them out ourselves!

21 family remedies of Granny John.

Granny's car arrivals and tested versions have been published for many centuries and people are still benefiting from it. From these incredible prescriptions there are a few following that caught our eye:

*If you are cooking chicken broth with vegetables, let it cook for 10 minutes before putting in lemon juice, vinegar, then sesame seeds and finally the spices.

*Let tamarind boil in the utensil with water, check after a while when tamarind becomes soft. Use the tamarind water to wash the utensil and scrub well, surely the pot will shine.

* If you have plastic jars or bottles with grease in it. Then fill then with water, add baking soda and vinegar. Scrubs the mixture all over the vessel and then finally wash with water. Surely, the vessel will be clean and non-greasy.

* If your glass or other glass-produced utensils become too yellow, place in sun rays and then see. The glass will become less yellow.

* You can end your headache by smelling chopped up onion.

* Putting lemon peels in clothing and books will keep the insects and bugs away. Keep lemon peel under the pillow and it will keep the bed bugs away.

* In the rainy season, it is essential to lubricant the house.

* Keeping sheet on the cliff of the bed, it keeps it cleaner for longer.

* If garments are lubricated, wet or have sweat prints. Pour powder and then wash it with washing powder.

* Sometimes the henna remains light after applying. Before removing henna, apply lemon juice on it and then remove. You’ll be surprise how dark the color has become.

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Lemon Cucumber Weight Loss Smoothie

The drink we are going to read about not only fulfils the thirst but also helps remove fats from the body. After knowing how easy it is to make, you are surely going to prepare this juice.

Drink it before going to bed and your body parts would be likely to become free of additional and unnecessary fats. When we go to sleep at night, our metabolism starts its work and if you drink this weight loss juice, your metabolism would start working in an improved way and hence help you lose excessive weight.

Here is how to make this weight loss smoothie with lemon and cucumber in Urdu.

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Dye Hair Without Using Chemicals

Let's find some amazing ways to dye hair without chemicals at home.
In our life, there are times when our hair start changing its color. In order to dress up personality, we have to use hair dyes. It is now a fashion more than a necessity. Many boys and girls dye their hairs as per the lastest fashion.

Following are some ways to dye your hair without chemicals at home.

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Chipkali Se Nijaat

How to send lizards out of house? This question often arises when there is plenty of lizards inside the home. Lizards are horrible. Even seeing them puts us in fear and we run away where we see them. More than the horror, in fact, lizards are poisonous as well. Lizard's bite can be so dangerous that it can cause diseases to the human body. is sharing 6 tips about how to keep your house lizard free in Urdu. Read and protect your house with the menace of lizards.

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