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Eid 2019 Hairstyles for Girls

Looking for girls' hairstyles?
Yeah, here are the top 10 hair styles for women and girls for Eid 2019.

Hairstyle is very important personality factor and especially when it is Eid, the topmost festival of Muslims, looking for a new hairstyle becomes more meaningful. comes here with latest hairstyles for Eid 2019 for girls with long hairs as well as girls with short hairs too. brings top 10 selected 2019 hairstyles for women and girls. View all these beautiful hairstyles and finally you would feel yourself in the balance for choosing one for you. On chaand raat when moon is sighted, you don't need to rush to crowded beauty parlors when you can choose a wonderful hairstyle here.

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Eid Hairstyles 2019

Eid hairstyles 2019 is a list of gorgeous new and innovative hairstyle trends that are perfect for festive days like Eid-ul-Fitr. And for many, Eid is a time where women and girls around the world get the excuse to shop for glittery clothes, jewelry, makeup, and pin up their hair in trendy hairstyles. For some, hair is the most important essence of the body that defines their personality and style. The importance of finding a good hairstyle that suits you is to give you a flawless and outstanding look on a festive occasion like Eid. Eid hairstyles 2019 is a gorgeous list of trending and easy hairstyles that are perfect for the summer. And although Eid is going to be in the hot days of summer, doesn’t mean that you should compromise with your hairstyles because we have the perfect list that includes cool hairstyles that are easy and not time-consuming.

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How to Protect Yourself From Summer Heat

Summer heat is getting tougher with every passing year. If you want to protect yourself from summer heat, you should know the useful knowledge about it. is telling very important summer tips in Urdu that would help you avoid the risks of heat strokes, dehydration, shortness of water, fever, headache and other diseases associated with summer.

Here is how to prevent summer heat.

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Avocado Benefits for Women

We often choose fruits that are easily available and at low prices like mango, melon and banana. But nature did not make anything worthless for us. If we need it, then we need to know its value. Such a blessing is avocado which has been used to treat the common and hidden problems of women. Maybe you do not know avocado utility but after knowing the benefits of avocado for women you will definitely use it as a treatment of various diseases. This fruit is considered as a compulsory medicine for women's bones. An avocado contains 2 mg of Vitamins, 9 millimeters of Vitamin C and 13 mg of calcium that strengthens the bones of women who suffer from bone-filled disease.

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Washing Clothes Tips and Tricks

We don't expect you to know these Washing Clothes Tips and Tricks secrets; you have a job to go to and kids to get off to school! You have things more important to think about than how to super-charge detergent, so that's why we're here. We've rounded up Washing Clothes Tips and Tricks that you never knew you needed, so take a peek inside to learn our secrets for cleaner, better smelling shirts, shoes, pants, jackets, linens -- pretty much any kind of fabric that could be in distress. Everyone should know what natural element acts as bleach. We also have the solutions to problems you may be all too familiar with, such as mixing in colored laundry with a load of whites.

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Khajoor Behtareen Ghiza Magar Kiyun?

Dates are considered to be the ingredient of healthy life style, many experts believe that a day should commence with the taste of dates to be active. Dates are the sweetest delight that can help in regulating the digestive process, boosts energy levels, helps in weight loss, and makes your heart healthy. Learn more about the benefits of this nutritious food and share your feedback at KFoods

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Health Tips for Ramadan Fasting

Ramadan is the month of prayers, blessings and beatitude. In holy Ramadan, Muslims fast from early morning to the sunset time. Fasting in the month of Ramadan is must for Muslims and therefore the entire Muslim community throughout the world do fasting for Allah SWT's happiness. is offering some health tips for the holy month of Ramadan ul Mubarak. You should consider these tips to do healthy and ideal fasting in Ramadan.

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Adverse Effects Of Plastic Bags And Newspaper

Adverse effects of plastic bags and newspaper

Adverse effects of plastic bags and newspaper – Plastic is something that is used by everybody worldwide, whether it’s a plastic bag, straw or even a spoon. From a fruits vendor to a designer store, everyone seems to use them. Although they seem like something we think that we cannot live without, they are turning the environment around us into something that can kill us. This includes increasing pollution, killing wildlife, and using up the precious resources of the Earth. Moreover, none of us seem to care about the consequences that will take place in the future because of these plastic conveniences.

Even if you live in an urban or rural land, you will often see plastic bags blowing around by the wind. Eventually these bags or wastes get into the soil or sea and slowly release toxic chemicals. These chemicals get absorbed by the plants and these plants are consumed by wild animals or fish. This cycle has caused the death and extinction of many animals that eat the toxic plants, choke and die.

Plastic bags and newspapers are the enemy of mankind.

The newspapers are the treasures of information, but if they are used to wrap food and bread, the bacteria and toxins from the pollution can mix in with the food and cause negative impact on your health. Moreover, polythene is even more harmful and since most of us cannot afford biodegradable bags, we often opt to use plastic bags. Even our innocent children, who put burgers, chips, snacks, sweets, paws, and anything in their baggage, can be in terrible risk against the toxins entering their body. Instead of buying healthy things, we buy harmful ones. When the baby is put on the floor, he catches the toxins that he further puts in his mouth, unknowingly. But we don’t even think twice.

When we go to the market, we choose the most expensive shop and expensive food items, but when we put them in a plastic bag and eat them at home, we get in high risk of developing illness. Then we blame the infections from getting strong, instead of our own bad habits. Newborn babies are born weak these days and their eyes are just as weak as any elder’s because of the toxins present in the mother. Small children also complain about foot pain and hair problems.

There are no restaurants in the city or any small area anywhere in the world that do not use newspapers, plastic bags or similar materials while packing food for their customers. Plastic is like poison, that gets mixed with bread or hot fish in packaging and become harmful for health.

Hazardous Effects on Health
Chemicals used in plastic bags do not only cause pollution to the climate but also make a negative impact on our health. First, the cadmeum, which is used in the production of energy, adds lead poison directly to the mixture of food. In addition, there are oxygen disorders present in it, such as chemicals that cause cancer by altering the hormonal system, causing cancerous tumor, any kind of physical disorder in children or other problems of development.

Similarly, the wrapped food in the newspaper also damages the health. The hot oil coming out of the food absorbs the ink on the paper. Many chemicals are used to make ink which is strictly prohibited from using outside food packaging. These chemicals enter into the body and weaken the strength of the immune system which increases the risk of disease or infection.

Rescue methods
* Never buy a plastic bag or a wrap in the newspaper. Either buy a container or take a clean cloth or baggage bag from home.

* Never throw plastic bags and newspapers on the road, always put them in the trash bin.

* Always wear clothes and use bed sheet that made out of natural cotton or fabric. Clothes often contain plastic in artificial ways.

* Never heat the food in a plastic bag or a bowl.

Now you have a lot of money; make sure you or your family’s health is good. Feed your children with your own clean hands. And refrain from using plastic or newspapers because these children are our future. This is why, be extremely careful about buying food from the outside, because it is our responsibility to take special care of the health of our loved ones!

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Losing Hair? Get Top 5 Hair Fall Tips in Urdu

Falling hair is becoming a more common issue as with increasing pollution in our environment. Depression, unhygienic foods, dehydration, sleep deprivation, and pollution, all these things are contributing to hair fall problem. Hence, aging is a natural and getting hairs fallen after age is not a problem but if they are falling earlier, then you must take it seriously. is telling 5 treatments for hair fall that will help you stop losing hair very effectively. We are not going to discuss any particular shampoo, tonic or hair cream but the things that would treat the problem naturally with long lasting effect.

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Here are the top 5 remedies for hairs fall problem in Urdu. Read them and act upon those that are easy for you.

Remember that being consistent is the key to get desired results.

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