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Chocolate Ke 3 Faaide Ap Ki Sehat Ke Liye

Besides a delicious taste, chocolate also comes with great health benefits. is telling health benefits of using chocolate for both men and women. Read the 3 wonderful benefits of chocolate for your health and beauty.

It may be a bad news that chocolate is near to end in the world and yes that's true. Big companies have warned that chocolate production is gradually decreasing and due to its very high demand, possibly by 2020, this sweet food may go beyond our reach.

However, still there are 5 years. You can use and enjoy its advantages as much as you want.

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Wazan Kam Kerny Ke Liye Palak Ka Estamal

Wazan Kam Kerny Ke Liye Palak Ka Estamal - Spinach is a good source of weight loss. It is a real nutritional powerhouse. A single cup of spinach contains just 7 calories and only 1 gram of carbohydrate, and also it provides you iron, magnesium, calcium and plenty of antioxidants. Making this filling, low-calorie food a regular part of your meal plan could help to reduce weight. Lets here come to know more about it in urdu.

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Improve Blood Circulation with Foods

The circle of blood in our body runs the circle of lives. The better your blood circulation the healthier you are going to live. Sometimes blood does not circulate throughout the body and therefore it does not irrigate every part of the body. Those body parts are not fully nurtured due to lack of blood. is telling about some foods which are very helpful to achieve an improved blood circulation across your body. When blood circulates properly in your body, it carries healthy nutrients to all the body parts which resultantly work better and keep you fit and lively.

Let's read how to improve blood circulation with foods.

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Top 5 Anti-Allergic Foods

Allergy is a menace for all. Every second or third person among us is affected with some sort of allergies. Someone is allergic to sunshine, someone is to dust and someone else will be allergic to noise. The list goes on long.

Other than consulting your doctor, you must know the anti allergic options you have. Yes, there are foods to help you fight different kinds of allergies. is telling you about the top 5 anti allergic foods which will not only help you to prevent such allergic affects but also aid you to fight with allergies that already affected you.

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Health Benefits of Neem

Neem Tree, better known as 'miracle tree' is really a miracle for patients of different diseases. This tree has many medical and health benefits which work in various kinds of problems. Neem leaves extract is a permanent ingredient in many medicines. It's leaves are used in multiple ways for treatments and remedies. You may be unaware of many of the neem's benefits and how they work as home remedies in certain problems. This article enlightens the ways how neem can be used for different remedies and cures at home.

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Zahanat ko Tabah Karny Wali 9 Gizaen

There is a significant importance of food in our lives and most of the food we eat are very important for our overall health. Foods are crucial for our physical and mental development however you may not know that some foods are quite disastrous for our mental functioning. You may not believe but it's a fact that some foods gradually destroy your mental talent.

Often people unknowingly eat such foods that instead of being beneficial, are harmful to their health. If you want to stay genius and improve your mental skills, without losing your talent, you must know which foods to avoid. Let's know about them.

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How to Make Sheer Khurma Recipe

This article will guide you how to make sheer khurma recipe with step by step picture instructions in Urdu. Sheer khurma is a traditional Pakistani sweet usually served on Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha and sometimes other family happy gatherings. I myself have prepared it many times on Eid and also when my kids requested me for it. I have noted that when I serve it to guests, they like to have it even they tell me that they are coming to eat sheer khorma of my hand and I smile and welcome them. After reading the recipe, you can do this too!

The term 'Sheer Khurma' (also written as Sheer Khorma) means milk with dates. It is a celebratory vermicelli sweet served on days in Muslim community in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Most people eat it as breakfast after Eid prayer and then it is placed on dining table for guests.

Let's move to the recipe.

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Juices Jo Rakhay Aap Ko 12 Bimariyon Se Door

Eating fruits and vegetables gives us lots of nutritional benefits. These natural gifts from nature are not only helpful when eaten but also work as blessing when converted in juice. Many juices are particularly famous for their health benefits such as carrot juices are known for their benefits for eye sight, papaya juice is known to work for heart problems and so on.

Also juices are convenient to take for seniors particularly those who face difficulties in biting and chewing the vegetables. While making a juice, it is also possible to combine one or more fruits and vegetables which gathers all the nutritional benefits within the juice. is telling you about some healthy juices and the problems it can help you for.

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Duniya Ke Ajeeb Tareen Restaurants

Dining out is always a pleasure. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation trip, you have the opportunity to try different tastes of different places. The pleasure is doubled when you spot a weird restaurant to have a meal at. Imagine, you are having a chicken karahi while suddenly a fish swims over your head or how would you feel eating in the mid air?

Here are some of the weirdest restaurants of the world. Know about them and feel you right there.

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Broccoli Kay 10 Tibbi Fawaid

Broccoli is a healthful vegetable with loads of hidden nutritional benefits. USDA National Nutrient Database 6 tells that a single cup of chopped broccoli is rich of 31 calories, 6 grams carbohydrate and 3 grams of protein with no fats at all. It also provides 100% of vitamin C and vitamin K you need for the day.

Find more benefits of broccoli and make it a part of your everyday life. Here are the top 10 broccoli benefits in Urdu.

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