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Lahori Namak Khane Ke Fayde

Lahori namak is the purest form of salt which is devoid of environmental pollutants and chemical components. It contains 84 out of the 92 trace elements required by the body including calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper and so on. Thus, it is available in drug stores and pharmacies in the form of powder, pill supplement or even as a liquid extract in health beverages. Lahori namak ke faidey include aid in digestion and is prescribed for laxative and digestive disorders. It improves appetite, removes gas and soothes heartburn. It stabilizes blood pressure by maintaining a balance of high and low blood pressures. It also aids in weight loss by equalizing minerals which inhibit cravings and eliminate fat dead cells.

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Chicken Vegetable Pasta Recipe

Chicken pasta recipe is no more difficult to make. With KFoods' step by step tutorial, you can easily prepare delicious chicken vegetable pasta at home.

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See standard recipe of chicken pasta and here is a delicious chicken spaghetti recipe in Urdu.

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Health Benefits Of Maringa - Sohanjna Ke fayde

Moringa oleifera is a plant that has been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years. It is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. So far, scientists have only investigated a fraction of the many reputed health benefits. Here are health benefits of Maringa- sohanjna ke fayde that are supported by scientific research. Moringa leaves are rich in many important nutrients, including protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin and iron. Moringa leaves may lead to reduced blood sugar levels, but more research is needed before any solid recommendations can be made. Moringa oleifera can lower your cholesterol levels, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.

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Chicken Croquettes Recipe

Today, is going to tell you how to make croquettes recipe with step by step instructions with pictures for every step. The recipe here is for croquettes with chicken filling however you can use other types of fillings such as potatoes, vegetables or fish etc. The main ingredients involved in the recipe are chicken, all purpose flour, chopped parsley, egg, milk and water with other common spices.

Croquettes is worldwide famous fried roll with breadcrumbed skin; it uses different items for filling such as mashed potatoes, minced chicken or beef, fish, sauces or vegetables. A standard croquette has a long cylinder-like shape but in different cuisines, it is found in other shapes as well. In some countries, croquettes are made in disk, oval or other shapes too. It is sometimes served as a side food in holiday meals. Croquettes are part of different fast food cuisines with beef, cheese or sauce fillings.

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How to Make Haleem

How to Make Haleem is the theme of our today's article. You are going to know an interesting and easy recipe for haleem which is presented with pictures and their respective instructions. Before this recipe, you would have always thought of haleem as a dish which can only be cooked in a daig outside home. The article gives a haleem recipe from scratch in Urdu which makes it possible for anyone to cook haleem very simply.

First, in the recipe, I have told about all haleem masala and then how to cook halim qorma and then halim itself. If you follow this recipe exactly, while enjoying it, you would forget all famous haleem in Pakistan. Let's follow the recipe step by step and perform tasks exactly as told in order to cook a perfect haleem recipe.

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Goat Chops Recipe

Let's find out how to make goat chops recipe this Bakra Eid and enjoy diverse tastes of mutton. presents step by step recipes for making awesome mutton chops at home.

Chops made with rib part of the meat. Ribs are probably the most appetizing part of goat or cow’s meat and mutton chops is ranked as the one of the most striking appetizer and side dish. Usually chops are first cooked with all the spices and seasoning and then grilled on a grill pan. Lets here come to know some of the best Chops Recipes from the desk of cooking experts.

Following are some Eid ul Adha special mutton chops recipes.

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9 Ways for Ringworm Home Treatment

9 tips for ringworm treatment in Urdu with household things.

Ringworm is a kind of infection which takes place on skin. It forms a red circle on some part of the skin. Ringworm is though not very dangerous but it is very itchy and makes the affected person very restless. It is an infectious disease and takes significant time to be treated completely. If ringworms spread, many small and large red circles appear on different parts of the skin.

Ringworms can be cured with various household things such as raw papaya, tea tree oil, apple vinegar, garlic and more. Find 9 ways for ringworm home treatment with different kitchen items as presented below.

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Shampoo Karne Ki Galtian

Washing hair with shampoo seems an easy task but do you know you can make big mistakes while doing it?

While shampooing hairs, we unknowingly can make such mistake that we even don't know about.

Here we are going to discuss some woman shampoo mistakes that are very harmful to your hair.

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Ye Mashroob Falij Ka Khatra Barhae

Having soft drinks (cold drinks) twice a week can lead to severe diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and paralysis.

This finding came forth in a health related research in South Africa.

Research further revealed that even a single cold drink is enough to increase your blood pressure.

One regular cold drink contains 14 grams additional sugar to that we need in a whole day.

Read more about the impacts of having cold drinks and it's risks to health.

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Elaichi Se Nizam e Hazma Ki Bimariyon Ka Ilaj

Cardamom ( Elaichi ) is a common ingredient of every day cooking, it is used in to make many of desi cuisines and also used for making tea. Elaichi contains many health benefits like it works as a best nutritionist to provide required vitamins etc. Here at KFoods, providing you an easy to follow tips and suggestions that helps you to maintain your health.

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