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5 Best Foods for a Growing Child

Children are sensitive especially when they are at growing age. Most of the parents are not well aware about the food their child should be given. Proteins, Calcium, Minerals and Vitamins are very important for growing kids. In this article, we have described some foods with their ingredients as well as how helpful they are for your children. This is a must read article for parents with growing children. You will also find some tips on these foods. Let's move to read it.

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How To Prevent Food Waste

Prevent food waste is a dire need of today’s world. Prevent food waste must be made a habit by everyone. Prevent food waste by many easy ways. Prevent food waste feels like a daily victory and all of us should try to prevent food waste to a great extent.
The food we waste can be used by some poor people if we do not waste it so prevent food waste will help the poor people. We should prevent food waste by giving the food to the people who do not have enough for them. Prevent food waste because it is forbidden also by God. Prevent food waste so that the leftover food can be used tomorrow. The article shows some best ways to prevent food waste. Hope you like it.

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Japani Phal Ke 12 Faide

Let's explore the amazing health benefits of Japani fruit in Urdu and know the reasons of eating this wonderful fruit.

Persimmon or Japani phal is an autumn fruit. It is known as Chinese or Japanese fruit. Orange in color, it looks like tomato. It has very low calories. You can eat it in different forms as eat it as you do other fruits or make different dishes or pudding with it. It is also laden with phosphorus, calcium and vitamins A and C.

Find out Japani fruit benefits in Urdu below.

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Importance of Morning Breakfast (Nashtay Ki Ahmiat)

Breakfast is the most important meal you eat in a day. It is your day starter and good healthy breakfast implies the overall good day. Although, all morning breakfast, lunch and dinner, all should be balanced however breakfast is pretty much important.

Some people ignore breakfast which is very dangerous. has presented some facts about importance of morning breakfast. Read about the importance of morning breakfast.

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How to Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair Naturally at Home (5 Tips)

Having hairs over the lips is natural for men but for women it is like a nightmare. Upper lip hair or female moustache grows due to change in hormones; women use laser treatment, bleach, wax, creams or epilator to get rid of this issue. These treatments are very costly and in fact provide the temporary solution. Female moustaches would entirely collapse the grace of their personality and that is why women do not bear to see it at all.

So if you were undergoing with similar problem, first mind it that spending money on the unreliable solutions is not wiser. With the help of 11 simple tips you can easily remove upper lip hair naturally without it growing back.

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Pumpkin Seeds Benefits in Urdu

Pumpkin seeds are full of healthy and nutritional benefits. They contain fiber, carbohydrates, sodium, vitamin B1, iron and magnesium. Eating them has no side effects even they help cure for various kinds of diseases.

Kaddu seeds (Kaddu Ke Beej) have been being used as medicine for long ago. They are eaten peeled and also used to prepare Qahwa. Pumpkin contains massive amount of proteins. It is also rich with Amino Acid which removes out the insects from stomach. Its seeds are also enriched with fatty acids.

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Khali Pait Zaitoon Ke Tel Ke Fayde

Olive oil is considered to be one of the healthiest oils for humans' health. Key nutritional elements in olive oil include fatty acids, vitamins and several other ingredients.

Besides all this, do you know that other than applying and massaging, drinking olive oil is also very beneficial for the health?

Actually, drinking just one tablespoon of olive oil empty stomach has so many benefits that you would amazed to know.

Here are some eye-opening advantages of drinking olive oil early in the morning (zaitoon ke tel ke fayde in Urdu).

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How to Get Rid of Ants in House - 5 Home Remedies

Discover 5 simple ways to eliminate ants in your house with basic household items. Ants usually infiltrate houses in rainy season. Their presence in bedroom or kitchen is always annoying and agonizing. is telling here some 5 really effective home remedies for to get rid of ants naturally with products such as cucumber peel, cinnamon and peppermint. Whether the annoying ants are small, carpenter or pavement ants, these remedies would help you to wipe their presence out of your home.

Handling ants and insects problem becomes a frustrating chore. Most of the anti-ants products are made with chemicals that are also hazardous for humans and for the atmosphere. Kill ants with these simple tips given here and live happy life.

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Natural Ways To Improve Your Eyesight

Natural ways to improve your eyesight:

Weak eye sight is a common problem these days and people start to wear glasses at early age. But if you take care you can avoid early weakness of eyesight and save yourself from applying glasses. Here are some important points which can help you to maintain your eyesight and make your eyes beautiful.

Use of fish:

Fish is rich in omega 3 and fatty acids which saves the eyes from a disease named dry eyes. If you do not like the fish, you should know about the essentials of fish oil and take benefits from them after consulting a doctor.

Always use goggles:

Always apply goggles whenever doing work with wood or swimming. Goggles save you from the chlorine while swimming. While it saves you from the tiny particles which can cause harm in retina to enter the eyes when working with wood.

Avoid direct air from AC:

Try to keep the direction of AC towards your feet while driving. Dry air from the AC absorbs the wetness from eyes like sponge. So try to keep the direction of air towards the feet and not the face while driving. Dry eyes can cause herpes in the retina and leads to blindness also.

Use of red onion:

Use red onion in your food. This onion is rich in anti-oxidants and a special nutrient called blotin which helps to avoid cataract eyes and saves you from blindness.

Use of sunglasses:

Wear sunglasses whenever leaving the home. It not only saves you from the dangerous rays coming from the sun but also saves you from dryness of eyes because of air.

Use of sweet potato:

Use the vitamin A rich sweet potatoes in its season. It is the best cure for night blindness. It also helps to reduce blurry vision.

Use a separate towel:

Use a separate towel at least when you clean your face. Using the same towel can increase the causes of infection in the eyes and if someone is suffering from this, it can cause harmful danger.

Use spinach twice a week:

Spinach can be eaten in many forms and its usage should be included in the diet frequently. According to many medical research reports, it is proved that spinach contains liver and iron which is an important nutrient which helps the eye muscle to be flexible and avoid cataract eyes.

Space is necessary:

If you are working on the computer for a long time, you should set an alarm after every hour to remind you to give a space for at least thirty seconds from the screen of computer. You should take a break and look at any distant object for thirty seconds. This will help you to avoid the tiredness of eyes.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure:

Check your blood pressure on monthly basis. There are many instruments available to check blood pressure at home. If you do not know about your blood pressure, it can also harm your eyesight.

Use a cap or hat over the head:

Wear a cap or hat along with sunglasses. Wearing a hat can reduce the dangerous rays coming from the sun to 50% and also these rays do not enter the eyes from up or lower side.

Use of brain:

Rub some mint oil over the palms and smell it. Medical experts say that mint increases the waves in the brain and increases the level of concentration. These fragrances increase the working of brain which affects the working of eyes as well. It also helps to see in a dim light.


Try to walk at least four times a week. It is medically proven that daily exercise reduces the chances of cataract eyes and also creates less pressure on the retina.

Wash your eyes with water:

Cool water after boiling. Add salt to it and save it in a bottle. Wash your eyes daily with this water. It also helps to strengthen your muscles and other body parts.

There are so many natural ways to improve your eyesight. Week eye sight can be treated at home by applying some remedies or some good habits. Natural ways to improve eye sight includes complete rest. A healthy and balanced diet is also a natural way to improve the eye sight.

Wearing sunglasses and hats can also prevent week eyesight. You should apply these natural ways to improve your eyesight to get rid of this problem as this is increasing day by day. Use of carrots and fish in your daily diet can also help improve your eye sight.

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Vaginal Discharge (Leukorrhea) Ki Maloomat

Knowledge about vaginal discharge:

11 important points about vaginal discharge:
The thick liquid discharged from the vagina is called vaginal discharge or leucorrhea. Women commonly suffer this problem during the days of their cycle or normally which is started from the age of 12. This process continues till the menopause or end of the period cycle in women.

Women normally hesitate to talk about this problem with their consultant. This negligence leads to big issues. These 11 points about vaginal discharge should be known by every woman to take care about their health

Why does leucorrhea occur?

Vaginal discharge is a sign that vagina is working perfectly and the process of cleanliness of vagina is working properly. This liquid is discharged from the cervix through which the bacteria of body are released. It works as a natural lubricant during intercourse.

How does leucorrhea look?

Healthy women’s vaginal discharge is white, clean and not smelly and it does not hurt while discharging. The amount of vaginal discharge varies from person to person. Its discharge increases before and after the menstrual cycle. Usually it can discharge 4 milliliters per day.

Synthetic ways to clean vaginal discharge:

A synthetic way to clean vagina common in the west these days about which the doctors are also worried is ditch or ditching. In this process pressure water is sprayed upwards the vagina. As a result, the vagina is cleaned but some important bacteria are also wasted which are beneficial for the body. This can cause health issues in women.

Safety precautions in using sanitary pads:

Some women use pads to avoid getting their clothes dirty from vaginal discharge. But safety precautions should be taken while using pads. Frequent usage of pads can cause herpes in the skin of vagina. Avoid using the same pad for a long time.

Changes occur after intercourse and menstruation:

Vaginal discharge increases during intercourse and before the periods. This liquid becomes thin during these days. It is a sign that the sperms are reaching the eggs easily and the cycle is working perfectly. If taken care, this change in vaginal discharge can increase the fertility of a woman.

Blood in vaginal discharge:

Dark colored vaginal discharge is a sign that this liquid is containing blood which is quite normal. A less discharge of blood with leucorrhea is normal but when it occurs frequently and especially after menstruation, you should consult the doctor.

A sign of vaginal health:

If the discharge is of different color or texture, immediately consult a doctor because it could be a sign of vaginal infection.

Use of birth control tablets:

Women who are using birth control tablets can face color and texture difference in vaginal discharge. It is not an indication of any disease.

Do not use a strong fragrant soap:

Women should avoid using strong fragrant soaps while cleaning their sensitive parts. These soaps contain more chemicals which can be harmful for vaginal health. Use a nice baby shampoo for the cleaning purpose of vagina and wash thoroughly with water.

Difference between leucorrhea and cancer:

Vaginal discharge has a limit of cervical, vaginal and endomaterial cells. Experts are researching about how to diagnose cancer from vaginal discharge.

Vaginal hairs:

Hairs present on the lower abdomen are a sign of vaginal health and also important for it. These hairs help in the vaginal discharge. Vagina is also protected from harmful bacteria because of these hairs.

Vaginal discharge is often a common occurrence from the vagina. Vaginal discharge is a white thick liquid which is discharged from the vaginal area. Vaginal discharge contains some harmful bacteria which are eliminated from the body through vaginal discharge.

Most of the time, vaginal discharge is perfectly normal. The amount can vary, as can odor and color, depending on the time in your menstrual cycle. For example, there will be more vaginal discharge when you're ovulating, breastfeeding, or sexually aroused.

From these important points, you will know about the main reasons of vaginal discharge.

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