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Powerful Super Foods That Slow Aging

Natural anti aging foods are the best solution if you want prolonged grace and beauty for your personality. Commonly, after 50 people are likely to gain loosening skin, falling cheeks, crow feet eyes and wrinkles on the face. They visit doctors and clinics for its treatment but success is not to come in all cases. Also it's treatments are so costly that everyone cannot think of it. There in this world are some anti aging foods for women and men that can help stay beautiful, fit, attractive and make you look younger. These super anti aging foods are mostly fruits and vegetables including oranges, avocados, carrots, cabbages as well as olive oil and fish.

Foods that slow aging are common everyday food products which you can easily purchase from your nearby market. If you want to stay young for long, add them in your diet. Read more about foods that reverse aging in Urdu.

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Can Diabetics Eat Honey?

Can diabetics eat honey?

Can diabetics eat honey? – Honey is a sweet substance that is naturally processed by bees. The bees suck out nectar from every flower, this is called a collective effort as it requires the honey bees to consume, digest and regulate nectar repeatedly until it forms a thick, sticky substance called honey. These bees store this substance in their bee hives for feeding their hive.

For humans, honey is an all-natural super food that is also known as Nature’s Sweetener as it is not machine processed and this, does not come with any side effects. Humans have been eating this delicious treat for thousands of years. However, it has also been used for its medicinal benefits as well. Sounds like someone you should be consuming more to cure your diabetes? Let’s find out.

Is honey a good sugar substitute for patients with diabetes?
If you suffer from diabetes, life may feel get quite bitter, especially if you like the sweet food and you have to stop eating them all of a sudden. However, diabetes patients do not necessarily need to clean off sweet things from their diet, rather look at the quantity of sugar in the glycemic index (GI) of the snack you are about to consume.
GI is a measurement of how many carbohydrates is you consuming in your diet. After you eat it, glucose may be absorbed into the blood during certain times and large amounts of it can be harmful for patients with diabetes.
It may not sound like a big deal but the sad part is that carbohydrates are not only found in sweet foods such as honey and sugar, but they are also present in large amounts in foods such as grains, spicy vegetables and fruits. Which is why it is very necessary to monitor your blood glucose level before eating something sweet.
According to the American Diabetes Association, every meal should have a diet of 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrates in the diet to improve blood sugar control.

So the question is, is honey can be a good alternative for patients with diabetes?
Honey contains sugar-like carbohydrates and one meal spoon gets 17.3 grams of carbohydrates, while in a teaspoon it is 5.8 grams. Although this quantity looks quite minor, it depends on how much honey you eat at a time.
As far as sugar is concerned, most people consider the honey as a healthy alternative to white sugar. Although the sweetness of honey is more natural and less processed, it is as sweet and can be just as harmful for diabetics than sugar.
< For example, a teaspoon contains 4.8 grams of carbohydrates in sugar and this amount is mentioned in honey, but the amount of carbohydrates is important when you are suffering from diabetes.
Whether honey is a good alternative to diabetes patients, then it is also not that much better. According to medical experts, natural items such as fruits or honey and sugar-made items have similar sweets.
If you want to enjoy honey in alternative for sugar, you can use it. But it is important to measure the daily amounts of carbohydrates you are consuming in a day. The amount should be very low, for example, you can add half tea teaspoon honey to your tea or make a part of a diet.
Although this quantity is very low, the sense of taste of the language is very closely compatible with less sweetness and it also helps diabetics cope with sugar-less diet.

Note: This article is for general information purposes. Readers should consult their doctors before consuming honey or any type of sugar.

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Health Benefits Of Kaleji | Liver Eating Benefits in Urdu

Health benefits of kaleji

Health benefits of kaleji (liver eating benefits in Urdu) – Typically, when we are thinking about the different kinds of super foods, we think of foods like green leafy vegetables, exotic berries, green tea or camel milk. However, there are certain animal foods that can also be named as a super food due to their high nutrient content. And just like other super foods, there are many kaleji health benefits that food lovers can indulge themselves into. Whether you are Vitamin A deficient or iron, consuming a kaleji is one of the best ways to regain your healthy body.

Not only does the liver benefits include getting a high dosage of iron and Vitamin A, but it is also the best source for Vitamin B, B12, magnesium, and phosphorous. Now, if you are to compare the overall nutrient amount of liver to other healthy foods like spinach, apple, or carrots or liver stands out from all of them how many vitamins and minerals it packs per calorie.

Health effects from eating kaleji (liver):

Some people love to eat animal kidneys, heart, brain, and liver, but some people eat harmful foods such as junk food which are harmful to health. However, experts say that an animal organ is more healthy and beneficial than their legs, muscles, waist and other meat.

There are magnesium, calcium, zinc, and other nutrients, including animal kidneys, heart and brain which include an abundance of vitamins and iron, which are beneficial for human health and strong body.

According to an article published in the Health General, animals, sheep, goat, buffalo, and other animals have kidneys, heart, brain, and other meat that is obtained from birds such as chicken are found to strengthen the human body.

According to Hale General, after cooking only 100 grams of kaleji (liver), it has shown to possess 27 grams of protein, 175 calories, 1386 percent vitamin B12, 52% percent vitamin A, 51% vitamin B6, 47% percent calcium, 35% percent zinc and 34% percent iron. It is a daily diet that is the best diet for human health. The liver, the brain, the kidney, and the heart are also very beneficial for pregnant women, not only for the mother but also the child's diet.

Cholesterol in Liver, kidney and Gut:

According to the article published in Health General, the amount of cholesterol in these organs is very high, but they are not harmful.

According to experts, liver and kidney produce cholesterol, however, these organs stop producing cholesterol when the person eats cholesterol content or food.

The article claims that eating kidney, liver, heart, and brain does not increase the cholesterol level.

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Worst Foods For Liver Health

Worst foods for liver health

Worst foods for liver health – Unlike other organs in the body, liver is a powerhouse which is responsible for increasing the efficiency of the body. It performs a variety of important tasks which includes producing proteins, cholesterol and bile to store minerals, vitamins and even carbohydrates. It also breaks down toxins like medications, wastes, and alcohol; which is why, keeping your liver in a good shape is important for maintaining health.

The liver performs many essential tasks such as secreting bile juice to help in digestion, breaking down toxins resulting from alcohol, medications and metabolism. A damaged liver is unable to breakdown proteins and the amino acids properly that are produced in the body from eating animal-based foods. The liver is an important organ with many essential functions and by incorporating healthy foods in your diet, you can promote liver function at its best.

Harmful foods for liver

The liver is one of the parts of the body that is generally very useful to the body unless they become the cause of problems due to damage.

A correctly working liver is very important for good health due to many reasons, and it is also needed as a part of the digestive process.

However, do you know which diet can prove to be destructive for liver? They are mentioned below:

Fatty Foods

Junk or fast foods are the type of fatty food that keeps the liver from being healthy. Such food often makes it difficult for the liver to do its job due to fat compilation in the liver. If untreated, this fat can pile up and can cause injury to the liver. This is why it is best to avoid fast food.


The risk of too much sugar being consumed by the liver (the risk of diabetes and other diseases differs separately) is not a surprising one. If the liver has too much sugar to process, the liver will start making excessive fat, which will eventually be gathered where it should not be. And if the sugar-turned-fat is gathered for a long time, this far will cause liver diseases.

Too much salt

The body requires salt; however, too much salt is also bad for the body. More salt may result in the initial level of liver disease, which is easy to avoid if the use of salt is moderate. Similarly, many types of food contain a lot of salt which can be harmful to the liver.

Chips and bakery food

If you like chips and bakery items, then let us tell you that they are full of sugar, salt and fat. If you read above, you will know that having a healthy liver is better than eating this kind of junk food. There are alternatives to bakery items which can be made at home so do try them.

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Tanbe Ke Bartan Se Pani Pine Ke Faide

Hopefully, you have seen an old set of copper jugs and tumblers stored in cupboard of any of your grandparents. In old days, people mostly used to drink water in copper pots. They knew the benefits of copper pot water but unfortunately today's generation does not.

Today, we will tell you some very useful benefits of copper pots. If you find a couple of copper drinking glass or jug in a corner of your home, grab it and start using it for drinking water. And after reading the advantages told below, you will surely do.

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7 Surprising Benefits of Quince (Bahi)

7 surprising benefits of Quince (bahi)

7 surprising benefits of Quince (bahi) – Quince is a rather unusual fruit that is rarely found in the cities across Pakistan. However, the fruit is closely related to apples and pears but holds many benfits. The fruit, while its ripened, is yellowish-gold in color and is somewhat similar to in the shape and texture.You can utilize the quince fruit by making them as jams, jellies, puddings, and juices. It can also be eaten as a breakfast food or a side dish, just like pears.

The health benefits of quince includes many amazing advantages such as preventing cancer, aiding in weight loss, improving digestive health, reducing cholesterol level in the body, and boosting the immune system. It can also help in preventing gastrointestinal diseases, soothing the areas with inflammation, improves the health of your skin, prevents allergic reactions and helps decrease blood pressure.

The cure of cancer, blood pressure, allergies, lies in one simple food: Quince (Bahi).

Apple and pear-shaped fruit has a wide variety of benefits and due to these amazing benefits it protects the eater from many diseases. This fruit helps prevent cancer, reduces weight, increases strength, reduces cholesterol, increases immunity, reduce intestinal diseases and inflammation. It also helps in making the skin clear and beautiful. Bahi can also be used to make jam, jelly and pudding. It can also be eaten as a side dish for dinner. There are many vitamins, minerals, and fibers present in the fruit that people should take full advantage of by consuming it.

Bahi’s health benefits:

1. Prevents cancer:
The fruit contains many vitamins and anti-oxidents that help in preventing free radicals and cancer.

2. Reduces weight:
The fruit accelerates metabolism in the body and makes digestive process better. The fiber in the fruit makes it easier for the stomach to digest food and gain more energy. In such a way, the digestive system does not need extra fat and thus digests the extra fat out of the body.

3. Maintain blood pressure:
Potassium present in the bahi is beneficial for blood pressure and helps in controlling or maintaining blood pressure. The fruit also helps in preventing the risk of a heart attack and stroke.

4. Increases immunity:
The fruit contains vitamins such as vitamin C and E which help in improving the immune system. Vitamin C increases the number of white blood cells in the body to protect it from viruses and bacteria.

5. Makes skin healthier:
The fruit contains many vitamins which help make the skin healthy and young. The vitamins present in the fruit helps reduce the free radical damage and thus resulting into a clean, spotless face. It also contains anti-aging properties which help in reducing wrinkles and also shield the skin against harmful UV rays.

6. For allergies:
Bahi helps in preventing allergies. If its juice is applied to the skin, it provides instant comfort and relief. It also reduces the inflammation caused by the allergy.

7. For Hair:
Bahi contains essential minerals for the production of red cells, including iron, copper, and zinc. The red blood cells have a much higher rate of production. It also increases the absorption of oxygen into the body and increases blood circulation in the skin, which causes the hair to get more nutrition and thus increases hair growth.

All of the benefits above are true and according to research no harmful effects of the fruits have been registered yet. This means that bahi should be included in everyone’s diet. There is no proof of additional benefits by eating the seed.

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Palak Gosht Step By Step Recipe

Palak Gosht is a famous recipe cooked and followed throughout Pakistan. Palak Gosht (Spinach Meat) is cooked very commonly in Asian countries especially Pakistan and India. KFoods is telling you step by step Palak Gosht Recipe with pictures of each and every step.

Palak is eaten due to two reasons, its nutritional benefits and its good taste. Due to it's good taste, people cook it in different styles with different other ingredients. When cooked with meat, it tastes awesome and so it has become a popular desi recipe.

Learn the palak gosht recipe with step by step guide; you will surely end up with a tasteful Paalak Meal today.

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Health Benefits of Psyllium Husk - Ispaghol Ke Fayde

Health benefits of psyllium husk

Health benefits of psyllium husk (ispagholkefayde) – Psyllium, also known as ispaghol is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantagoovata plant’s seeds. On many occasions it is called ispaghula and it is most commonly used as alaxative. Then again, its benefits don’t end there. Research shows that ispagholis beneficial to many parts of the human body, including the heart and the pancreas.Adding psyllium husk to your diet can reduce constipating and improve water absorption. This can help the stool to soften and make it easier for it to excrete out.

Psyllium (ispaghol) is a soluble fiber that is mainly used for its dietary supplements and is usually found in the form of granules, husk, capsules, or powder. It can also be obtained through fortified breakfast foods, including cereals.

Benefits of ispaghol and the way to use it:

Daily use of ispaghol can solve our everyday health problems. Ispaghol is obtained from seeds of Plate go Ota. It is a fiber and the best source of fiber supplements (nutritional fiber). It can also be combined with cereals to increase the amount of fiber intake. Ispaghol provides approximately 71 grams of fiber and is an excellent natural ingredient for cleansing the large intestine. The skin absorbs excess water from waste and intestines, cleans the digestive tract and solves problems such as diarrhea, constipation and urinary tract infections.

Benefits of ispaghol:

1. Ispaghol can provide extra health benefits including reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the body.

2. Weight can be reduced by a healthy way.

3. Diarrhea due to lack of water can be fixed with ispaghol.

4. Drinking water mixed with ispaghol can help in preventing stool to get stuck and pass smoothly through the digestive tract.

5. Useful in stomach gas and excretion.

6. Ispaghol like high-fiber diet is effective against colon cancer rant and restrains the formation of cancer.

7. It improves the level of cholesterol by regulating blood sugar levels and insulin and prevents the risk of diabetes.

8. It can save parents from its infertility, by reducing the risk of getting bad cholesterol by removing the excess sugar and fat from inside the cells.

9. It keeps the intestines healthy and smoothly keeps the excretion of stool and urine.It also prevents the relapse of hemorrhoids.

10. Using daily twelve-grams of ispaghol can help reduce high blood pressure.

11. Consuming ispaghol can also help reduce hunger. Use a spoon of ispaghol and mix in a glass of water half an hour before eating food.

12. It is also useful for women who are suffering from hormonal problems by balancing the estrogen level in the body and maintaining hormonal balance.

13. It can help with toothache. All you have to do is make a paste out of ispaghol and apply on your teeth for 5 minutes and wash it.

Note. Before consuming ispaghol, read this:

1. Patients with diabetes, kidney problems and other medical condition should ask for the doctor’s permission before consuming the remedy.

2. If you take any medication, eat a spoon of ispagholan hour before or after two hours of having the medicine.

3. Drink eight glasses of water every day. Drink a glass of water right after eating ispaghol.

4. Ispaghol can cause swelling and skin breakage if consumed without proper amount of water.

5. Do not swallow ispaghol if you have a problem or difficulty in the stomach, intestinal injury, or swallowing.

6. Any fiber products may cause gas in stomach and acne.

7. It can increase blood sugar levels.

8. Do not consume it without consultation with the doctor.

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7 Uses of Baking Soda for Beauty and Skin

Find extra-ordinary uses of baking soda for beauty tips and skin benefits in Urdu and English as well.

Baking soda is a common kitchen item found in every home but it's benefits are amazing. It can help in many situations such as to remove skin acne, whitens teeth, improve skin complexion and help reduce rashes and itching.

Here are the top 7 baking soda remedies for beauty and skin whitening.

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Tukhm e Balanga Benefits and Sharbat Recipe

Tukhme Balanga is a healthful aromatic seed with lots of amazing benefits to human health. It is used in various kinds of drinks like rooh afza sharbat, falooda, ice cream, jaggery drink and more. Know where and how this miraculous seed is beneficial to our health along with a very delicious recipe of tukhm e balanga sharbat.

Tukhm Balanga (also know as chia seeds in English and written tukh malanga as well) is simply a healthy gift from nature. Read its benefits in Urdu below.

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