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Yogurt Benefits in Urdu | Dahi Ke Fayde

Yogurt benefits in Urdu (Dahi ke fayde)

Yogurt benefits in Urdu (Dahi ke fayde) are countless when it comes to health, skin and hair care. Women are known to use yogurt in their beauty routine as its health benefits include enhancing complexion and nourishing hair. However yogurt is not only limited to beauty, in factit has also been used to prevent health problems such as hypertension, maintaining cholesterol levels, aiding in digestion, lowering the risk of colorectal cancer and diabetes mellitus, providing omega-3 for vegetarians, helps prevent yeast infections, supporting weight loss, strengthening the immune system, assisting in improving bone health, and promoting better moods.

Although people love yogurt because its good flavor, rich and creamy texture, not many know its health benefits. It is the most consumed among other dairy products in the world and is mostly consumed for cooling the body during summers, breakfast and making smoothies. However, there are many benefits that comes with consuming this delicious snack, in fact, yogurt is considered as a super food like camel milk because of its countless benefits.

The amazing benefits of yogurt
Although yogurt is generally used in our homes for cooking purposes, most of us don’t know the advantages that it comes with. Science has backed up evidence that yogurt not only cools the body down and helps with digestion, but has many other benefits as well. Simply using this recipe, you can prevent a lot of health diseases that otherwise you may be prone to have. These diseases include kidney diseases, hormone problems in women, pediatric health problems in children, urinary tract infection, getting gray hair at a younger age, etc. To prevent these hazards, we have prepared an effective recipe below. Try it and see the difference in your health and even skin in just a few days.

To make this prescription, you need the following ingredients.
Yogurt (Dahi) ............... ½ to 1 kilo
Triphala.......................3 pieces
Sugar ........................... 30 grams
Ajwain ......................... thirty grams
Rhubarb ...................... thirty gram (in proven pieces)
Black salt ..................... thirty grams
Neem seeds................. thirty grams
Baku tree fruit ............. thirty grams
Make the remedy with a clay utensil.

How to Make
Add all the ingredients to the clay utensil (handi) except Dahi.
Finally add Dahi and mix all the ingredients. Wait until all the ingredients are absorbed by the Dahi and then seal the Handi with a clean cloth.
Tie the cloth; keep the Handi in sunlight for twenty days.
After 20 days, take the absorbed ingredients and grind them.

How to Use
The patient with illness and health problems:
Use half-teaspoon in the early morning every day.

For patients with hepatitis and scalp problems:
With Lassi, drink the mixture for a month.

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Why Egg Yolks Are Different Colors

Why egg yolks are different colors

Why egg yolks are different colors – Every once in a while you must have seen, eaten or heard of a “fresh farm” egg and it must have also made you compare your egg to those eggs. That’s when you must have seen the farm fresh egg having an orange yolk and the local egg you eat having a light yellow color. There is nothing special about the difference in color. In fact, the reason why the eggs have a different shade of color is because the hen’s diet is different as compared to the hen who laid the egg to the locally bought egg. However, does it make it more nutritious than regular eggs?

Turns out that egg yolk color is really just an indicator of the hen's diet! If the hen eats a nutritional diet, the egg will be more orange, if the diet ingredients are not healthy enough, it will be slightly yellow and orange and if the diet consists of regular rice then it will be light yellow. In fact, while artificial color additives are not allowed to be added to chicken food, natural pigmentation foods like marigold flowers are sometimes added to the hen’s diet to enhance the yolk’s color.

Why is the difference between the eggs, which healthier chicken does the egg come from? You must read this news next time when buying the egg.

Eggs cannot be different from because of the different colors, such as white or brown, but it can also be different from the color because of the hen’s diet. Although the outer color does not have any relation to the poultry diet, the color of the yellow depends largely on what kind of diet the hen is eating.

According to the website, orange-colored yolk can be perfectly yellow-colored orange-yellow and even orange-colored. If you like eggs, you sure would like to know what the color of different color means.

This report states that the color of the yellow depends on what kind of diet is eating. If the chicken accepts the food that comes from such items like green plants, corn and lousers, the color of its egg will be darkened orange in yellow. Contrary to the diet of birds, wheat, corn white or dough, The items similar to that, the silver of their egg is absolutely yellow.

Any of the above two types of poultry feeding in an independent environment, however, their meat and eggs are better in nutrition than the meat and eggs of the poultry planted in the poultry farm. The poultry diet in the poultry farm is not as healthy as the diet available in the natural environment, there is also a fear that it can be anticipated for anti-biotech ingredients that are dangerous for human health.

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Pani Se Wazan Kam

Pani se wazan kam (Reduce weight by drinking water)

Pani se wazan kam (Reduce weight by drinking water) – Water is an essential part of our lives and it is one of the basic elements required for human survival. It is often advised that one must drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day to flush out all the toxins and to help it to function properly.
Some nutritionists also advise that is great to start you day with a glass of warm water, lime and honey.
It kick-starts your metabolism and does wonders for your overall health. In fact, people in Japan take this advice quite seriously and practice a certain kind of water therapy that is known to help with weight loss and fitness.
A simple practice when done methodically and consistently may help in fighting various health problems. The objective of this therapy is to use water in your daily life to balance and regulate your health.

Through this water, this teenager weakened 27kg, you know the way too
Getting rid of obesity is a lot of life, but a young man in India has reduced 27 kilograms of weight by water. According to Times of India, 31 year old, named Manan Gupta, said, "My weight was increased to 115kg and it was a condition that my breath was flowing by climbing home molds. On this situation, I decided to lose weight. There have been some changes in their diet, began to exercise, and started drinking 5 liters of water daily. Through this procedure, I reduced my weight by 27kg in just 4 months. ".

"I used to eat 4 eggs of white, a whole egg omelette and two slices and I drink a glass of milk," said Mayan Gupta. The lunch used to eat bread, pulses, raw vegetables and lost while eating cheese, a bowl or any vegetable, salad and rice. In the midst of these meals I used to eat lighter food so that every three hours later my stomach Give something to my metabolism faster. In addition, I regularly do an hour in the gym. It's my usual since last four months and now I feel completely fit. "

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Pait Ki Charbi Kaha Jati Hai

Pait ki charbi kahan jati hai

Pait ki charbi kahan jati hai is a very common question that most people who diet ask. It is very mysterious how such a big lump of fat disappears when you reach your fitness goal. Indeed, exercise and diet can help in losing weight by removing you of excess calories. Usually, your body begins the breakdown of fat that is stored in your body through a series of complicated methods. The extra or “burned off” remnants are further on expelled through your lungs, urine and sweat. The whole world is currently obsessed with weight loss, however, very less of us really know what happens to fat that we have eliminated from your body.

What’s interesting is that the most common misconception some people is that all the fat is converted into energy. While others think that the fat turns into muscles or escapes through the colon; this is wrong. So if fat doesn’t escape with energy, muscles or the colon, where does fat go?

Where does fat go after losing weight?
People around the world are worried about excess fat around their waist. They even try various fat killing exercises, nutrients and drinks and sadly, most of them don’t succeed. However, have you ever thought that the fat that people successfully lose, where does it go? This is the question of that almost 98% of doctors fail to answer. However, Australia-based medical experts have now discovered the answer.

The research of the New South Wales reported that the most common misunderstanding in general to doctors is that extra fat breaks down and forms energy. The research said that the problem with this theory is that it does not follow the law of conservation of energy. Researchers say some people think that it replaces the shape of the belly by changing into a form of energy that is impossible, while others feel that it exits the body through the intestines.

So the question is that, if physical fat does not form a shape or waste, then where does this fat go?
The correct answer is that the fat forms carbon dioxide and water. While we breathe out carbon dioxide, water inside the body exits in the form of urine and sweat. According to the research, if a person reduces 10 kg of fat, then 8.4 kg of it comes out through lungs in the form of carbon dioxide. The remaining 1.6 kg is formulated into water and excreted out. This might be a surprise to everyone, but in fact, whatever we eat, it goes out through the lungs or excretes out as urine or stool. All carbohydrates are digestive, whereas all the fat consolidates carbon dioxide and water, it is the same with protein, but it’s the solid materials that are exhausted from the urine.

Apart from this, whatever people swallow absorbs into blood and then exits the lungs. Technically, humans swallow about 600 grams of oxygen daily and it an important element. If you make 3.5 kilograms of food and water in the body, while you also swallow 600 grams of oxygen, then 4.1 kgs needs to excrete out of the body, or it seems to increase the weight of the body further. The easiest way to keep obesity and fat away from you is to eat less and remove more from the body.

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Easy Homemade Hair Fall Solution

We've come up here with an easy hair fall solution at home in Urdu.

Let's read on.

Our hair are the crown of our head. When they tend to fall, it can lead to different problems such as low confidence, personality effect and additional spending of money. Use of various anti-biotic, English or Greek medications can lead to many other problems as well.

Following are some exclusive hair fall tips at home in Urdu. Try these tips if you want to stop falling hair.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis – Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is an emergency or serious medical condition that happens when a blood clot forms in the vein and blocks blood from flowing normally. A deep vein blood clot can produce in any part of the body, however in most cases, it is found in the calf or thigh. The treatment for Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is aimed at preventing the clot from getting bigger. The treatment also prevents the clot from circulating around the body and causing blockage in any organs such as the heart valves or brain.

The sad part is that anticoagulants don't go near the heart so if the clot is headed to your way, you would need to get a professional’s help. They also do not remove the blood clots in small veins in the leg. The body may sometimes eventually dissolve these clots by itself, but in some cases it delivers permanent damage to the delicate veins.

A leg disease may prove to be known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

The organs of the human body perform different functions, and every function is important in its place. While the burden of our whole body lies on the legs and feet, if they stop doing their work then we cannot walk or perform regular tasks. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a complicated problem of blood clotting in the veins or one or both legs. Most of the cases in this disease involve affecting the lower part of the leg.

Large clots made in DVT victims are get completely locked up to lungs and due to which there may be an obstacle in normal blood flow of oxygenating blood. When the lungs fail to perform their function, death can likely occur. In such a situation the treatment becomes hard and long.

Common symptoms of this disease include infections on skin, lower skin, and toe. There is also severe pain in the toe or sole and the skin turns in the color red due to irritation. These are the most common symptoms that also include serious conditions like respiratory obstacles, chest pain, and heart failure.

In addition, the patient also starts coughs blood. DVT is a very complicated disease, according to medical experts and is related to many blood disorders. People who are above seventy years or people with blood disorders are more than twice at risk of the disease. This problem can also be caused by sitting in the same place for hours or not moving the legs. In spite of surgery for any disease, especially after the surgery, the patient's legs should be stimulated separately. Regarding this, the physician should follow immediate instructions.

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Effects of Eating Dates for 12 Continuous Days

No one can deny the positive impacts of eating dates on the human health. Science also accepts the reality that fiber and other nutritional elements in dates are highly beneficial for us.

If you eat 3 dates in a day, your body will see pleasant effects and become more protected from diseases. Additionally, your heart, liver and brain will get invigorated with obvious improvements. You would feel pretty better of yourself. According to food experts, eating dates is also a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Eating dates for continuous 12 days gets you rid of many kinds of health diseases.

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How To Get Rid Of Warts Naturally

How to get rid of warts naturally

How to get rid of warts naturally – First of all, warts are benign skin growths that are caused by the invasion of viruses through a cut on the skin or wound. Moreover, most of them actually come from the human papillomavirus (HPV), which infects the top layer of skin and makes it grow rapidly, creating a wart. You can also catch this virus if you have cuts or wounds on your skin and you touch someone infected. You can also catch the virus by sharing clothes, personal items, razors, towels, etc.

Although anyone can develop warts, children and teens that have a weaker immune system are more prone to have the disease than some people with a stronger immune system.

Treatment of warts on the skin:

Warts are the result of light inflammation caused by a certain kind of virus. It is not possible to detect the obvious time of the virus entering in a healthy person's skin, so it is not possible to say when the virus entered the body or how long it will take to make warts on the skin. In general, it cannot enter the skin suddenly, it needs a cut or an open wound. If there is cut on the skin and the skin is wet and hot, the virus can get the chance to enter the body. Various parts of the body may vary depending on the size of the cysts, as well as the spiraling virus.

Some people have skin or body immunity against this type of virus. There are many types of warts that and many people suffer from different kind of warts. The exact cause of warts have not been found yet, however, it is proven that this disease is contagious, touching one or another, and wearing the clothes, swimming in the same pools as the affected come through the largest cause of the disease’s spread.


In normal situations there are no signs of the viruses of warts. If the skin suffers some kind of an injury, if then there will be signs because when the pain caused from injury causes the surrounding area to be red and hot, the virus then gets attracted to enter into the skin. After a few months of exposure, the skin often swells up into warts. These usually happen on the back side of the hands, on the back of the thighs, the neck, or the eyelids. They cause irritation and pain according to their location. If left alone, the small sized art gets bigger and hangs onto the skin.

Warts Removal

The best treatment of warts is to remove them. It is better to refer to the skin doctor and get a proper medical cure, but if you are not able to do so, use one of the following effective home remedies regularly. Your problem will surely be resolved.

1. Rub sour apple juice on the affected are.

2. Rub onion juice on the wart affected area to remove the warts.

3. Pakistani peacock’s feathers and berry leaves take these two and grind them together. If you need water then you can use yogurt water in the mixture. Apply this mixture three to four times in the affected area (do not use white peacock’s feathers).

4. Take the 9/9 garments of mustard oil, then add 100 grams of wheat and ten to twelve green pepper, then fold and add oil. Afterwards, apply on the site of the wart and when it starts to burn, remove the mixture. Apply these oils twice a day.
The warts will be removed within ten to fifteen days of using this treatment.

5. Dip a cloth in castor oil and wear the cloth all night as a mask.

6. Grind dhaniya (coriander leaves) and oil together

7. Use castor oil for weeks, it can safely and efficiently remove the warts.

8. Take 10 grams of Styrax Benzoin, twenty-two grams of Ornganum Vulgare and Myrth, and thirty grams of Garden cress seeds and Senna Herb Leaves. Grind them for eight minutes in the vinegar and then put the mixture on the wart areas. Then, after removing apply the lotion the affected areas. If pure Benzoin is not available then you can add Benzoic acid in the prescriptions instead of original benzoin. Warts will be removed in two weeks.

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Home Remedy For White Hair In Urdu

Getting white hair at early age is a widespread problem. Even some get it in their teenage.

White or gray hair is a serious menace to girls. They take every possible step to turn their hair black but hardly anything works. Using tonics and low quality hair products even worsen the case. If you are facing white hairs problem, don't worry to go here or there. And also do not spend your money on buying untrusted products from the market. is telling an easy remedy to treat white hair problem in Urdu. This is about making a mixture of honey and flaxseed oil and eating it before the meal.

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Wonders of Mango Peel - Do Not Throw It Away!

Everyone of us is aware of nutritional benefits of mangoes but may not know about the benefits of mango peel. Researchers have made several researches to figure out the effectiveness of mango peel. According to those researches, one benefit of mango skin is that it protects us from various types of cancer and diabetes.

Explore more benefits of mango peels in Urdu as presented by

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