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How to Make Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe

Bottle Gourd Halwa (loki ka halwa) is really a very scrumptious and tasteful sweet dish. Most of you guys may not have tasted this sweet as very few know how to make it correctly.

Eating is Believing!

If you do not believe me, try it to believe.

Prepare today a delicious sweet lauki halwa and while eating, you would agree with me. It's main ingredients include bottle gourd, milk, ghee, green cardamom, sugar, green food coloring, almonds and khoya. Sometimes it is cooked without khoya but I prefer using it as it adds value to the taste desired.

I've made it as easy as possible to make loki halwa for you by presenting the recipe with step by step picture instructions.

Now there is no excuse! :)

Let's start making it.

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Salan Main Namak Kam Karne Ka Tarika

Salan main namak kam karne ka tarika

Salan main namak kam karne ka tarika are ways you can reduce the quantity of salt in the food you make. Most of us have been in prickly situations where we have added too much salt to our cooked masterpieces. The situation is heart-breaking and it might have taken you several hours to cook that dish, moreover, think about all the food loss! Salt is something that if you add a little too much to it, it completely wastes the entire dish due to its overpowering taste and quality to dampen the aroma of the beautiful dish altogether.

The worst part is that up until now, you might have thrown many dishes because you thought there was no other way of neutralizing the large amount of salt. However, that’s not true, so don’t throw the dish away! Instead of using a spoon or sprinkling it, using your fingers can decrease the chance of adding too much salt. Here are some easy tricks you can use to help yourself from saving that salted dish! You can thank us later.

Overcoming the problem of too much salt in a dish is so simple!

You may or may not believe but, many women and men face this kind of problems in the kitchen. When you taste a dish you have taken several hours to make for an important dinner and then taste it to find out that it has too much salt. Moreover, there’s no time for cooking another meal. What do you do? You must wonder if there’s any way you can neutralize the salt. In fact, there really is such a simple solution!

Ball of dough
Make little round balls of kneaded dough (approximately ½ inch size) and place it in the pot of curry. Leave the dough in curry for 10-15 minutes and then remove it before serving. Taste the curry yourself; you will be amazed to notice such reduction in salt in the curry. In fact, this dough is known to suck in salt, without eliminating other flavors of the dish.

Boiled potatoes
Don’t want to use the balls of kneaded dough? No problem. It may be helpful to use boiled potatoes as well! Boil a potato in a small put and put a piece (1/2 inch) in the curry. The boiled potato will also suck the salt in. You can also choose to leave the potato in with the curry as it can turn into a different dish altogether! If not, leave the potatoes in the curry to cook for 10 minutes before removing the potato slice.

Water can also help. Just add some water in the pot and let it boil. It will lose the excess salt after a few minutes of boiling and will also increase the amount of curry.

Milk can be used as an alternative to water, but it is better than water. But if it does not reduce excess salt then don’t worry. It actually thickens the sauce and flavor so that they cancel out the excess salt.

If the curry is dry and you’re making a dry dish like chicken karahi, then this may be very helpful. Yogurt helps in reducing excess salt. However, don’t add too much yogurt as it can ruin the dish.

The taste of the cream may also help neutralize the taste of excess salt. If it’s a dry dish, the taste will be even better!  

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Jaldi Boorha Nahi Hona To Ye Adat Chor Dain (Anti Aging Tip)

Useful anti aging tips in Urdu for those who want to prevent early aging.

If you want to stay younger for long, then you have to avoid doing one thing.

You know what?

Carry reading on.

According to a newly conducted health research, it has been revealed that drinking water directly from bottle can lead you toward early agedness.

Read more about anti aging in Urdu.

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5 Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Recipes with Chicken

If you were looking specifically for "What can I make with chicken and bell peppers"?
Bravo! is sharing 5 scrumptious recipes of capsicum and chicken with tasteful spices from Pakistani cuisines. You would surely enjoy most of the recipes provided here.

Bell Pepper also known as capsicum is although kind of peppers however it is not bitter or pungent. It has a pleasant aroma which can be felt while eating a meal made with capsicum. Cooked chunks of capsicum give an unbeatable eating pleasure.

Here are the top 5 recipes using chicken and peppers (capsicum).

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Naaf Utar Jane Ka Ilaj

Naaf utar jane ka ilaj

Naaf utar jane ka ilaj is an effective way to treat pain on your on your navel area. A navel or belly button pain can disturb or make anyone anxious because it is a rare feeling that is very uncommon. Belly button pain can be mild or sharp and it can be constant pain or something that comes and goes. The pain may only contain near your belly button or sometimes even move to other parts of the body as well. However, it is also important to know that the type of pain you feel can come from different causes. For example, belly button pain isn’t a condition on its own, but the cause can lie somewhere else and belly button pain can act as a guiding light to what condition it really is.

To eliminate the pain, sometimes the pain can be treated quickly using anti-biotic however, other times even surgery is required.

What are the causes of navel pain and how to treat it?
Maybe you've ever heard someone saying that an organ has fallen out of place. Indeed, there is no proof that some organ has been displaced. However, it is true that this problem may be caused by heavy weight lifting and can make it hard to eat food. Usually, the symptoms may include stomach pain, acidity, abdomen pain, eating disorders, etc.

How to check if you have navel pain?
Put the thumb on the navel before breakfast, if there is a sense of vibration or pulsation, the navel is in place; otherwise they have been out of place. Likewise, another way is to lay down the bed and keep your two hands in both sides of your body. Stretch your legs upwards to the roof, if both of them are not parallel and equal then you might have navel pain.

What is the treatment?
One of the best treatments is to take dry tea leaf, grind it well and then drink this with saffron in a glass of water. This will end stomach pain, but some people take longer time to relax.
Sit in the same way spread the legs in front of them, then turn your right leg and spread your hands forward and try touching the left leg thumb and repeat it 7 times. Then spread legs straight and twists the left leg and touch the right leg thumbs, repeat this process for 7 times, this exercise will return back to its place.

Another way is to massage the affected area, which will help reduce abdominal pain and navel will come back to its original place in a few days.

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Never Put A Lemon Wedge In Your Water Again

After reading this article, you would never put a lemon wedge in water or even on the edge of your glass.

Usually, in restaurants, piece of a cut lemon is attached on brim of your drink glass. Some people even soak it in the drink. Now according to the latest research, health experts have disclosed that it is home of bacteria.

Wet lemon is able to absorb 100% dangerous bacteria in it whereas in a dry lemon, this ratio is up to 30%.

Read more about risks of putting lemon wedge in water in Urdu below.

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10 Ways a Wife Can Influence the Heart of Her Husband

10 ways a wife can influence the heart of her husband

10 ways a wife can influence the heart of her husband and make him open up to you in these simple and effective ways. Firstly, it is important to know that many couple conflicts in marriage trace back to negative attitudes and stress which may slowly decay their love for each other. A husband ideally cherishes his wife and wants to ensure her happiness. Which is why, many of his choices in his daily life may revolve around pleasing her. Of course, this is the best scenario when it comes to marriage life. While the wife takes care of the house and performs daily chores to make her husband feel welcomed, the husband showers his wife with an easy lifestyle and gifts. It goes both ways.

The most important fact to realize if you want to influence your husband is that a wife holds power in channeling her husband to become the best version of him. Remember, if you love your husband, breaking his spiritual and emotional well-being might not be the best way to win his mind over. If you really want to influence your husband, try these 10 effective steps and surely, you will see the result in a few days.

10 effective ways to win the heart of your husband:
Men have different needs than women. Good behavior with your husband is the basis of a good married life. Through including a few steps in a wife’s daily interacting with her husband, the wife can win the heart of her husband and can assure that she loves him well.

1. Do not complain about your husband to your or his family.
Often when women meet their families, they talk about their husband’s bad habits. Remember, your husband trusts you with his habits and secrets so if you display them in front of other people, it can cause shame for your husband. Doing such things can cause cracks in a marvelous married life, but it is also a sin to talk behind someone’s back. You may think you’re just talking about your husband because you love him, but he may think otherwise.
If you have any problem with your husband, confront him about it directly, instead of telling other people about it. Communication is the key to any relationship and talking to your husband first can greatly increase trust between you two.

2. Appreciate your husband:
Do not let anyone talk negatively about your husband or insult him. If so, defend him and honor him as you would compliment yourself. The more you appreciate his existence, habits and personality, the more he will feel confidence about himself. Moreover, it will increase his love and respect for you as well, allowing him to do the same for you if someone insults you behind your back.

3. Cook good things for him:
A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Similarly, if you prepare his favorite food especially for him, it makes him realize how much you cherish him. When he returns from work, he will see you trying hard to make him happy and it will make him appreciate you more.

4. Express appreciation:
Appreciate and thank him for all that he did and whenever he does something for you. If he realizes that his efforts were successful, he will want to work harder for you and this will increase his love for you.

5. Give importance to what your husband choices:
Do the things he likes. For example, if he wants to watch a late-night football match or choose a place that he wants to go with you, let him do it. If he makes a decision regarding your future, respect his choice. Don’t force him to do everything your way. If you respect his choices in everything, not only will it make him love you more, but it will let him know that you cherish his word.

6. Help around the House:
If don’t create a budget for your house and complain about lack of money every time then your husband will feel like he isn’t enough for your needs. Plan your monthly budget according to his salary well so that you can manage yourself and your home. This will make him feel more welcomed and remove the negative atmosphere from your home.

7. Fulfill your husband’s needs:
Be ready for your husband when he comes home. At the end of the week, prepare his favorite dinner and dress up freshly so that when he comes home, he will be happy to see you. After that, show him some love and try to please him sexually. This will help him feel complete at home and look forward to every day with you.

8. Honor his family:
Everyone loves their family and respects them. So, if you want to get your husband’s love, respect and cherish his family members.

9. Take care of him when he’s sick:
When a man is ill, he becomes like a child. He will want attention and affection so treat him like a child and make sure he gets better. Once he gets better, he will start appreciate having you around more.

10. Don’t argue in front of your children:
Do not fight your husband in front of your children. If the children see your husband in his angry state, they will begin to distance themselves from him. This will reduce the honor they had for their father and they might even learn to fight others. They will begin to show disrespect to others. Show your children that you both are not self-immersed or negative by creating a positive environment at home.
If you add all these advises to your daily habit, your husband’s love and respect for you will increase and your house will become a paradise for both of you.

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How To Lose 20Kg Weight In 1 Month

How to lose 20 kg weight 1 month

How to lose 20 kg weight 1 month is a natural remedy that can help you lose weight in just 4 weeks or 1 month. Obesity is a serious problem that is slowly affecting the health of many and most of all for a woman, it is socially unacceptable. Harsh reality but if you want to lose that 20 kg, you need something more than just a month of gym exercises. The sad part is that, to achieve this hard goal, many go to the point of starvation and end up stripping their body off vital nutrients necessary to keep the body going. However, weight loss is not something that can be achieved within a day or week. It is a process that needs time, patience, lots of natural and healthy foods.

Many of us have put this misconception in our minds that by starving, we can achieve our weight loss goals. However, that’s completely false. Weight loss actually depends upon a healthy lifestyle that revolves around a balanced diet and regular exercise. These two components help achieve your ideal weight loss goal in a steady timeline. Moreover, healthy natural remedies like this one can help you reduce weight faster. The tips given below do promise drastic weight loss and will definitely help you to lose around 20 kg within a month.

Easy solution to reduce weight fast:

Most people think that consuming Desi Ghee is harmful, increases fat in your body and helps you gain weight easily. However, this concept is not correct. In fact, this pure ghee is made in rich cow milk and such excellent ingredients that are essential for a healthy body. Similarly, fatty acids are richer than fatty vitamins, because fatty acids help in body weight reduction.

Even Bollywood’s star Kareena Kapoor also gained weight after her son’s birth. Desi Ghee helped her reduce that weight of 20kg in just a few months, which she revealed in an interview. So, if you want to reduce fat in your body, desi ghee can be very helpful.

How will this help?
Desi Ghee is full of important amino acids that help reduce fat and fat cells. If you feel that the body is fast accelerating fat then the intake of desi ghee can be helpful. Similarly, there is also a lungolic acid which is a type of omega-fatty acids, which helps in physical loss of weight. Omega-fatty acid also helps in reducing the volume of fat, which helps in preventing stomach from bloating. There are also omega-fatty acids available in desi Ghee, which are beneficial for reducing the spread of fat around the waist.

There are other advantages of its functional use, such as improving the immune system, which further helps in body weight loss.

What should I take care of?
Although desi can be beneficial for body weight loss, it is necessary to understand that excessive use of anything is harmful.
The desi ghee intake should remain in moderation and make a part of the diet. One and two tea spoons per day should be used daily for the maximum benefits.
With its help, you will get rid of fat, but also eat healthy food and exercise regularly so that the physical weight can be maintained.

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Khubani Ki Giri Mout Ka Bais Ban Sakti Hai

Apricot is a healthy and nutritional fruit which everyone likes to eat. One important thing in apricot is it's almond which tastes like common almonds. Almost everyone who eats an apricot also like to eat the almond of apricots.

But do you know that doing so might be dangerous?

Even it can risk the life.

Read more about apricot almond (khubani ka badam) in Urdu.

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Is Vegetable Oil Bad For You?

Is vegetable oil bad for you?

If you think back, the consumption of vegetable oils has increased drastically since the past century. The reason is because many mainstream health advisors have considered them healthy. However, it is a proven fact that not all kinds of vegetable oils are suited for the human body. In fact, some of them might even increase the rate of death and cause health problems along the way. It is important to know that every plant comes with different kind oils and fatty acids and not all of them are the correct ones for our body. It also depends on how they have been processed.

Usually, the first thing a doctor will advise you if you want to get healthier is to change your diet to a healthier and more natural one. Most of them will even advise you to eat less animal fat. For example, eliminating butter from your diet and shifting to vegetables like olives, corn and vegetable oils. They’ll immediately tell you that it’s better for your heart health. However, the truth is, some vegetable oils do decrease cholesterol but increases chance of heart diseases.

The existence of fat and grease in cooking oils and fats are mostly the cause of 5 million deaths a year, because of their existence in foods. According to world Health Organization (WHO), ghee and other cooking oils come from various plants and animals. The grease obtained from these sources is harmful to human health and can cause diseases like heart diseases.

According to a report from WHO, oils that come from fat and processed in various modern methods and factories, are hazardous to health and can be a valid cause for death. It has been said that the WHO has launched a worldwide campaign against fat in cooking oils that are used to make sweets and food. The campaign is supposed to start from this May onwards.

The World Health Organization launched a greasy and fat-eradication campaign from cows and cooking oils, asking governments of all countries of the world to take measures to encourage trans-fat use. WHO reported in all its report that the transit of wheat and cooking oil will be terminated for next 5 years? The organization demanded all the countries of the world to consume fat and greasy till 2023 and to eliminate the cooking oil, saying that it has been destroyed by many valuable human beings.

After the launch of the campaign from the World Health Organization, many countries along with the United States of America has started taking natural fat cooking oils made from sunflower seeds or olive oil. Mainly because olive oil and sunflower oil is considered safer than other vegetable oils. However, many countries, including Pakistan, have still not taken any immediate measures in this regard. It is believed that in modern ways, trans-fat chemicals that come from vegetable, plants and animals are extracted into oil.

Trans-fat is usually included in cooking oil to keep cooked dishes fresh for a long time. According to experts, the fat included in these vegetable oils cause diseases, including obesity, diabetes and blood pressure, which sometimes may cause death.  

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