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Top 5 Chaat Recipes - Easy, Quick & Delicious

In Pakistan, the word “chaat” is a delicious combination of mouth-watering snacks. Moreover, in the Indian subcontinent, chaat is considered to be a way of life and it even has its own category that includes a lot of different varieties. We have a plentiful list of delicious top 5 chaat recipe that include, papdi chaat recipes, aloo chaat recipes, and chana chaat recipes. You can also prepare these easy chaat recipes for parties that pull everyone to the dining table with its craveable smell and taste that bursts into your mouth with sweet, sour, tangy, and spicy flavor with crunchy texture. You can learn in the recipes above on how to prepare chat items at home and then how to prepare chat recipe at home.
Chaat can be enjoyed anytime as it is light and can be eaten for breakfast, as an afternoon snack or even for dinner. Chaat is also a combination of many delicious ingredients like puffed rice, paapri, chickpeas, and finely chopped onions and tomatoes. These ingredients are then mixed with yogurt, chaat masala, sweet and sour chutney and finally garnished with coriander leaves. Each of these ingredients contributes to producing a mash of mouth-watering flavors and textures.

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Dahi (yogurt) Khane ke Fayde

Dahi (Yogurt) khane ke fayde

Dahi (Yogurt) khane ke fayde – Yogurt is a popular treat that has been produced by fermentation of bacteria for centuries. The bacteria that are used to ferment the yogurt are called yogurt cultures, and they ferment a natural sugar called lactose which is found in milk. The fermentation process produces lactic acid which causes milk to transform into a thick substance called yogurt, along with its own unique flavor and texture. Moreover, yogurt can be made from all types of milk such as skim milk which is considered fat-free, whole milk which are considered full-fat and plain cow milk.

Although we have been told all our life that bacteria is a bad thing. Turns out, there are some good bacteria that your body needs to have a good digestive tract. For e.g., you might have heard about probiotic, which literally translates to ''for life,''. It refers to living organisms that can result in a health benefit when eaten in adequate amounts.

Benefits of eating yogurt:
Not only our diet routines change in the Holy month of Ramadan, but because of the heat, thirst and hunger, the stomach becomes upset. To keep the body safe, the use of yogurt is essential as it has a magical effect which removes the problems in the digestive system, throat, intestinal bleeding, physical weakness, lack of blood, and drowsiness. It is useful for those who do not have milk or who do not like milk.

Calcium, protein and probiotic ingredient are one of the best food-rich foods available in yogurt. It can also be called the ‘Super Hero of Dairy Products’!

It is common in food and there are a lot of benefits from the yogurt to the body. It would not be wrong to say that it is a complete diet. Some people also say that it is more beneficial than milk. It has been a part of human diet for centuries. It enhances a person’s immune system strength, which protects him from all the internal and external threats. The greater the protection of human beings, the more they will be safe from the diseases.

There are many advantages of consuming yogurt:
• It helps keep the PH balance in the body.
• The yogurt prevents acidity in the stomach.
• Essential nutrients available in it can be easily absorbed into the body.
• It also helps in digesting other nutrients.
• Calcium contained in the diet prevents the body from becoming cortisol. Cortisol causes problems like hyper-tension and obesity.

According to a research, if 18 ounces of yogurt is eaten daily, it helps in melting fat. It prevents cartridge emissions from fatty cells and increases the balance of weight. Calcium and phosphorus present in the yogurt make bones and teeth strong. Permanent use of ghee preserves the risk of osteoporosis. Every household uses yogurt in their daily food routines in Pakistan.

Yogurt used to be made in bamboo baskets. The bamboo basket had milk in fermentation process and dropped at the bottom of the sea. It was given four days to become yogurt and when taken out, the milk was found to be turned into found a thick layer of cream, sugar and milk. Since then, people used to make yogurt by fermenting it using the coolness of the sea and keep it preserved.

It contains calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, which are essential elements for the health of the human body. Yogurt can also be applied on skin and hair to make it healthy. Yogurt is additionally used in many home remedies, which make skin and hair beautiful.

If the yogurt is put on the face, it acts as a bleaching agent and makes skin soft and moisturized. It is useful for the health and strength of the hair, it also removes hair dryness. Lactic acid present in the yogurt eliminates the fungal infection as well. Apart from this, it can be used as a cooling agent. Due to the strengthening of the body, experts from Ireland said that the use of yogurt is the essential to strengthen the bones.

According to researchers, human body needs good bacteria and important nutrients in the yogurt to strengthen their bones and remain strong, which can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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Jism Main Pani Ki Kami Poori Karne Ka Tarika

Jism main pani ki kami poori karne ka tarika

Jism main pani ki kami poori karne ka tarika – Dehydration is a condition that can occur in all age groups. It is the loss of water and loss of body fluids through excretory routes. When water is less in the body, more water moves out of the individual cells and then out of the body than what is initially consumed through drinking. Scientifically, when a person loses a lot of water from their body, it means the person had lost the necessary fluid so the body begins to lose its ability to function normally. Then the body begins to produce symptoms that act as warning signs. These can include dizziness, fatigue, unable to concentrate, etc.

Although infants and children are more at risk with losing water, many adults have certain risk factors that they need to battle by drinking water. Moreover, it is not hard to lose water because people (and animals) lose water every day through any means including sweat, tears, urine, stool, and so on. We even lose water as we exhale out air!

Ramadan month: Seven ways to remove water shortage
Ramadan is coming in the summer season for quite a few years now and the biggest challenge is to stay hydrated during the fast so that you can worship and perform religious duties without any harm. Due to fasting, water can be reduced in the body and this can cause dehydration. To prevent this, consume a lot of water and fruit juices in your diet. Add more milk, yogurt and fruits in your diet as well.

Due to the heat in the month of Ramadan these past few years, the body is in constant heat and to prevent heat stroke, the body cools itself down with sweat. To help keep most water in, there are 7 easy suggested methods by a specialist to drink water so that it can meet the body’s daily requirement. Drink at least 2 glasses of water without relying on juices and cold drinks during the time you are allowed to eat. It will increase your water intake in the body. You can also consume nutrients in which the amount of water is high such as watermelon, cucumber, salad etc. These will meet your body's water requirement.

However, do not drink 7 to 8 glasses of water at the same time because it can be harmful you’re your health and there are chances that only a quarter of that amount will get absorbed. The rest will be excreted.

After fasting, drink 2 glasses of water, go to taraweeh and pray. Then take a bottle of water and drink it. Keep a water bottle near you at all times. Do not go to hot or sunny places during summer.

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Ramadan Main Ye Kam Na Krain

Ramadan main ye kam na krain

Ramadan main ye kam na krain – Ramadan the Holy month in the book of Islam which is a time of rules and regulations. However, it also brings out joy, fulfillment, spiritual happiness, and patience. It's a time for self-restriction, empathy and piety. Because if you can refrain from fun for God's sake, it will be easier for you to turn away from what is unlawful and forbidden. The Quran describes fasting as a way to learn piety and righteousness. Fasting provides us with motivation, self-control and firm will to give up bad manners and habits.

We must raise the bar every Ramadan and make it a month of positivity. Quitting food from dawn to dusk is only the first step, but what follows is even more important.

Do not do these mistakes in Ramadan
Ramadan is a month with great blessings and patience. Its importance proves to be different from every day aspects of life. In this blessed month of the year, we get the opportunity to worship Allah and cleanse our sins with the mercy of Lord Almighty. However, we should definitely take some precautions in order to make Ramadan a fulfilled one by fasting, to spend Ramadan with honesty, empathy, and by being healthy, so we can worship more and more in this holy month.

Food is necessary for the stomach in a person and strengthens the stomach’s immune system. This keeps virus and bacteria from severely harming the digestive system. Lack of food often causes different diseases, such as diarrhea, acidity, stomach infections, etc. If you start eating less food, then there is severe weakness, then with the stomach, the alkaline is more effective than the infected person. To ease your stomach, try spinach with simple bread or double bread. Apart from that, using dal or low-lubricants such as any sweet syrup juice or refreshing fruit juice which can be used after the meals.

Consume less rice dishes in the morning and avoid foods like eggplant, cabbage, etc. Another thing to consider is to not eat eggs or ingredients that increase thirst in the morning. These precautions will help you all day during your fast and reduce the thirst and hunger. If you want to eat these ingredients, eat it after iftar and keep your daily work after the evening because relaxing is important and can be important for the body.

Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam, it is very important for medical and religious beliefs. Both of these things are very useful for health. According to modern research, there is some nutrition the stomach strengthens the muscles and improves blood circulation. The use of food is not only to get strong bones, but it gives the physical body energy away and eliminates the weakness of the body.

Use a little hot water immediately after iftari can also increases the performance of the gastrointestinal and helps to eliminate the acidity in the stomach. Minimize the excessive consumption of unhealthy food items. In iftari, yogurt and vegetables are the healthiest choice, along with meat. French fries or greesy foods are a no. Minimize the consumption of samosa, rolls, etc.

Do not eat food immediately after iftar, eat something light like an appetizer and eat dinner after two hours. Make habit that you should take a little bit after fasting. While you pray taraweeh, etc. the stomach becomes exercised and the digestive system becomes active. It is also necessary to walk after a meal so that the food gets digested. Otherwise the food gets slowly digested after eating or will not be properly digested. After iftar, try to drink fresh juices so that the body becomes stronger.

A few medical benefits to fasting:
Keeping daily fast also benefits people who are addicted to tobacco or other drugs. Thirty days training can strengthen their nerves and strength their resistance to drugs or smoking. Apart from this, those who want to lose their weight keep fast and ban fried food. The blessings of fasting in one month will clearly reduce their weight.

The positive effects on the body on a daily basis are the most significantly advantages mentioned, it is also important because it strengthens health and gives the heart and the soul protection.

Similarly, due to fasting for one month gives the body relaxation on digestion. It has amazing effect on liver and other organs due to less work load for four to six hours.

The combined effect of fasting and wudoo, which produces strong harmony, sets an unprecedented balance of blood during the brain, which indicates a healthy nervous system.

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Highway Karahi Recipe

Here is the recipe of highway karahi also known as Super highway karahi. This refers to karahi available at dhaba restaurants at Karachi to Hyderabad highway. Generally, the taste we find with it is not available at restaurants within the city and that's something unique of it.

If you used to visit highway restaurants to taste this special karahi, now need not!

Ask your wife, mom or sister and she will prepare this spicy chicken karahi for you, however first bring them the ingredients.

Find highway karahi recipe in Urdu step by step below.

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Ramzan Se Pehle Ki Tayari

Ramzan se pehle ki tayari

Ramzan se pehle ki tayari – Did you know that the companions of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) used to prepare for the Holy month of Ramadan six months in advance? Of course, nobody said that you have to fast for the six previous months as well. But if you really want to know what you can do to please your lord before Ramadan, there are things you need to prepare right now! As we all know, fasting is the abstaining from food for a month but most importantly it is the abstaining of indecent speech and lustful desires. Fasting pushes us to be honest and pious with our actions, to be patient and to be ethical, thereby increasing our taqwa (God-consciousness).

There are many ways we can improve different aspects of our life, so that we can fully benefit from Ramadan, a time when good deeds are multiplied. In order to take fully learn from this holy month, we need to prepare ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically. Insha’Allah if we constantly improve ourselves, then when Ramadan is near, we will be able to easily fast and contain ourselves.

Prepare yourself for Ramadan in these 8 ways:
Most of us think that we are fully prepared for this month at the beginning of Ramadan, but that’s far from the truth. Moreover, if plan it carefully, it can become even more easy to accept sudden change in everyday routines.

Fasting of Ramadan is coming in hot weather these past few years, and it can be very difficult to contain hunger and thirst 6-15 hours for the body, but here are some ways to give your body enough to fast. Will prepared this long list for you:

Use of Food
Start eating at reasonable or moderate quantities and do not eat too much food just because Ramadan has started and you didn’t get to eat all day. In fact, doing so increases your hunger, and it becomes more difficult to tolerate hunger during fasting.

Avoid Junk Food
Usually you are invited to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in normal days and avoid getting tempted by it. Because during your Ramadan period you get two limited times, Sehr and Iftar, and if you eat them from the junk food, you will get the same amount of food but limited nutrition.

Reduce Coffee intake
If you want to avoid headache in just a few days before Ramadan, start using plenty of coffee and try to make it go away so that you do not want to spend it during fasting.

Avoid smoking
There are many such things that we need to abstain from in Ramadan such as smoking, anger, focus on different things and others. Without any preparation we will not be able to avoid it as efficiently. These little things should be controlled before Ramadan. Only reduce the amount of smoking during the day, so during fast it will not get hard for you to control. But if you don’t, try to avoid it for a few days before Ramadan, and then it may be a good month. Become the salvation of good habits.

Quick breakfast
During Ramadan, we wake up early so that we can eat our stomach full before the first prayer call and leave healthiness behind without any validity. Now Ramadan has finished, but next year if you practice waking up for sehri just a few days before Ramadan, your body will ready for it, and it will not be hard to face the sleepiness.

Sleeping control
If you are addicted to sleeping late, start regulating your sleep patterns before Ramadan, because during Ramadan you have to wake up early in the morning. Try to adopt a habit of sleeping soon or afternoon. Instead of sleeping late at night.

The food plan can save you from many difficulties before Ramadan, especially during the first week of Ramadan when you are busy adjusting your routine. The first menu of your daily diet should be made with proper planning. Get ready, set a list of ingredients that can be needed and bring them before Ramadan so that your body stays energy-efficient.

Fasting before Ramadan
Could you do this more than just about preparing yourself for Ramadan? If you keep some fasting from Ramadan a few days back, it is helpful to adopt Ramadan routines. This also gives you an opportunity to pay the expense for fasting for some reason last year.

Refer to the doctor
If you are concerned about fasting due to any type of diabetes, blood pressure, or any other health problem then consult your doctor immediately. The doctor is more elaborate whether it is safe for you to fast or not.

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Makhsoos Ayam (Periods) Main In Bato ka Khayal Rakhe

Makhsoos ayam periods main in bato ka khayal rakhe

Makhsoos ayam periods main in bato ka khayal rakhe – To make your menstrual days as comfortable as possible, we have complied a list of things you can follow to have a peaceful period’s cycle. First of all, when you're on your periods, your body is in no condition to do the number of activities that you are supposed to do. But in fact, there are a number of things you should not be doing while you’re on your periods. Not just because you don’t feel energetic enough but because it will increase those stomach cramps more and maybe even harm your health. Certainly, that time of the month is already hard, why make it harder by performing hard activities?

Even a tiny bit of fluctuations in hormones during the menstrual cycle can affect your neurotransmitters which are responsible for functions like mood, appetite, libido, anxiety, pain, emotion, and pleasure. Moreover, the changes in the levels of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone throughout your period cycle are also responsible for many of the changes including breakouts on the face, tender breasts, pimples, etc. So, how can you take care of yourself? Read below to find out. ?

How to take care of your body during menstrual cycle: ?

Women in their periods do extensive work which makes their body encounter some complications. Keep the following tips in mind to avoid making your special days a disaster. ?

1. Remember to relax:
Try to relax for the first three days of your mensuration cycle, this will relax your body and give it time to work on its healing or after-menstruation process.

2. Avoid taking a bath:
On the first day of your menstrual cycle, it is best to not shower or bath. This is because a little changes I your body temperature can greatly affecting your menstrual system. It is best to use warm water to bathe or shower.

3. Do not drink cold beverages:
Cold water should be avoided during periods as it changes the body temperate which can greatly affect your hormones. Always drink plain water.

4. Food items:
Make sure to eat hot food and beverages during your periods. Avoid eating cold drinks or snacks such as ice cream. Eat foods such as eggs and oats. This process helps to relief pain from occurring in menstrual periods.

5. Avoid work that involves water:
Working that requires water, e.g. dish washing, clothes washing; cleaning the swimming pool, etc. should be avoided as cool water prevents menstrual process. In the first three days, working around water should be avoided.

6. Do not pick up heavy weight:
If you’re a regular visitor to the gym or do a lot of heavy chores at home, avoid taking heavy tasks during your menstrual cycle, as it can greatly affect your health.

7. Take care of your hygiene:
In this case, women need to be self-aware of their personal hygiene, especially during periods when their body is inulneration to germs and infections.

8. Visit the doctor:
If you do not ignore these things advises and encounter a health problem such as low blood pressure, visit the doctor.

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Garam Mausam Mein Khajoor Khana

Garam mausam mein khajoor khana

Garam mausam mein khajoor khana – You may be advised by many people to eat dates (khajoor) during summers as they are beneficial but let’s see if they really are. Temperature around the world is soaring high due to Global Warming and there have been many alerts of heat stroke within the country. To fight this, many of us are loading up on coolants which include both foods and drinks. However, some fruits like mangoes and other foods are known to produce heat in the body and apparently, dates top the list. Dates are originally known to be consumed during winters; however, most health experts will not recommend you to consume them in summers. In fact, they will tell you to avoid eating them!

Although these delicious treats are nutritious, they supply a large amount of heat to the body and that may not be a good scenario during heat stroke alerts. Apart from the sweet flavor, they supply large amounts of energy and various other health benefits including fiber, minerals, vitamins and help relief constipation, diarrhea and other intestine problems. So, what’s the best way to consume dates without fearing the consequences of hot summers? Check out the answer below! !

Can you eat dates during summer? !

Ramadan is the month of infinite blessings in the calendar of Islam and many Muslims look forward to it every year. And honestly, who can forget the fulfilling dates during iftari? As narrated by Sunnah, it is extremely helpful in increasing blood in the body to treat diseases like anemia. However, did you know that it gives a large amount of heat to the body? So, is there a way to get all the benefits of eating dates without increasing body heat? There is! !

But before we tell you that, let’s look at the benefits: !


• Eating dates enhances your digestion and eliminates any chances of getting intestinal diseases.
• It is perfect for bones as several minerals present in dates strengthen them.
• Dates are one of the best ways to prevent anemia because it helps increase blood in the body.
• It helps to enhance physical energy.
• Can help improve heart health.
• Dates also help enhance the immune system and healing system.

Apart from these advantages, there are many others. According to some specialists in medicine, dates increase body temperature and therefore it is more beneficial to eat during winters. However, it can be eaten in summer. Consumers should make sure to eat only 2-3 dates a day and not more than that. Dates can be the best fruits during summer, if eaten in moderate servings. Eating in high dosage does not only increase physical temperature but also cause other problems such as stomach pain, etc.

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Ab Galy Huye Kaily Na Phainkay

Find out some amazing health benefits of ripe banana (Galay Huwe Kele Ke Faide in Urdu). After reading these banana benefits, you would never discard ripe bananas anymore.

Banana is a fruit available for all 365 days. It is the only fruit that not only children but elders also eat very happily. Besides being delicious in taste, bananas are also full of nutrition.

Following are some health benefits of ripe banana (kele ke fayde in Urdu).

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