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How Can Heat Stroke Be Avoided?

Heat stroke can be deadly you know?

Mostly, aged people are affected more with a sun stroke as their body accepts cold and hot instantly. Getting a heat stroke turns body red and fever.

According to health experts, heat stroke can take the life. If the one affected with stroke is taken care of reasonably, he could be saved.

Here are some more tips on how can heat stroke be avoided in Urdu. Read and protect yourself.

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Health Effects of Eating Raw Tomatoes

Rozana 2 Tamatar Aur Saib Khane Kay Heran Kun Faiday

In this article you are going to find out some amazing benefits of eating tomatoes . tomatoes are actually a fruit but also used in cooking and taken as a vegetable. According to a research done in Europe consumption of 1 tomato daily can save from lung cancers and other dangerous diseases.. in 2002 a research was done by a renown research centre of Europe in which they took 686 cigarette smokers who were suffering from different lung diseases and fed them daily with raw tomatoes and apple and after 10 years they found the results that they had better health condition than before . According to experts , intake of a tomato and ¾ of apple daily lower the chances of lung cancers and other respiratory diseases which happens due to smoking. However expert have not clarified that whether tomatoes should be taken in raw form or cooked. Hope you like this wonderful information , if yes, then must give your reviews and spread the useful information .

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Makeup Ke Sath Sona

sleeping with makeup on

Makeup ke sath sona (sleeping with makeup on) – It is very important to take your makeup off before going to bed and sleeping. However, sometimes due to our busy schedule we often get very tired and taking it off seems like a drag. Many women often end up sleeping with makeup on because they think it will not damage their skin a lot, but in fact it does! Your skin repairs itself at night while you sleep and it needs to be clean in order for your body to repairing of cells and remove damaged ones. So, makeup basically ruins or blocks the process. Our foundation attracts dust and pollutants and it even has bad chemicals that start to damage your skin after sometime. Dirt and bacteria gets trapped in pores which creates breakouts, pimples and infection on your face.

Even lightweight makeup carries strong chemicals that work with the bacteria to damage to your skin. Your makeup routine may only consists of using a moisturizer/BB cream and a little mascara but it still needs to be washed away before going to sleep. If you don’t want to wash it away, use cleansing toner and wipe your face with it to remove the bacteria and makeup. There are no exceptions! Here are some harmful consequences of sleeping with your makeup on.

It can be very dangerous to sleep without removing the makeup:

When girls and women come back from a function, party or a long day of work, the most difficult task for them is to remove the makeup off their face. Often, they do not clean it because they think it will not do any damage. However, it can be very harmful and here are the hazards sleeping with make up on causes:

Eye infection:
Eye makeup is very important when it comes to looking beautiful. However, if this makeup is not washed, not only will the eye turn red (because the bacteria caught by the makeup will enter the eye), but there can also be a big risk of getting eye infections or even blindness! Take very good care of your eyes by removing the makeup.

Blemishes on the Face:
Removing make-up from your face before sleeping is very important for skincare. If you don’t remove it, the pores on your face will get clogged and will result in open pores, blemishes and marks on the face.

Pimples on the Face:
Removing make-up lets you get rid of the bacteria and infections on your face, which sometimes causes facial infections. However, if you don’t remove it, your make up will help the bacteria to enter your pores and clog them.

Cracked lips:
Women and girls often love to wear their favorite lipstick color for long periods of time, whether it’s a celebration or work. However, lipstick is known to dry your lips and too much chemicals on your lips will cause it to get chapped and dark.

Bad skin:
Without removing your makeup, your skin will get more stubborn pimples, blemishes and dry or oily. Many women try to fix it by taking facials but what if you can avoid these treatments by just making sure to wash your face before sleeping?

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Mun Ki Badboo Ka Ilaj-Home Remedies For Bad Breath

Mun ki badboo ka ilaj

Munkibadbookailaj (Home remedies for bad breath) –This remedy is considered among the most effective when it comes to clear your mouth of bad breath. Persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth can be quite uncomfortable but most of all, it can be a warning sign that you might have an oral or gum disease. Maintaining oral health is important to control bad breath, however, trying commercial pills or fresheners will only give you a temporary result while also coming with all sorts of side effects. Halitosis or bad breath can result from poor lifestyle choices, poor oral health habits, or it can even be caused be a much more serious disease.

It’s very important to see the dentist in these cases; however, you can also try many effective remedies like this one which can help you to freshen up your breath, while also promoting your oral health. Below are some easy habits that you can include in your daily routine so that you can keep your mouth fresh and clean. So, what can you do?

Does your breath smell like onion and garlic?
How embarrassing would it be when you’re talking after eating food with garlic and onion in it, and the people around you are covering their nose?

After having onion and garlic food, bad breath is a common problem and can be very uncomfortable because this smell remains in the mouth for a long time.But what many people don’t know is that there are some common things in the kitchen that eliminates bad breath in seconds!

Well, let's talk about how onion and garlic is a combination of sulfur compounds that gives them a special taste, and when they are broken down in the mouth, gas-releasing bacteria move into the mouth that cause bad breath.

Here are some easy tips that solve this problem quickly:

Drink milk:
According to a study published in the journal of Food Sciences, milk naturally reduces the garlic and onion-based compounds. Moreover, it is easily available the market and is present in the every kitchen. It is also useful for strengthening the teeth effectively because of its calcium-rich composition. Put the milk in a boil and then pour the boiled milk in a glass. Drink the milk and the smell will surely be gone.

The acid present in lemon removes the onions and garlic smell in the mouth. Bad breath causing bacteria are mostly located on the gum tissues. Take a slice of lemon and squeeze the juice. Mix the juice with a warm cup of water and let it stay in the mouth for a few minutes. Do this two to three times a day to eliminate the bad breath.

Baking Soda:
Baking soda is also an effective natural way to remove bad smell in the mouth. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with warm water along with salt. Gargle this mixture in the mouth for a few minutes and check, the smell will be removed.

Eat Sugar:
Sugar is one of the best solutions for bad breath, its main ingredients help in reducing the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Put some sugar in the mouth and keep it in the same manner for a while before chewing.

Natural enzymes contained in the apple can help eliminate sulfur smell by breaking the bacteria away. So drink a glass of apple juice or eat a slice of apple.

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Amazing health benefits of Pine Nuts | Chilgoza

Chilgoza Khane Ke Fayda

Pine nuts (chalghoza) are a kind of dry fruit which is getting very expensive and out of the reach of common people day by day. However this hardly available dry fruit have some very amazing health benefits which you are going to know in this article.
Pine nuts increases appetite (bhook) and so are good for those who want to gain some weight.
Pine nuts also prove to be very effective in cough when taken with honey. One who has joints problem should take pine nuts with water or black tea twice a day.
Eating pine nuts is also good for mental growth and effective for heart health. Pine nuts are good for kidney, liver and intestines as well as urinary bladder.
People who are too lean and want go increase weight should take pine nuts with milk to gain healthy weight and many more benefits lies in this small nut.

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10 Great Benefits of Eating Raisins (Kishmish)

Raisins are dried grapes which are found in almost every household.
In this article you are going to be amazed to know that these commonly available dried grapes have amazing health benefits.
Raisins are very effective for blood deficiency because raisins have huge amount of iron.
Raisins can also be used to cure constipation because they are full of fiber and tartaric acid. It is suggested to take half an ounce of raisins daily for better metabolism.
Raisins also have anti oxidants which make them an effective medicine to cure bacterial fever.
Raisins also have magnesium and potassium that helps to cure acidity.
Due to the presence of carbohydrates and natural sugar, raisins are also good for better physical and mental growth.
Start using raisins in your daily diet and also share the precious information with others.

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10 Habits That Can Damage Your Kidneys

10 habits that can damage your kidneys

10 habits that can damage your kidneys –Are major causes that we have in our routine and without knowing we perform these habits. The kidneys in our body have many important functions which include detoxifying all of the wastes and toxins out of your body. It also helps to maintain a balance in the body by removing waste from the blood and push those wastes out of body through the urine. Moreover, they also do the hard work of balancing out the levels of electrolytes in the body along with the acid-base balance in your blood. These aspects make the kidneys very important for the human body and are critical to keep you alive. While electrolyte balance keeps your heart beating, the acid-base (PH) balance of your blood keeps the enzymes in the body working so that your cells can function.

However, when these exceptional organs become dysfunctional, not only will you feel fatigue, drowsiness, a loss of appetite, and muscle cramps, but also other symptoms. These other common symptoms include:

• Puffy face or eyes
• Back pain
• Fluid retention
• High blood pressure
• Brain fog (unable to think or concentrate properly)

10 wrong habits affecting the kidneys:

Kidneys are the important part of our body, but in bad luck many of us do not understand its importance until they face any kind of problem. The kidneys clean our blood and are the main source of discharge of fatty substances. Many of us do not know that our daily habits affect them, which lead to further problems of kidney problems.

1. Stopping Urine from Flowing:
Most people try to control or stop their urine from flowing due to unwillingness or just because they are busy with their work. This greatly affects the kidney’s functions and can be a great cause in kidney failure.

2. Drinking Less Water:
Water acts as petrol for kidneys, it needs water to detoxify the body and process the wastes out of the body. Due to some people drinking less water; when thick blood reaches the kidneys for cleansing at high speed, the kidney is uncle to perform the cleansing correctly as it needs water to work and thin the blood. Low use of water is also the main cause of kidney failure.

3. Consumption of Salt:
The use of a lot of salt on a daily basis is not merely condemning, but it also greatly affects your health. According to an estimate, fifty percent of sodium is found in our everyday diet. If we use excessive salt, our kidneys will find difficultly in working, which can cause kidney failure.

4. Eating Pan:
Pan is widely consumed in Pakistan. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony or a mid-night treat, pan has been a major cause in kidney failure and heart diseases as well.

5. Protein Abuse:
Protein is very important for the body but consuming excessive protein can cause kidney failure.

6. Alcohol:
While alcoholic causes other health problems, it greatly affects the kidneys and therefore should be avoided.

7. Sugar:
Sugar and salt are considered to be the polar opposites of each other, but the use of excessive salt affects our kidneys, and so does the excessive intake of sugar.

8. Smoking:
Cigarettes are very harmful to health; it can cause hypertension and blood pressure which causes the blood to get lightened. The blood therefore does not reach the kidneys and this can cause kidney failure.

9. Coffee:
According to scientific research, more than three cups of coffee in a day can greatly affect kidney health and can cause renal failure.

10. Lack of Sleep:
Eating eight hours a day is very important for health. Reduction of sleep causes health problems as well as kidney disorders.

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Natural Remedy For Dry Cough | Khansi Ka ilaj

Natural remedy for dry cough (Khansi ka ilaj)

Natural remedy for dry cough (Khansi ka ilaj) – Coughs make of one of the major commonly occurred diseases seen by doctors and only 50% of the times the exact causes are only found. Then again, coughs are not bad. Coughs are mainly an involuntary reflex by the body to remove foreign bodies like mucus or bacteria to reduce inflammation. A temporary block in the airway tract from foreign bodies like food particles which may accidentally enter the airway tract while swallowing. This may make you cough hard but it resolves quickly as the food object often comes out with few coughs. However, bacterial and viral infections may initiate shallow, but painful coughing from the throat.

Usually, a dry cough is best dealt with through suppressants like peppermint, honey, sundew, and vegetables carrots. Some people even use chicken soup as a remedy. It is always best to tackle the infection according to the kind of cough it is.

If you keep coughing and your chest hurts while sleeping at night, use this solution to solve this problem. It can be solved quickly once you know what kind of cough it is, you will not be able to know it without trying it.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to spend even one day with cough, and if unfortunately this problem is not resolved, the suffering will be worsened. Children are generally more affected by cough due to a weak immune system. And usually, the doctor gives cough medicine or syrups and generally it is considered the best solution. Unfortunately, there are side effects of these medicines, including headaches and anxiety problems. On the other hand, we can take some of the most useful natural ingredients to save the problem like coughing, which do not contain side effects.

To prepare this simple remedy, the following ingredients will be used in this recipe:
• A spoon of fresh ginger, or ginger powder
• Pure honey
• Olive Oil
• Flour
• Clean piece of cloth
• Adhesive tape

Add honey and flour first to prepare the recipe. Now add olive oil to mixture and then add ginger powder. Mix all the ingredients well. Now keep this mixture inside a clean cloth or strip. Then stick the strip with adhesive tape. If you are using this strip for a child, apply for three hours before the baby finds relief. You can even put a big strip on the chest. Before using this prescription for children, it is very important to find out that they are not allergic to ginger on their skin. If you are sure that there is no allergic or other problem on the skin, then use this solution.

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Spider Bites Treatment (Home Remedy)

Seemingly spider looks like an ordinary insect. It usually does not bite and that's why people remain careless about it. But if it bites, it is very painful. Spider's bite creates swelling and infection in the body which should be immediately given a treatment. The first thing to do in that case is to rush to the hospital but in case you can't here are some useful home remedies. You must know what to do to treat a spider's bite at home. here tells you 3 home remedies for treatment of spider bite. The remedies use: Cabbage, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. See further how to use all these things.

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Foot Symptoms and Their Meaning

Most people think that feet other than make you walk can do nothing. But your feet can tell a lot about your overall body health. Different signs on your feet can indicate the presence of many severe diseases such as heart problems and diabetes. All you need is to understand these signs. If you could understand what these signs mean, you can take steps in order to prevent them or to consult your doctor for proper treatment.

Following are the 8 different symptoms on the feet and what they mean.

  1. Dry and Cracked Heels Feet
  2. Absence of Hair on Toenails
  3. Wound That is Not Healing
  4. Swollen Foot Thumb
  5. Tiny Red Lines on Toes
  6. Swelling on Toe Tips
  7. Changing Structure of Toenails
  8. Line Below Toenails

All these symptoms are described in Urdu. Read and increase your knowledge about different signs on the feet.

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