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5 Incredible Benefits of Eating Walnuts Daily

In general, there are lots of health benefits of eating dry fruits however walnuts have some special ones.

Eating walnuts everyday can help you with many aspects of your overall health. From weight loss to improving brain power, there are many that would bring amazing changes to your life.

Following are the top 5 health benefits of eating walnuts daily - in Urdu and English.

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How to Get Fat Cheeks Naturally

Cheeks are important part of your personality. Better cheeks on face determine better look of yours. Having fuller chubby cheeks play great role in reflecting a perfect appearance of your personality. In this article, will explain how to get fat cheeks with simple household remedies.

Some people naturally attain beautiful cheeks as they grow however some look running after it. Pale thin cheeks are always unattractive and for that reason men and women keep trying to get cheeks fat in order to give a perfection to their personality.

Here are the top 5 ways to gain chubby cheeks naturally.

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5 Foods You Should Never Eat

Do not eat every food. Yes, there are many foods you must avoid eating, and which are those, would be described in this article. Generally, there are lots of things that are harmful to health. These foods make the way for different kinds of diseases. Some of them increase cholesterol, increase fats in body, increase the risk of heart disease and so on. And people unknowingly, eat these foods, not just once but regularly.

Here are the 5 worst foods to eat described with details how they make harms to your health.

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12 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

My morning starts with egg :).

Does yours?

I eat eggs in breakfast. Why? Because it is good in taste. It is tradition of Pakistan. My mom gives me eggs daily in the morning. :)

Did we realize the health benefits of eggs. No. and we never tried for.

I am here with 12 reasons why eggs are good for you and why you must keep eating them. One of those reasons is that eggs are a good source of protein which is an essential for a healthy and energetic body. There are many more things that you need to know. Eggs also contain vitamin D and calcium which strengthens our teeth. These two are not only good for our teeth but also important for strong bones.

Here are the more you need to know why to eat eggs. Read these 12 reasons:

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7 Good Habits for Children

One of the core responsibilities of fostering your child is to teach them good habits. As children grow, they adopt the things and habits that were taught to them. There are lots of things to teach kids but there are 7 things that you must make them habitual of. These things would not only help develop their personality but also help them grow as a sensible and sane human being.

Whether your child is under the school age or goes to school, you can start telling them to follow best habits as described here by

Here is the list of 7 habits to tell your children.

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Nazla Zukam Home Remedies

Here we tell you the best home remedies for nazla zukam in Urdu.
If you are suffering with flu, cold or headache due to it, find out the best ways to treat these problems at home.

Flu can affect at any time, any weather. In general, flu is more likely to affect us in winter however dust and dirt can also cause the same. In the beginning, it keeps us lazy, putting us into headache and heavy forehead.

If you are afflicting with this problem, don't worry at all.

You can also treat it at home.

Following are some home remedies for nazla zukam.

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Hamla Aurat Ki Khurak

Hamla Aurat ki Khurak

Hamla Aurat ki Khurak (Pregnant woman diet) – It is the proper list of what to eat, how to eat and in what quantity to eat during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a very confusing time for a woman when it comes to understanding what to eat, not to eat and in how much quantity. The body of a pregnant woman changes drastically and they need to support it with the right amount of foods. Additionally, the only one who needs sufficient nutrients is not only the mother, it is also the baby. Moreover, with all the cravings, stress, and morning sickness makes you wonder what you should put in your mouth.

We’ve put together an ultimate guide to nourishing yourself and your growing baby during pregnancy. Our pregnancy diet guide provides important nutrients essential for your baby’s development and your healthy pregnancy. It points out key foods to focus on and lets you know why to avoid others. And to make things simple, this guide is a comprehensive diet plan that can be used throughout your pregnancy and to support your body postpartum.

If you eat this food in pregnancy during breakfast, then children will be very intelligent:

Every parent wants their children to be intelligent. Now scientists have told pregnant women that there’s an easy way to fulfill their desire by following this advice. According to the Mail Online report,

"Those who are pregnant, their child's mind develop in their stomach and if you consume this diet, they will be more intelligent than other children."

At first, fried things were considered to be harmful, but this research of scientists has proved it to be wrong. Scientists from the University of Cornell in the United States conducted the results by testing 24 children in an intelligence test and analyzed the diet of pregnant women during their pregnancy.

Professor Mary Caud, the head of the investigative team, said, "Women who have been pregnant during the last three months, especially in the past three months, had been performing excellently in the tests of intelligence. The IQ level of these children was far more than those children whose diet contains eggs. This is because the food component found in fried eggs is Choline. Those who use this component during their pregnancy will find that it has been beneficial for their children. Apart from the eggs, this component is found in red meat and also in large amounts of fish. "

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Harmful Effects Due to Vitamin D Deficiency

Let's discuss harmful effects of vitamin D deficiency provided in Urdu here. We have highlighted major health problems caused due to lack of D vitamins in the human body.

Vitamin D is critical for our health. We must visit our physio for vitamin D checkup and advice accordingly. As deficiency of vitamin D is a common problem in the society, family guardians must take care of whole family regarding this.

Vitamin D can cause severe health problems such as weakness of bones, excessive sweating, depression, muscle pain and swift fall of scalp hair. One can get clue about it's deficiency by observing the said symptoms and diseases.

Following are the major vitamin D deficiency symptoms and diseases in Urdu.

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Garlic Benefits for Men

In this article, we shall discuss some amazing garlic benefits for men.

Usually, everyone of us knows about garlic benefits for health. Such as we know nature has made garlic able to remove blood pressure problems as well as absorbing oxygen in large amount.

Following are some useful garlic benefits particularly helpful for men.

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Chewing Gum For Ear Pain

Chewing gum for ear pain

Chewing gum for ear pain – Is one of the most recognizable tricks to deal with ear pain. Although earaches are more common in children, adults can also get ear pain. Sometimes, the cause is not even an infection! In fact, most earaches are caused by fluid or wax buildup in the ear, and it can induce pressure or cause infection in the ear if left too long. When a tube called the Eustachian tubes gets blocked by fluid or wax, the pressure inside the ear increases drastically this causing earache. Eustachian tubes are small tubes that connect the ear to the nose. Although there are rarely signs of serious medical conditions regarding ear pains, they need to be thoroughly evaluated and treated to reduce any chance of severe infection or hearing loss.

You may experience ear pain when chewing, swallowing and mainly just during the time you’re eating, due to how close of nerves in the ear are with those in the jawline.

Does your earache increase when you chew food?

Chewing gum is common to disturb the unusual odor of the mouth, and the use of chewing gum is common. It is also true that chewing gum without artificial sweetness protects from the mouth from cavities and bacteria. However, did you know chewing gum also eliminates ear pain?

During aerial and ground travel or at high speed, a lot of people complain about ear ache and pain in the head due to rapid air pressure. At such times, chewing gum can be used as a pressure releaser, because chewing gum is used to reduce the amount of pain in the ear.

It is clear that no major medical complications have been reported of chewing gum, however, in a research at the Governing University, they found that chewing gum made from white sugar or synthetic sweetness causes bacteria and dental disorders.

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