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7 Amazing Prunes Benefits

Prunes have a high sugar content, which allows them to be dried without fermenting. They’re also high in fiber, which can help you regulate your bowels and your bladder. Prunes are high in fiber, which helps prevent hemorrhoids brought on by constipation. Chronic constipation is a common problem in older adults and can also be a painful problem for infants. Prune acts as a laxative thanks to its high sorption content. These are some prune benefits. This article tells us about 7 amazing prune benefits. Prunes are a good source of potassium, an electrolyte that assists in a variety of vital bodily functions. You should eat prunes during winter because there are uncountable benefits of prunes.

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Smell in Breathing - Reason and Tips

Who would like the smell in breath?
It spoils the whole personality impression but why this smell comes? what is the reason of coming this smell?

Basically, all foods are converted into pieces in our mouth. If we eat foods with sharp smell such as garlic or onion, then even tooth paste or mouth wash can hardly remove this smell. It remains until the food does not pass through the body.

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Gajar - Husan Ke Alamat Aur Sehatmand Zindagi ke Liye

Gajar - Husan Ke Alamat Aur Sehatmand Zindagi ke Liye | Carrots help to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Carrots are high in beta carotene, an antioxidant that is transformed to vitamin A inside the body. It helps to repair skin tissue and protects against the sun's harsh rays. You may enjoy carrot with different recipes especially during winter season people love to enjoy gajar ka halwa aur carrot halwa, however it’s up to you how you want to use it. So eat carrot and make yourself beautiful read more in urdu and share with your friend.

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5 Causes of Back Pain and Prevention Tips

Backache is severe. In this article, is going to share common back pain causes and prevention tips. This knowledge will be very helpful for guys who face back pain every second or third day. Root causes of a backache would usually be found in your everyday activities, habits and the way you perform your daily chores.
But you aren't realizing it!

In order to prevent back pain, you must know what is causing it and then avoiding the wrong part in it. Common backache pain causes may include sitting in same posture for whole day, wrong footwear, wrong bed mattress and loading excessive weight.

Here are the 5 most common backpain causes and prevention tips.

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7 Ghizaen Jo Rahkain Gurday Me Pathri Say Door

Kidney stones is a very common issue in people nowadays. It can affect anyone however being proactive, it can be prevented with different ways. is revealing here 7 foods that naturally prevent kidney stones keeping its risks at the bay. If you want to keep yourself safe from stones in kidney (gurde mein pathri), read this article and add the told foods in your diet.

These 7 natural foods include vegetables, fruits and herbs, all from the nature. Read all about these foods in Urdu and stay safe from risk of kidney stone.

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How to Treat Sneezing: 5 Home Remedies

If you are a sneeze sufferer, is telling 5 ways to treat sneeze continuous sneezes. In this article you would find 5 home remedies to cure sneezing of different forms with common household things.

Other than a random sneeze which you got following a smoke of dust, there are times when you continuously get sneezing. It seems there is no reason of these sneezes but it is the activity of our immune system which expels out allergens and germs outside the lungs (through mouth and nose). Usual causes of continuous sneezes are dust mites, smoke, pet dander, mold, wooden dust and so on. Other reasons which can cause severe sneezing problems are strong pungent smells, drugs, food allergies as well as change in weather and temperature.

Here are the 5 household remedies for sneezing.

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Onion Juice Trick for Thick Hair

Onion is very effective for making hairs lush and thick. In this article, we will tell you how to make your hair thick again using onion juice.

Many people are found worry for their falling hairs. Sometimes hairs are falling at very fast pace that it significantly changes one's appearance. Hairs falling fast results in baldness which ultimately results in low self confidence and a major change in personality.

Here is how to use onion juice for thick hair trick in Urdu.

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Winter Skin Care Tips In Urdu

The skin becomes very dry and rough during the winter season which can also cause darkness of skin. Because of the dryness the skin starts looking dull. This article is about winter skin care tips which will help you to prevent dry skin and look fresh during the winters. It is not very difficult to take care of your skin. By following these tips for winter skin care you can easily make your skin glow. You should keep yourself away from sun rays and apply a sunscreen on your skin to get rid of dryness and suntan during winters. Use a nice moisturizer during winters to moisture the skin. These little tips will help you to improve your skin health. Hope this article about winter skincare tips will help you.

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Ladies Winter Collection 2018

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How To Prevent Nosebleed (Epistaxis)

Nosebleeds usually aren’t serious. If you start to get nervous, it can actually make you bleed more. Try to relax. Keep your head above your heart. Use your thumb and index finger to hold your nostrils closed for 5 to 10 minutes while you breathe through your mouth. This puts pressure on the part of your nose that’s bleeding and can make the blood stop flowing. Dryness can cause nosebleeds. Use a cotton swab to gently smear a thin layer petroleum jelly in your nostrils three times a day, including before you go to sleep. his will help you to stop your nosebleed.

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