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Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are eaten as a snack or just for craving. But we do not actually know the amazing health benefits of these seeds. They are a rich source of proteins. Sunflower seeds have essential oils which help in digestion. Sunflower seeds help to reduce the heart problems as well.

Here are some of the benefits of sunflower seeds.

1. Protein for women:

Sunflower seeds are a rich source of proteins. We should eat sunflower seeds to meet our daily protein need. Sunflower seeds are loveable during winters and also very easily available everywhere now. It helps for regulating the periods.

2. Bone health:

Sunflower seeds contain bone healthy minerals like calcium, copper and magnesium, which prevent bone mineral density loss. They also contain Vitamin E, which eases the arthritic pain. Copper found in sunflower seeds helps in the cross linking of collagen and elastin, which provides strength and flexibility in joints and bones.

• Add sunflower seeds to your scrambled eggs to give a crunchy texture and taste to it. You can also use ground sunflower seeds to dust the meat.

3. Inhibits Diabetes:

Sunflower seeds can decrease the severity and frequency of hot flashes in women going through their menopause, thereby reducing the development of diabetic complications.

• Roasted and salted seeds are usually enjoyed as a healthy snack. They are also used as a garnish for the salads and pasta.

The benefits of sunflower seeds include the presence of vitamin E. another big benefit of sunflower seeds is that they are rich in proteins. You can have many benefits of sunflower seeds. They are very beneficial for bones. Also they are very rich in copper and magnesium which is essential for bones. One of the benefits of sunflower seeds is that it is very tasty and you can add it to your daily diet such as eggs, meat and pastas to make them even tastier.
Benefits of sunflower seeds are innumerable. Hope you like the article about benefits of sunflower seeds.

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Benefits Of Clay Pot Cooking

Benefits Of Clay Pot Cooking

Have you ever cooked in a clay pot? Do you ever notice in the difference between the taste of the food cooked in the clay pot and a normal vessel? Have you ever noticed why the people of rural areas are likely to be healthier than the people in city? It is just because they eat and cook the food in clay pots. They use clay spoons, clay pots, clay glasses and clay cutlery for their food. Cooking in a clay pot is much better than cooking in a normal utensil, not just for its various health benefits, but also makes it much simpler to cook and improves the quality of the food at the end.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the benefits of cooking in a clay pot.

1. Foremost health benefits of clay pot cooking come from its ability to circulate steam throughout cooking. This provides plenty of moisture and means that you can cook with less oil and fat.

2. Since Clay is alkaline in nature and when food is cooked it neutralizes the PH balance of food and hence acts as a natural detox. You will be surprised to know that mud contains all the possible vitamins; even Vitamin B12.

3. Slow cooking process retains all the nutrients of the food that we cook and hence the food is much tastier.

4. Reheating the food always leads to loss of nutrition but if you cook in a clay pot it retains the temperature for a longer time and no worries for reheating.

There are so many benefits of cooking in a clay pot (matti ka bartan ya handi). As we all know handi is full of nutrients which should be added in our meals. The best benefits of cooking in a clay pot (matti ka bartan ya handi) is the absence of carbohydrates and fats. Another benefits of cooking in a clay pot (matti ka bartan ya handi) is that it is alkaline in nature. Making bones strong is also included in the benefits of cooking in a clay pot (matti ka bartan ya handi).

There are so many kinds of clay pots available. Cooking in clay pot reduces cholesterol from the blood making your heart healthy. Hope you like the article about the benefits of cooking in a clay pot (matti ka bartan ya handi).

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Chinese Egg Fried Rice (Step by Step) Recipe

Today we are sharing a scrumptious egg fried rice recipe step by step which gathers the tastes of egg, vegetables and salted rice together. Chinese fried rice is eaten in combination chicken manchurian as a Chinese tradition. Manchurian plus these fried rice are served at various Chinese restaurants however due to it's high price, people are hesitant ordering the dish.

These rice do not include chicken however if you prefer, you can add fried chicken along vegetables.

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Banana Benefits in Urdu

Banana is the fruit which came with health, vigor, energy and lots of powerful benefits for our body. Banana has a sweet taste with a sweet aroma. Banana nutrition facts indicate that a banana is enriched with vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and potassium. One banana can fulfil around 35% of the daily requirement of the aforementioned minerals and vitamins. Good for every age; mothers feed kids with banana as it is very good for little children.

Banana benefits start from protecting from heart attacks, reducing mental stress, improving digestion, reducing hunger and go endless as there are yet many that can't be listed in one piece of write-up.

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Bananas are sweet in taste. It has a very appealing aroma and that's why it is used to make many kinds of products such as banana custard, banana ice cream, banana cake and so on. (Here are some good banana recipes)

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Flax Seeds (Alsi) Benefits For Female

Flax Seeds (Alsi) Benefits For Female

Flax Seeds Benefits For Irregular Periods
If you are suffering from irregular periods and have severe period cramps, consume this everyday to facilitate regular menstruation. You can store the excess flax seed powder in an airtight container. Flax seeds have very good amounts of Omega 3 Essential fatty acids which are excellent for women's health. Flax seeds can naturally induce periods by strengthening the reproductive system and regulating the cycle.

The ingredients you need to make this are:
1 tbsp flaxseeds powder
½ cup yogurt

Mix flaxseeds powder with yogurt and use it daily for regular periods. Also it is good for period cramps.

Flax Seeds Benefits For Pcos

Polycystic ovary syndrome commonly known as PCOS is a very common problem among women these days. There are many symptoms of this problem like weight gaining, missing periods, hair growth on face and other parts and also hormonal imbalance. Many women are suffering from this problem these days. This leads to infertility among the women and its treatment is very expensive. Here we provide you a very easy and simple home remedy to cure PCOS at home.

The things you will need are:
1 tbsp flaxseeds powder
A glass of water

Mix flaxseeds powder in a glass of water and take daily for two months. Flaxseeds work for regulating periods and weight loss. You will see the results in the second month of usage.

There are many benefits of flaxseeds(alsi) for women. The best two benefits of flaxseeds(alsi) for women are mentioned here which are for regular periods and PCOS. Flaxseeds(alsi) help in regulating periods. Another benefit of flaxseeds(alsi) for women is that it helps in reducing weight.
Benefits of flaxseeds (alsi) for women include hair growth and face shine also. Flaxseeds gel is used to make hair thicker and shinier. There are innumerable benefits of flaxseeds (alsi) for women. Thank you for reading the article for benefits of flaxseeds (alsi) for women.

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3 Low Cholesterol Recipes

These low cholesterol recipes will help you to satisfy your taste buds. People who suffer from cholesterol problems has to eat tasteless food but here these low cholesterol recipes will help them to make their food tastier. Low cholesterol recipes contain less oil and more nutrients. We try to make low cholesterol recipes tastier for you.
You can make these low cholesterol recipes for you lunch and dinner. We will upload more low cholesterol recipes soon. Hope you like the mentioned low cholesterol recipes.

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Food Tips For Diabetes Patients

Tips for Diabetes/ Sugar :

Diabetes is a condition in which your body cannot properly use and store food for energy. The fuel that your body needs is called glucose, a form of sugar. Glucose comes from foods such as fruit, milk, some vegetables, starchy foods and sugar. To reduce your risk of diabetes complications such as heart disease, you will need to eat healthy foods, be active and you may need to take pills and/or insulin to control your blood sugar levels.

You will have to take proper 3 meals in a day to control your blood sugar levels. Being hungry for a long time is really not good for diabetic patients. Eat more high-fiber foods such as whole grain breads and cereals, lentils, dried beans and peas, brown rice, vegetables and fruits because Foods high in fiber may help you feel full and may lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Here we are giving you some important tips which will help you to maintain your blood sugar level and also prevent you from diabetes.

5 tips for meals of diabetic patients:

• Use more fibrous food in your meal like lentils, beans, fibrous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, green beans and other green vegetables.

• Use less oil and use olive oil instead of other oils. Do not eat fried items frequently. Try to eat boiled or baked food instead once in your meal.

• Rice should be eaten twice a week only because rice has carbohydrates which increase the blood sugar level. Try to brown rice with some black beans or lentils.

• Eat only one fruit per day. Fruits are rich in glucose and sugar. Diabetic patients only need a specific amount of glucose per day, so they are only allowed to eat one fruit per day.

• Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and all foods that are made with these grains. Try to reduce gluten diet from your meals. Eat gluten free food.

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Qabz Ka Ilaj (10 Constipation Tips in Urdu)

Looking for tips for constipation (Qabz Ka Ilaj)? Get excited!

Here are the top 10 home remedies plus tips to help you break down constipation fast. Most of these remedies use household products such as raisins, plums, castor oil, coffee, lemon water and peppermint tea. These household things are very effective to provide quick relief in severe constipation problem.

Constipation is a very common health issue and many of us face it frequently. It makes the life very difficult. Sometimes, we are stuck and become worry how to treat it. But luckily, its cure resides in our kitchen.

So this is the time to learn how to use foods, oils, herbs and other things to break down the constipation problem.

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5 Natural Remedies with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is becoming a more common and in-demand thing among people especially girls. Extra-virgin coconut particularly is being used for many kinds of beauty and health purposes.

Main uses of extra virgin coconut oil for skin and hair include moisturizer, a natural remedy to make hair shinier and longer.

Moreover it also facilitates weight loss and reduction of bad cholesterol from the body.

Today we are going to tell you about the top 5 natural remedies with coconut oil for hair, skin and health.

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Angoor Ke Beej Ke Fayde

Those who like grapes think that grapes would taste better without it's seeds. You would be amazed to know that grapes having seeds in them are more beneficial for health. If you know the health benefits of grape seeds, next time you would buy grapes only having the seeds inside.

Let's read the article and explore grape seed health benefits in more detail (Angoor Ke Beej Ke Fayde in Urdu).

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