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5 Things New Mothers Not to Worry About

Becoming mom for the first time is an amazing experience and many girls, when they become mother for the first fear of different things. Such as they get confused when the baby is crying or sneezing. Sometimes the baby takes it little bit long to make his relation with mom and this makes the mother worry. And there are many other things that make new mom worried.

Here we have come up with 5 things that are usual but mothers take it seriously and they shouldn't.

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Pait ke Keeron Ka ilaj

Treatment for worms in stomach of children

Stomach worms are a common issue amongst young children where they develop small worms in their stomach. The production of worms in the stomach of children is mainly due to unhealthy and unhygienic food and eating habits of children. That means, unclean and dirty water or fast food by vendors often contains germs and bacteria that results in the production of worms and parasites in the stomach of young children.

Symptoms for identifying that your child has worms in his stomach
The problem of worms in the stomach of children is quite common problem mainly in the rural areas. Now, the question arises as to how you will identify whether there are worms in the stomach of your children or not. So here I have written some of the common symptoms that your child might have worms in your stomach.

1. Feeling hungry now and then or increased appetite
2. Swollen joints
3. Memory loss problems
4. Respiratory problems
5. Itching
6. Bleeding gums
7. Eczema
8. Headache
9. Allergy
11.loss of appetite
12.mood swings

If you notice any of these symptoms, then there may be worms in the stomach of your children and you should immediately consult a doctor. Other than that, there are also a few home remedies that you can use to treat worms in the stomach of your children, but it is highly recommended that you consult a doctor.

How to cure worms in the stomach of children?
1. Ginger: Ginger is the best treatment and natural home remedy to cure worms in the stomach of children as it has antibacterial properties and kills all the parasites and worms in the stomach of children without any side effects. You can give them raw or take out the juice of ginger and give one teaspoon on an empty stomach with some honey. This is the best way to cure worms in the stomach of children.

2. Cucumber seeds: Cucumber seeds are also effective in curing worms and parasites and you can grind them to make a paste and give your children every day.

3. Clove: Clove is another very important anti bacterial and anti parasitic spice that kills worms and parasites in the bloodstream. So you can give a couple of cloves to your children to get rid of worms and parasites.

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How To Make Afghani Gosht Recipe

Afghani Gosht offers the taste of meat in Afghani style. The recipe uses simply meat with some other spices and then it is cooked the Afghani way.

Today we will learn how to make Afghani Gosht recipe with step by step picture instructions presented by The recipe is simple and easy and the way it is presented for you by makes it even easier.

Learn the recipe and give a newer taste of meat to your family.

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Khali Pait na Piyen

Khali Pait na Piyen

Do you have the habit of taking bed tea or coffee? Well, according to a recent survey, more than 70 percent people have the habit of drinking tea or coffee early in the morning as soon as they wake up on an empty stomach. So if you are also the one who regularly takes bed tea or coffee, then beware, it's not at all healthy for your metabolism and can have detrimental effects on your body.

Although tea or coffee is quite popular among most of the people throughout the world as the best stimulant and energy drink for everyday life, yet you may be surprised to know that this healthy drink can be quite dangerous when taken on an empty stomach.According to the health and nutrition specialists, taking bed tea or coffee has been found to produce ill effects on the body of most of the people.

According to the research, consuming any caffeine-containing a liquid on an empty stomach can seriously harm your liver and digestive system which can lead to mental depression. This is because caffeine increases the production of acid in the stomach. Now, bed tea or coffee increases acid in the empty stomach which results in acidity and acidosis. This is characterized by a burning sensation and digestive disorders which harm the inner linings and walls of the stomach.
The research has further revealed that if you are suffering from mental depression or trauma, then taking bed tea or coffee can increase the severeness of the disease.
Although it is not entirely compulsory that each and every individual will undergo such symptoms, yet it has been found common in many of them on a large scale.

So it is highly recommended that you stop taking bed tea or coffee on an empty stomach as prevention is better than cure .Alternatively, you can eat something or have some breakfast and then have a cup of tea or coffee.

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Is Chicken Soup Good For Flu

Is Chicken Soup Good For Flu

Do you love chicken soup? Well, most of us do. Chicken soup is, no doubt, a favourite dish from all ages, whether it be kids or adults or even the old. Chicken soup is highly nutritious and a delicious snack especially in the winter season. So if you also love to take a cup of steaming hot chicken soup in chilly winters, then I have a good news for you.
Yes, chicken soup is the best remedy against any cold infection and this has been recently proved by a research in America. This means that consuming chicken soup acts as a natural remedy and treatment to cure a cough and cold and heals any kind of chest infection including removal of conjugated phlegm.
Further, the research also revealed that the smell of the soup with the spices and its warmth refreshes the brain and clears all deposited phlegm blockage effectively to reduce the symptoms of flu.
It should be however kept in mind that the importance and medicinal benefits of chicken soup had long been acknowledged by traditional Ayurvedic traditions and this research was conducted to verify the genuineness of the tradition. So now we have an amazingly delicious and healthy home remedy to cure flu.

Chicken soup is all that you need to cure a cough and cold or any kind of chest infection. This will not only relieve you from flu but also provides strength and immunity to your body. On the other hand chicken soup also relaxes your brain and body and is, perhaps, the best home remedy for the treatment of flu.

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Rang Gora Krny kay 5 Behtareen Tarikey

Skin whitening has always been a flight of fancy to women especially young girls. Most of them are tired of applying a big number of whitening creams, have emptied bottles of fair complexion pills or tired of visits for fair skin injections but finally every effort goes in vain. Remember, the best injections and pills are those provided by the nature.

Find here the 5 ideal ways for skin whitening, which totally make use of natural foods. Know how to use different herbs, fruits and vegetables to work for your complexion.

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How to Make Double ka Meetha Recipe

Our today's recipe is about double meetha sweet. As usual, I have prepared a comprehensive step by step guide to make it as easy as possible for you. With pictorial instructions, you can easily understand the purpose of each picture and the activity associated with it.

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Shahi Tukda Recipe

Hyderabadi double ka meeta is formed with crispy bread soaked in cardamom and saffron flavored milk. It is best to serve to guests and to enjoy as an after-meal sweet dessert on holidays.

See how to make doubla ka meetha and enjoy the sweet taste from old Hyderabadi cuisines.

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Blood Pressure Check Karne Ka Tarika

Blood pressure check karne ka tarika

Blood pressure check karne ka tarika – First of all, blood pressure is literally the pressure used by your blood to go around the body. Checking the blood pressure provides the exact amount of pressure your heart is using to pump the blood through your arteries and then to the body. It’s also one of your body’s four major vital signs. Blood pressure is measured using two different readings, systolic and diastolic pressure. The first reading is the first or top number in a reading. The second reading is the second or bottom number. If you get high numbers in one or either recordings then it shows you that your heart is working extra hard to pump blood through your arteries. This act as a sign of warning that you need to relax. This may also be the result of an outside force, like stress, fear or during dehydration. It could also be caused by an inside force, such as artery blockage or narrow blood vessels.

If you’d like to check your own blood pressure at home, it’s best to first check with your doctor about how they’d like you to monitor and record it. For example, before or after a certain medication, at certain times of the day, and when you’re stressed or feeling dizzy.

Blood pressure increasing or decreasing is considered devastating for health.

Usually a specific machine is used to measure blood pressure, but this medical device is often not owned by everyone. And it is necessary to get a clear idea of the blood pressure. Many people think that checking blood pressure and knowing if it is normal or not without any machine is not possible. However, it is! Yes, you can take a guess from your pulse.

Put fingers on the wrist:
To measure the blood pressure, first to find the pulse, the pulse provides basic information on whether it is normal or not. It is believed that it is a normal estimate and it is known that if blood pressure is high, it does not pump with such a high pressure. Place your index finger and middle finger on the wrist.

Check the pulse:
When you keep the fingers in this part of your hands, you can feel the movement of the pulse. If you feel the pulse, then it is believed that the normal blood pressure, which is at least 80mmHg in normal range. If the pulse does cannot be felt, it can be less than 80mmHg which can be considered not normal.

Check again:
You can examine the pulse once again by evaluating how the pulse rate increases, due to which blood pressure is low, moderate or high. If the pulse cannot be felt even after moderate physical activity, it is likely that you are suffering from low blood pressure. Consult the doctor if any type of disorder is suspected.

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7 Faiday Jo Ap Sirf Bair Khanay Se Hasil Kar Saktay Hain

Read jujube benefits in Urdu as brought to you by Jujube Fruit is a powerful, healthy and a fruit full of benefits. Jujube, known as 'Bair' in Urdu. It is often termed as 'apple of the poor' which is not wrong because it is comparatively cheap and tasty fruit. Some people deem it tastier than apples. Normally, it is used for generally eating however it's extract is also used in medicines as jujube extract has also lots of benefits. In some countries it's tea is also available which also comes with amazing advantages for health for humans. Read all the 7 benefits of jujube fruit as presented by in Urdu.

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Shampoo Karne Ki Galtian

Washing hair with shampoo seems an easy task but do you know you can make big mistakes while doing it?

While shampooing hairs, we unknowingly can make such mistake that we even don't know about.

Here we are going to discuss some woman shampoo mistakes that are very harmful to your hair.

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