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5 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Do you store every food item in refrigerator? You know there are foods not to refrigerate ever. Storing these foods in a fridge may spoil its nutrition and make them even worse in freshness. There are certain fruits and vegetables you should not refrigerate rather store them at room temperature in order to have best of them.

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14 Authentic Lose Weight Tips

There are many tips for losing weight. Some says this and some says that and we get puzzled what to do and what to not. One must be worry about his excess weight as this is the root-cause to many severe diseases. If it is not controlled timely, it can lead to extreme health issues.

Every third or fourth of us is affected with obesity, increased fats and high cholesterol level. This leads to lots of health problems. People caught with diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and excessive weight are mostly affected with obesity and high cholesterol problems.

Here are more weight loss tips by Hakeem Shah Nazir.

And it's not that easy to get rid of your increased weight!

So what to do?

From hundreds of the advices and suggestions for reducing increased, is telling 14 selected tips that are authentic and reliable. Read these exclusive tips for losing your weight and being adopting them in your everyday life.

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Top 5 High Vitamin C Foods

Explore the top 5 vegetables and fruits with highest vitamin C content presented by If you are looking for foods that are rich of vitamin C, you must know about the foods described here:

C Vitamin Rich Fruits

  • Cauliflower
  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
  • Strawberry
  • Oranges

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a very important vitamin for growth, development and to maintain human's health. It is an antioxidant as well. It helps boost body immune system and aids repair of body tissues and cells.

Read about major natural sources of C vitamin and start eating them regularly as part of your diet.

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Butter for Diabetics?

Butter is good for diabetics. Findings of a Recent research at NMMF (National Marine Mammal Foundation) USA.

The general notion about the butter is that it's excessive use increases cholesterol and causes some other health issues. However, recently an study took place in USA that it can be helpful to protect from diabetics.

According to the research, conducted by NMMF, discloses that a type of saturated fats 'heptadecanoic acid' can help put the signs of diabetes reverse. Research further explains that butter is actually good for health as it can help against the diabetes.

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Chocolate: Best Sweet for Cough

Chocolate is the best sweet for treating cough. Head of a research recently conducted in UK has explained that eating chocolate during cough significantly helps to relieve it. According to him, he has been researching on cough for a very long time and finally he has entailed that chocolate is naturally an anti-cough. He added the most effective cough syrup in his research. He revealed finding of his research that the patients who took medication containing chocolate got relief of it very quickly. In just two days.

His research further reveals that chocolate made cough medications are effective in all kinds of cough whether it is dry or wet. Read more about findings of the research as given below in Urdu.

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7 Sabziyan 7 Ilaj

Today we are telling you about 7 cure vegetables that can heal 7 different problems. Treatment with vegetables and fruits is good as it is natural, low cost and beneficial from many aspects. Vegetables are gifts from nature. Green vegetables have their own line of benefits for health while other do have their own.

Even doctors suggest to eat certain vegetables in certain conditions. In this article you will find 7 vegetables that are helpful to cure 7 different health problems.

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How to Make Brown Sauce Recipe

Here is the sauce for your beef steak. See how to make brown sauce for beef steak with step by step recipe by Chef Naushaba Ahmed explained here at

Brown sauce is added to different kinds of steaks including beef and chicken steaks. It is made with carrots and onions, white pepper and maida flour. Melted sugar is also added to add sort of sweetness which works fine when added to steak.

Recipe of brown sauce is very and explained here in steps makes it even easier for you.

Enjoy brown sauce with American steak recipe.

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Vitamin B Deficiency Headache

Though vitamins are very important for our health but you know there is a vitamin whose lackness can cause continuous pain in the head. If sometimes, we feel the pain, we try to control it by taking medicines but if it is continued, then certainly there is some other problem. Mostly, deficiency of vitamin B causes repeated headache or migraine.

It was revealed in the finding of a recent research. What was more revealed in the study, here it is. Read more about this vitamin and explore foods rich in vitamin B.

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Foot Symptoms and Their Meaning

Most people think that feet other than make you walk can do nothing. But your feet can tell a lot about your overall body health. Different signs on your feet can indicate the presence of many severe diseases such as heart problems and diabetes. All you need is to understand these signs. If you could understand what these signs mean, you can take steps in order to prevent them or to consult your doctor for proper treatment.

Following are the 8 different symptoms on the feet and what they mean.

  1. Dry and Cracked Heels Feet
  2. Absence of Hair on Toenails
  3. Wound That is Not Healing
  4. Swollen Foot Thumb
  5. Tiny Red Lines on Toes
  6. Swelling on Toe Tips
  7. Changing Structure of Toenails
  8. Line Below Toenails

All these symptoms are described in Urdu. Read and increase your knowledge about different signs on the feet.

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Effects of Eating Dates for 12 Continuous Days

No one can deny the positive impacts of eating dates on the human health. Science also accepts the reality that fiber and other nutritional elements in dates are highly beneficial for us.

If you eat 3 dates in a day, your body will see pleasant effects and become more protected from diseases. Additionally, your heart, liver and brain will get invigorated with obvious improvements. You would feel pretty better of yourself. According to food experts, eating dates is also a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Eating dates for continuous 12 days gets you rid of many kinds of health diseases.

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